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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

"They led a network that illegally bought works looted from archaeological sites by groups linked to the terrorist group Daesh, helping to finance its activities," police said in a statement, ... They face charges of membership in a criminal organisation, document falsification, smuggling and financing terrorism. Libya

Spanish police have recovered artefacts of significant historical importance which had been looted by Islamic State in Libya. Following the seizure, two experts in historical artwork, both aged 31, were arrested in Barcelona, reports BBC. The pair is suspected to have obtained the objects through ... Islamic
The fifty-nine year old is accused of teaching children extremist and violent interpretations of Islam. The arrest came after Italian intelligence and finance officers monitored the suspect's sermons and bank accounts. Italy has expelled 264 religious extremists since 2015 and unlike France, Spain, ... police citizens ISIL
"They led a network that illegally bought works looted from archaeological sites by groups linked to the terrorist group Daesh, helping to finance its activities," police said in a statement. "Some of the pieces also showed imperfections, bumps and marks that indicated they underwent a violent extraction ... Libya terrorists
Earlier this week, human rights group Amnesty International reprimanded Spain for what it called "a sustained attack on freedom of speech", saying its law against glorification of terrorism was "draconian". But the government disagrees. "We have to fight against any sign of extremism or intolerance," Interior ... Libya terrorists

One of the risks when governments try to curb what they see as offensive speech is that other kinds of speech are caught in the same net. One of the most recent examples comes from Spain, where a vague anti-terrorism law has been used to charge and even imprison musicians and other artists. In a new ... Libya terrorists
The court's verdict specified that Bouchiman and Chentouf are sentenced for “ideological radicalization,” which entails sharing violent content and condoning terrorist beliefs or ideas. The court, however, acquitted the accused “terrorist charges,” as they “had no intention to travel to combat zones or recruit ... Libya terrorists
In its latest report, the human rights group is calling for Spain's “glorification of terrorism” law to be repealed on the grounds that it's silencing creativity and ... Spain's controversial gag law, the same one that has seen everyone from rappers to puppeteers go to jail for “glorifying terrorism”, is having its desired ... Libya terrorists
The bombings were the deadliest terrorist attack in Spain's history. Facts:On March 11, 2004, ten bombs ... April 3, 2004 - Seven suspected terrorists kill themselves and a policeman when they set off an explosion in a suburb of Madrid as police attempt to enter a building. The suspects are presumed to be ... Libya terrorists
In that case, Rivadulla had written and shared songs that praised attacks carried out by terrorist groups such as the Basque separatists ETA, Spanish Maoist group GRAPO, Al-Qaeda, the Marxist-Leninist organization Red Brigade, and more. In some songs, he called on the terrorists to repeat their attacks. Libya terrorists
Last March, the country's top criminal court gave Cassandra Vera a 12-month suspended sentence and barred her from doing a publicly funded job for seven years after she was found guilty of “humiliating victims of terrorism”. Vera, now 22, had posted jokes about Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, who was ... Libya terrorists
The security forces of Trinidad and Tobago thwarted a terrorist attack planned for February 12 and 13, 2018. The dates coincided with the island's popular Trinidad Carnival, an annual event that brings thousands of locals and tourists onto the main avenues of the nation's capital, Port of Spain. On February ... Libya terrorists
In its annual report on the state of human rights in countries across the world, Amnesty International has criticized Spain for making excessive terrorism allegations against people expressing a difference of opinion on social media. “Authorities pressed criminal charges against people who had expressed ... Libya terrorists
Following months of internal debate, the dissolution must be voted on by ETA members, most of whom (302) are serving time in prison while others are in social reintegration programs and a few dozen living outside Spain in unknown locations. If approved, it will be the last step in a process that began with ... Libya terrorists
MADRID — Whether by law or intimidation, Spain has become a country where the risks of free expression have quietly mounted in recent years. Puppeteers have been prosecuted for inciting terrorism. So have a 21-year-old Twitter user, a poet and some musicians, including the 12 members of a band. Libya terrorists
The attack in 2015 on a beach in Sousse killed 38 people, 30 of which were British, leading to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to advise against all travel to the region. This has since been lifted, with a few regions still advised against travelling mainly near the border with Libya. Libya terrorists

Spain's Ministry of Interiror said the suspect was keen to execute an attack similar to the mass killing in La Rambla, Barcelona, that left 16 people dead and at least 130 injured. Moroccan 22-year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub was eventually shot dead after ploughing a van into crowds on the street popular ... Libya terrorists
Two Moroccan nationals have admitted in front of a Spanish court that they have been part of a local terrorist cell affiliated to ISIS, EFE said yesterday. The two men were particularly operating through social media, looking for potential recruits. Abdelillah Migou and Anouar Merabet were facing respectively ... Libya terrorists
The investigation into the possible poisoning of the Russian spy Sergei Skripal gained new momentum on Tuesday, as Scotland Yard announced its counter-terrorism police would take charge, and the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, promised a “robust” response if the Kremlin's role in the case was ... Libya terrorists
Judge Carmen Lamela confirmed yesterday that the Moroccan national accused in Spain for terrorism will have to serve a prison sentence, said the regional online newspaper La Verdad. Khalid E., 31, who is legally residing in Spain, is accused of joining a terrorist organization and trying to recruit jihad ... Libya terrorists
Rabat – 57 percent of offenders arrested for terrorism-related charges in Spain in the past year were of Moroccan nationality, finds a study by the ... Facing terrorist threats, Spanish authorities have allegedly restricted freedom of speech and made excessive terrorism allegations during 2017, said Amnesty ... Libya terrorists
Turkish armed forces eliminated three terrorists in Syrian Afrin in the framework of Olive Branch operation, Turkish media reported on Feb. 19. Three citizens of the Netherlands, Spain and France fighting among PYD/YPG terrorist groups were eliminated during the fights. As of today, number of foreign ... Libya terrorists
The report included press accounts about the perpetrators of the terrorist acts, including Ouali Akeik, laureate of the Churchill Military Academy in Algiers. ... In January, Canarian Association of Terrorism Victims (Acavite) received King Felipe VI of Spain to brief him about the history of attacks committed by ... Libya terrorists
Finsbury Park terrorist Darren Osborne made thousands of pounds dealing class A drugs in Spain, pals claim. Osborne, who was jailed for ... The Finsbury Park van terrorist dealt in class A drugs and had to flee his Spanish home over a row with a rival gang, his pals claim. Fresh allegations about Darren ... Libya terrorists
AN alleged jihadist accused of planning a van attack allegedly told wannabe terrorists to 'kill six or seven Spaniards if they cannot make it to Syria'. It comes after the yet-to-be-named Moroccan, 45, was arrested in Terrassa, Catalunya. According to the Ministry of Interior, the suspect was keen to execute an ... Libya terrorists
“Considering the lethal resources assembled by the terrorists and their lethal intent, the death toll could have reached hundreds had they not accidentally blown up their bomb factory,” said the report, which appeared in the CTC Sentinel, the publication of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. Libya terrorists
Turkey views the YPG as terrorists and has launched a new offensive to drive Kurdish fighters out of Afrin. Lei says there is now a group of around 20 international volunteers who will go to defend the city, including Britons from Manchester, London and Leeds, and others from France, Germany, Spain and ... Libya terrorists
SPAIN is set to begin cross-referencing air passengers' personal information with police databases, reports suggest. The Passenger Name Record is a controversial tool used by governments to counter terrorism but which critics say sacrifices privacy. The data is reportedly set to be used to combat a variety ... Libya terrorists
“Among them, we could highlight the exchange of information, the fight against terrorism, the fight against mines, hybrid warfare and cyber warfare. “I hope that this increased military cooperation reinforces an already broad and deep bilateral relationship.” His comments coincided with the mooring of HMS ... Libya terrorists
While he refused to explain what he was doing in the jungles of Basilan, Adib maintained his innocence, saying he was on his way to Zamboanga, then to Manila, and back to Spain. "I don't know anything about all these. In due time, the evidence will prove my innocence,” Adib said in Spanish, noting that ... Libya terrorists
Catalan separatist leader stays vague on possible return, Spain on alert ... In Madrid, Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido said he was worried that the 55-year old -- who faces arrest the minute he steps back in Spain -- could now try to discreetly return ... Terrorist 155 Rajoy needs to be kicked out. Libya terrorists
Every day, the list will cross-reference three million passenger data with police databases from the Intelligence Center for Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime, the future home of ... Support for the measure has also sadly surged following the terrorist attacks in London, Nice, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. Libya terrorists
“Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in the United Kingdom. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, local government facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, major sporting and cultural events, ... Libya terrorists
'ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORIST': Shepherd held after vultures killed in southern Spain ... environment chief Jose Fiscal said at the time that it is shocking that “incidents like this still happen,” adding that “whoever did this is an environmental terrorist trying to harm nature by waging war against our fauna.”. Libya terrorists
Authorities will keep more detailed records of people booking temporary accommodation across Spain on hotel and short-term rental sites such as Airbnb or The same measures will be applied to vehicle rental companies and websites, a decision greatly influenced by the fact that the terrorist ... Libya terrorists
MADRID, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- The Spanish government will pass laws requiring vehicle and home rental companies to keep a register of people who hire vehicles or rent houses, with the aim of allowing security forces easier access to information over terrorist suspects. The measure and others were ... Libya terrorists
In a 2016 study published in American Behavioral Scientist, we argued that the tragic events in Madrid on 11 March 2014 triggered a shift in attitudes toward Arab immigrants in Spain. This had repercussions on the migration patterns of Arab born people within and to the country, and caused a significant ... Libya terrorists
The recent string of horrific terror attacks has left everyone worried about their own safety. And many people have already cancelled holidays to destinations like Turkey and Spain, following recent atrocities. Here are the safest destinations. Libya terrorists
These comments were discovered by a "cyber patrol" of the Spanish Civil Guard, whose task it is to discover online activity related to terrorism. ... This is the second arrest for terrorist-related offenses in Spain over the past 48 hours, after a Moroccan man was arrested in Terrassa, close to Barcelona on ... Libya terrorists
Spain's Ministry of Interiror said the suspect was keen to execute an attack similar to the mass killing in La Rambla, Barcelona, that left 16 people dead and at least 130 injured. Moroccan 22-year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub was eventually shot dead after ploughing a van into crowds on the street popular ... Libya terrorists
In his address, Felipe also recalled the tragedy that occurred in August in Catalonia — the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, saying that only democratic unity, the strength of the rule of law, the effectiveness of international cooperation can defeat Islamist terrorism. "We will act this way, always ... Libya terrorists
But Spain is preparing for more scenes like the one in Ceuta.The United Nations refugee agency says African immigration routes are increasingly shifting away from Libya, the African country closest to Italy, and into Algeria and Morocco, which are are closest to Spain. Incidents of abuse and enslavement ... Libya terrorists
Nations around the world are hit by Islamist terrorist attacks, starting with New Year's Day, when a gunman from Uzbekistan opens fire in a nightclub in Istanbul killing 39 people. The so-called Islamic State claims responsibility. The gunman had trained in Afghanistan according to Turkish authorities. Libya terrorists
NATIONAL POLICE in Spain have reportedly called off a manhunt for a 37-year-old man after it was initially feared that he had travelled to Barcelona in order to carry out a terrorist attack. Spanish media reported that police had been warned to be on the lookout for a French citizen by the name of El Ouakili ... Libya terrorists
A MARBELLA rapper has been found guilty of 'glorifying terrorism' by a court in Madrid. Ivan Leszno, 25, and fellow members of the La Insurgencia rap group are facing two years and one day in jail, a €4,500 fine each and a nine-year ban from running for office. They are appealing the ruling before the ... Libya terrorists
Comment: Trump may have reworked the ban in an effort to disguise its Islamophobic nature, but he still believes terrorism is exclusively a Muslim problem, writes Sahar F. Aziz. ... For example, on 17 August 2017, Trump tweeted after a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain that people should "study what Gen. Libya terrorists
There was no official response to the report, which comes hours after police said they had charged two men with terrorist offences. The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that two men were arrested by its Counter Terrorism Command on Nov. 28. It identified them as Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, ... Libya terrorists
Rabat – Juan Ignacio Zoido, the Spanish interior minister, has once again underscored the importance of Moroccan-Spanish anti-terrorism cooperation, after the arrest of four individuals suspected of disseminating propaganda supporting terrorist groups. The first Moroccan-Spanish suspect was arrested in ... Libya terrorists
Two of the suspects are brothers of Moroccan descent who were active in making propaganda for the terrorist organization. ... security collaboration is invaluable,” and that Morocco is a “friendly country, a partner and alley to Spain in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration.”. Libya terrorists


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