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updated Mon. April 23, 2018

Ahmedabad: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday alleged that Pakistan was trying to "break up India" by helping terrorists sneak into the country, but the armed forces are giving it a befitting reply. ... The entire international fraternity is putting pressure on it to leave the path of terrorism.
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has on Thursday said that Pakistan is a leader in winning the war against terrorism. The rest ... PM Abbasi made clear that there were no terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan rather terrorist sanctuaries in Afghanistan were being used against Pakistan. He ... terrorists

It was only a matter of time before the US was going to challenge Pakistan for its support for terrorist groups across the border in Afghanistan and India. ... and the protection given to recognized terrorists such as Hafiz Saeed (the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks) have exposed Pakistan's complicity ...
The terrorist entities that were allegedly based in Pakistan, worked from there or had links to Pakistani individuals, include Jaish-e-Mohammed, Afghan Support Committee, Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, Al Akhtar Trust International, Harkatul Jihad Islami, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, Jamaatul Ahrar and Khatiba ...
... close to the talks, New Delhi said the issue of cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir was raised by the Indian envoy during the meeting. The diplomats also mentioned the three encounters in Shopian and Anantnag districts of Jammu and Kashmir earlier this week in which 13 terrorists were killed. Pakistan
The U.S. State Department on Monday imposed sanctions on Pakistani political party the Milli Muslim League (MML), designating it and its leadership as ... League and Tehreek-e-Azadi-e-Kashmir were created last year and are linked to Hafiz Saeed, a Pakistan-based U.S.-designated global terrorist ... Muslim Terrorists

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu a “terrorist” on Sunday, escalating an exchange of insults that started after he criticised Israel's lethal military response to a demonstration on the Gazan border. Israel has defended the killing of 15 Palestinians during ... Muslim Terrorists
Afghan officials, along with the Trump administration, have accused Pakistan of providing a safe haven for terrorists operating in Afghanistan, ... Abbasi that Islamabad "must do more to address the continued presence of the Taliban, Haqqani network, and other terrorist groups operating in their country," the ... Muslim Terrorists
They are still in a position to organise terrorist attacks in the remote areas of Swat. Recently they tried to attack a Pakistan Super League (PSL) semi final match in Lahore, but failed. The terrorists and their facilitators were arrested in Lahore. Malala was very happy about the PSL matches in Pakistan and ... Muslim Terrorists
The exchange of fire also left two terrorists wounded, it said, adding that huge quantity of arms and ammunition were recovered from the scene. In another IBO conducted in Shararah Algad area of North Wazirstan Agency, security forces seized a huge quantity of arms and ammunition, the ISPR said further. Muslim Terrorists
In 2012, the United States declared Saeed a “global terrorist” and offered a bounty of $10 million for information that would lead to his arrest. ... Last month, Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain signed an amendment to the country's anti-terrorism law that allows the government to blacklist charities linked ... Muslim Terrorists
Madiha Afzal explores that issue, drawing on survey data and on her new book, “Pakistan Under Siege Extremism, Society, and the State. ... inaction on the LeT was an aggravating factor that led to U.S. pressure on the Financial Action Task Force and its decision to grey-list Pakistan for financing terrorism. Muslim Terrorists
Pakistan said Thursday it has given a “dossier” to Afghanistan containing evidence that fugitive militants are using the neighboring country for terrorist attacks against Pakistani security and civilian targets. The move came as a senior American diplomat, Alice Wells, arrived in Islamabad for “several says” of ... Muslim Terrorists
A senior U.S. State Department official has arrived in Islamabad to discuss bilateral ties and Pakistan's fight against terrorism, the State Department said in a ... She will discuss Washington's South Asia strategy and Pakistan's stated commitment to eliminate all terrorist groups present in the country, it added. Muslim Terrorists
ISLAMABAD -- Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai returned to her native Pakistan early Thursday for the first time since she was shot in 2012 by Taliban militants angered at her championing of education for girls. Tight security greeted the now-20-year-old university student upon her arrival at ... Muslim Terrorists
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Foreign Ministry says Pakistan and the United States have resolved to act against all terrorist groups that target Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan. Recommended By Colombia. In a statement Thursday, the ministry said the understanding was reached during a meeting between ... Muslim Terrorists
But for Pakistan, the uncertainty introduced by its nuclear doctrine has achieved another major objective as well. It has provided Pakistan with the shield behind which terrorist groups armed and trained by Islamabad, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, can engage in acts of terror that create ... Muslim Terrorists

It added, "In gross violation of UN Security Council resolution 1267, the UN designated terrorists like Hafiz Mohammed Saeed are freely operating with State support, and the UN designated entities are being politically mainstreamed in Pakistan. Do we all need lessons on democracy and human rights from ... Muslim Terrorists
Turkey on Thursday condemned a suicide bombing in Pakistan that left nine people dead and 20 injured. "We strongly condemn this heinous terrorist attack. We wish Allah's mercy upon those who lost their lives, a speedy recovery to the wounded and convey our condolences to the friendly government ... Muslim Terrorists
KARACHI: At least one Rangers official was martyred and four wounded late Tuesday night in Lyari's Zikri Para during a regular patrol when terrorists opened fire on their vehicle, a spokesperson said. Grenades and homemade ammunition were used during the attack on Rangers personnel, the ... Muslim Terrorists
“Last night we had two suicide attack attempts from Pakistani territory into Iran. Both of them were foiled and we had excellent cooperation last night from the Pakistani armed forces in order to contain this. We are very happy with the level of cooperation that exists today,” Zarif, who is visiting Pakistan, told ... Muslim Terrorists
On March 7, another suspected US drone strike in the Afghan province of Kunar killed at least 20 suspected terrorists. The terrorists reportedly belonged to the proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Among those killed was an individual responsible for training suicide attackers, namely Ustad ... Muslim Terrorists
Pakistani troops patrol on a hill top post in Ladha, a town in the troubled tribal region of South Waziristan along the Afghan border, in this November 17, ... TEHRAN: Four “terrorists” were killed after infiltrating Iran and attacking a military checkpoint in a southeastern border area, officials said on Monday. Muslim Terrorists
If compared to other countries that are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan has done an enourmous work; it has broken the bone of terrorism. This becomes abundantly clear if we compare the number of terrorist acts committed in 2007, with the gradual decrease of the incidents in subsequent years till ... Muslim Terrorists
LAHORE: Security forces conducted intelligence based operations (IBO) on suspected terrorist hideouts in Mastung, Pashin, Khad Kacha and Sibbi and arrested two terrorists, ... The raids were part of the ongoing Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad, a military offensive launched in February 2017 against terrorism. Muslim Terrorists
NEW DELHI: Pakistan is not helping enough with resolving issues related to cross-border terrorism and the problems faced by its neighbour ... While talking about Pakistan, Hillary recollected her time during the operation to eliminate dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden, the founder of al Qaeda in May 2011. Muslim Terrorists
Hillary, when posed with a question on Pakistan's cooperation, said that it was never a negative story and that Pakistan had assisted US in identifying terrorists, arresting them and taking action against them. She said, however, that Pakistan's cooperation was not relevant in terms of resolving the issue in ... Muslim Terrorists
The Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany Jauhar Saleem has claimed that terrorists are not given safe havens in Pakistan and that Pakistan's military “is ... At this event, Afghanistan envoys asked the international community to pressure countries against state-sponsorship of terrorism in a bid to improve ... Muslim Terrorists
After 'Ivy League of Terrorism' and 'Terroristan', India has now come up with a new term for terrorism emanating from Pakistan and the sanctuaries that exist across the border - Special Terrorist Zones. "We urge the Council to call on Pakistan to end cross border infiltration; to dismantle special terrorist ... Muslim Terrorists
QUETTA: Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) claimed to have killed four suspected militants, belonging to a proscribed terror group, in an encounter at Chaman near Pak-Afghan border late on Monday. As per details, police officials raided a house in Chaman after receiving a tip-off from intelligence ... Muslim Terrorists
WASHINGTON: As the United States and Pakistan reengage on Tuesday in efforts to improve their ties, the Pentagon reminded Islamabad that war against terrorism in the South Asian region has reached an inflection point and it should use this opportunity to defeat terrorists. “With respect to Pakistan we ... Muslim Terrorists
Hyderabad police on Friday claimed to have busted a gang which was reportedly getting funding from India to sabotage China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and target security personnel in Sindh. Hyderabad DIG Javed Alam Odho and SSP Pir Mohammad Shah held a joint press conference to ... Muslim Terrorists
He was referring to the year that Lashkar-e-Taiba, a militant group accused of carrying out the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India, was put on a United Nations list of global terrorist groups. The United States, India and other Western countries have repeatedly called for Pakistan to take stronger action ... Muslim Terrorists
Pakistan's chief diplomat said Tuesday that a U.S.-led motion to put Pakistan on a global terrorist financing watch list has been deferred for three months. The final decision of the ... Some experts also criticized the country for failing to make a convincing case for its efforts against terrorism. “The country has ... Muslim Terrorists
In an attempt to demonstrate compliance with international anti-terrorist financing regulation, Pakistan amended its anti-terrorism law last week. The change authorizes the government to blacklist charities linked to Islamist leader Hafiz Saeed. Saeed has been wanted by the United States since 2012 for ... Muslim Terrorists
The United States is likely to introduce the motion next week in Paris, where the Financial Action Task Force, a global body created to fight terrorism ... The United States has been trying for years to get Islamabad to move against Lashkar-e-Taiba, which India accuses of being behind the 2008 terrorist ... Muslim Terrorists
Pakistan's action comes days before a meeting of the Financial Action Task Force, a global money-laundering watchdog, that will consider a U.S.-sponsored motion to place Pakistan on a list of countries failing to prevent terrorism financing. Saeed has been designated as a "terrorist" by the United Nations. Muslim Terrorists
The fragmentation of politics will easily breed terrorism. As a neighbor, the security situation in Afghanistan has special influence on China. Beijing is particularly concerned about East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) terrorists hiding in Afghanistan, which impacts the security and stability of Xinjiang. Pakistan
Three terrorists hailing from the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan had been sentenced to 14 years each in jail after they were found in possession of explosives ... Hearing their appeals, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that the convicts' links with the terrorist outfit were proven, adding that he does not ...
The army insists it no longer makes any distinction between “good” terrorists, who confine their attacks to Afghanistan or India, and “bad” ones who ... Officials maintain that the majority of terrorist attacks in Pakistan now originate from Afghanistan, where the TTP and other groups have found a haven in the ...
Pakistan's measures. In response to growing international pressure, Pakistan did take measures against some of these militant groups and their financial sources, but apparently the actions were not viewed as adequate by FATF. Last month, the country amended its anti-terrorism law that allows the ...
NEW DELHI — During the debate last week over a United States-sponsored measure to throw Pakistan onto a global terrorism-financing watchlist, ... But American officials aren't convinced, pointing to past actions Pakistan has taken against terrorist groups to placate the international community, only to ...
Pakistani nation has given tremendous sacrifices in war against terrorism and the commitment and passion of the nation was much bigger than the challenge of terrorism, he said and added that it was satisfying that the well-coordinated implementation of National Action Plan has broken the proverbial ...
LAHORE (APP) - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Friday said Pakistan was the land of saints and not the terrorists. He was addressing a ceremony in connection with Lahore Literary Festival at the lush green lawn of the Governor House Friday evening. The Prime Minister said, Pakistan's face, ...
"We've seen modest progress in terms of Pakistan's actual acknowledgement of these concerns, but the President is not satisfied with progress when it comes to Pakistan," Mr Shah said responding to a question on the progress made in the President's South Asia Policy which was announced in August last ...
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — At the urging of the Trump administration, an international task force has decided to place Pakistan on a terrorism-financing watch ... Lashkar-e-Taiba, a militant group accused of carrying out the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India, was put on a United Nations list of global terrorist ...
Recently, Pakistan rather belatedly amended its Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 to bring it in line with its commitments to the United Nations, an obligation that it ... the state considers a terrorist, and whether or not they are on the Fourth Schedule, which is the listing of individuals who are considered as terrorists.
Washington: US president Donald Trump is "not satisfied" with the progress made by Pakistan in its fight against terrorism, the White House said on Friday. ... "We've seen modest progress in terms of Pakistan's actual acknowledgement of these concerns, but the President is not satisfied with progress when ...
The Trump administration has zero tolerance towards terrorism, and terrorist sanctuaries inside Pakistan, said the official. “President Trump has been clear that we need to see decisive action, not superficial action and half measures.. but decisive action against terrorist militants in Pakistan,” said the official.
Pakistan's chief diplomat said Tuesday that a U.S.-led motion to put Pakistan on a global terrorist financing watch list has been deferred for three months. The final decision of the ... Some experts also criticized the country for failing to make a convincing case for its efforts against terrorism. “The country has ...


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