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updated Tue. March 27, 2018

Only in this month of March a series of terrorist attacks hit many cities and towns in Afghanistan which led to the above biggest attack on shrine. ... by Islamic terrorism and extremism and why US, NATO and Afghan government failed to end this history's longest war through both military and political defeats?
People die in action on the battlefield, from shells and bombs at home and are attacked by terrorists in the streets of peaceful cities and towns, market places, restaurants, discos and concert halls. Just last Friday, the world was shocked once again by a treacherous terrorist attack in Trebes, a small town ... terrorism Tashkent

The ongoing fight against terrorism was also discussed, as the meeting underlined the joint steps to eradicate the scourge from Afghanistan. The NSAs pledged taking action to eliminate terrorists' financial sources. They also agreed on Afghanistan's economic development, deciding the UAE would host ...
Three terrorists were killed and one of them was injured in the drone strike in Deh Bala district of Nangarhar, while at least two terrorists were killed in a similar airstrike conducted in Chapa Dara district of Kunar. The terrorist group has not commented on the incident so far. Meanwhile, Afghan Ministry ...
Iran condemned recent terrorist attacks in France, Afghanistan and Egypt, expressing sympathy with the bereaved families of victims of the deadly terrorist attacks. In a statement released late on Saturday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said that the widespread geographical scope of ... Terrorism
The military operations which were supported by Afghan Air Force were conducted in Nangarhar, Kunar, Paktia, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Zabul, Farah, Badghis, Faryab and Helmand provinces. The Daesh militants were killed in Deh Bahal district in Nangarhar, the statement said, adding that "other ...

Turkey has condemned the terrorist attacks in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan that left 15 people dead. "We learned with great sorrow that a terrorist attack in Lashkargah city of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, near a stadium, resulted in loss of lives of many Afghan brothers and sisters and ...
New Delhi: India will raise the issue of cross-border support to terrorism when representatives of the US, Russia, China, Iran and central Asian and Gulf ... War-ravaged Afghanistan has seen a spurt in terror attacks, mostly blamed on the Taliban, in the last one year which has left hundreds dead and injured.
Afghan forces have arrested a French woman allegedly affiliated with the Daesh terror group in northern Afghanistan, the Defense Ministry said Friday. "Six other Daesh fighters were killed in the Afghan security forces' operation," said a ministry statement on Twitter. The statement had no further ... terrorists
This comes after Zarif accused the US this week of supporting Daesh in Afghanistan to fuel regional terrorism and threaten neighboring countries. ... Zarif said: "We see intelligence, as well as eyewitness accounts, that Daesh fighters, terrorists, were airlifted from battle zones, rescued from battle zones, ... terrorists
Terrorist groups are rebuilding safe havens in Afghanistan for potential attacks on the West, even as the Taliban edges closer to peace talks aimed at ... in Afghanistan, has crystallised fears in neighbouring states and Washington that, more than 16 years after 9/11, terrorists are returning to old haunts. terrorists
Throughout 17 years of occupation in Afghanistan, the underlying justification for the global war of terror has been that Afghanistan, in particular, must never again be allowed to become a “safe haven” for terrorist organizations. Except for that it is. Analysts have for months been warning that parts of ... terrorists
“We are committed to ensuring that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for terrorists who want to commit mass murder of our citizens,” Mr. Trump said in August, announcing a strategy to send an additional 4,000 American troops to the country. But as the Islamic State in Khorasan has surged ... terrorists
The Defense Ministry announced Sunday 171 terrorists were killed during counter-terror operations across Afghanistan, a day after Taliban ambushed a number of Afghan soldiers in Farah province, bordering Iran. The sudden rise in casualties on both sides highlights the surge in violence in the ... terrorists
NEW DELHI — During the debate last week over a United States-sponsored measure to throw Pakistan onto a global terrorism-financing watchlist, ... again focused discussion on the Pakistani military's benign eye toward militant groups working against American aims in Afghanistan and Indian interests in ... terrorists
Kabul [Afghanistan]: At least nine terrorists belonging to the Islamic State (IS) group have been killed and 13 others got injured after their attack was ... Army in the North as saying that a large group of IS terrorists attacked the security posts of the Afghan National defense and security forces in Darzad district. terrorists
Turkey has condemned the latest terrorist attacks in Afghanistan which killed at least 22 people, including 18 soldiers. "We learned with sorrow that various terrorist attacks perpetrated in Kabul and provinces of Farah and Helmand today killed and wounded many Afghan brothers and sisters, including ... terrorists

Turkey on Saturday condemned the latest terrorist attacks in Afghanistan which killed at least 22 people including 18 soldiers. "We learned with sorrow that various terrorist attacks perpetrated in Kabul and provinces of Farah and Helmand today, killed and wounded many Afghan brothers and sisters, ... terrorists
ODINTSOVO /Moscow Region/, February 20. /TASS/. Terrorist groups are diligently encouraging 'lone wolf' attacks similar to the one that occurred in the Dagestani regional town of Kizlyar last weekend from Afghanistan's territory, Head of the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center (ATC) Andrey Novikov said at a ... terrorists
It justifies its presence through the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam groups. Terror attacks have currently increased in Afghanistan which has been calm for years except for few incidents. Terrorist operations have dominated the scene again via explosions targeting the Afghani state and its ... terrorists
It points out that the recent events and Afghan government's open calls for the intensified US operations against the group is a step forward to a new show of “war on terrorism”. It was reported that one of the goals of the last week's B52 airstrikes was to impede the militants from organizing terrorist plots in ... terrorists
Russia has warned Islamic State is turning northern Afghanistan into a “resting base” of international terrorism and a “bridgehead” for establishing its “destructive” caliphate in the region. The “international wing of Daesh” is spearheading the effort of terrorists spilling over the borders of Syria and Iraq and ... terrorists
The frequency and speed of these major, pre-planned attacks have never been higher, said Iliffe, who has worked in Afghanistan since 2001 and currently has a security role for a nongovernmental organization. The ambulance blast was one of six major attacks by Taliban and Islamic State militants in and ... terrorists
Responding to reporters questions about how attackers penetrated ostensibly well-defended urban sites with apparent ease, the head of Afghanistan's spy agency Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai said that the terrorists were “changing their tactics,” according to Agence France Presse. The ambulance attack ... terrorists
OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Afghanistan ... The OIC appealed, in a statement, to the government and all parties in Afghanistan to unify ranks and double efforts in order to neutralize the scourge of terrorism, and enhance peace and reconciliation across the country. OIC Secretary General Yousef ... terrorists
Addressing the annual conference on cultural diplomacy in Berlin, Saleem termed Afghanistan a safe haven for terrorists and called on Europeans to visit ... At this event, Afghanistan envoys asked the international community to pressure countries against state-sponsorship of terrorism in a bid to improve ... terrorists
More than 100 people were killed in the Afghan capital when an ambulance packed with explosives blew up in a busy street near government and foreign embassy buildings. Reports said the attacker was able to pass a checkpoint in central Kabul by claiming he was transporting a patient to a nearby ... terrorists
KABUL: Worried about militants sneaking into a restive Chinese region from war-torn Afghanistan, Beijing is in talks with Kabul over the construction of a ... "The anti-terrorism motivation is an important one but it's not as important as the bigger move to boost the CPEC," said Willy Lam, a political analyst in ... terrorists
The United States has made it clear that it expects Islamabad to take action against terrorists in sanctuaries inside Pakistan, a top American diplomat has ... "The US will continue to support its Afghan partners to defeat the ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan, and deny them and their ... terrorists
Responding to reporters questions about how attackers penetrated ostensibly well-defended urban sites with apparent ease, the head of Afghanistan's spy agency Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai said that the terrorists were “changing their tactics,” according to Agence France Presse. The ambulance attack ... terrorists
The United States has designated the Haqqani network a terrorist organization, and U.S. officials allege the Pakistani spy agency maintains covert ties ... Without naming Pakistan, Atmar said in comments he posted on his official Twitter account that "terrorists' safe havens outside Afghanistan, where the ... terrorists
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. State Department said Tuesday some Americans were killed when terrorists stormed a hotel in Afghanistan's capital last weekend, but the exact number is not known. It's not the first time American civilians have been killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul, but it brought home just how ... terrorists
Nangarhar province, located along the border with Pakistan, has become a stronghold Islamic State and other terrorist groups in recent years. Wednesday's attack in Jalalabad comes just days after gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in the capital, Kabul, killing at least 20 people, many of them foreigners. terrorists
The provincial police officials said the killed terrorist has been identified as a close relative, father of Daesh commander Abdul Khaliq, and had been involved in major terror plots. However, the ... On October 14, last year, at least 14 terrorists, affiliated with Daesh, were killed in airstrikes in Afghanistan. terrorists
UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan needs to change its "mindset" of differentiating between good and bad terrorists, India said at the UN Security Council, urging it to focus on challenges posed by ... Afghan deputy foreign minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai too reiterated the presence of terrorist safe haven in Pakistan. terrorists
It's the war which is being supported by Pakistan, by terrorist groups which are openly operating in Pakistan and the terrorists are being sent by there. In the last sixteen years the US has been unable to press Pakistan in ending its policy of supporting terrorism in Afghanistan. Sputnik: Recently President ... terrorists
In the coming month, war-torn Afghanistan, the fight against terrorism, Middle East and nuclear non-proliferation will be at the top of the agenda at the United Nation Security Council. Kazakhstan is chairing the UN Security Council for the whole month of January 2018. The cornerstone of Astana's ... terrorists
The remarks by the U.S. ambassador to Kabul, John Bass, are the first formal reaction to the repeated accusations in recent months by some Afghans, including ... The terrorist group launched its operations in early 2015 from eastern volatile Afghan regions, mainly Nangarhar province bordering Pakistan. terrorists
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says he believes an anti-terrorism Islamic edict, or fatwa, issued by Pakistan, should have covered the entire Muslim world ... of Security, with the help of Indian counterparts — is sheltering fugitive Pakistani militants and helping them to plot terrorist attacks against the country. terrorists
Still, a fragile partnership already on tenterhooks will now grow ever more tenuous, especially because cutting aid to the Pakistanis is unlikely to compel them to crack down on the terrorists that target American troops in Afghanistan. In other words, Pakistan won't do what America wants it to do. terrorists
... trials over terrorism related cases, also hanged 43 hard-core terrorists last year, according to the ISPR. Some local experts believe that outlawed Islamic State (IS) is setting up its footprint in Afghanistan, and most of the terrorist attacks in the mosques and shrines in Pakistan were also claimed by them. terrorists
(WASHINGTON) — The top American commander for the Middle East wants a more aggressive Afghan military pressuring Taliban and other insurgents over the normally quieter months of Afghanistan's winter, and then quickly going on the offensive in the spring. It's all part of a plan the United States ... terrorists
Pakistan has played a double game for years," she told reporters at the UN. "They work with us at times, and they also harbour the terrorists that attack our troops in Afghanistan. "That game is not acceptable to this administration. We expect far more cooperation from Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.". terrorists
This time the target was a media organization located in a Shiite neighborhood in the west of Kabul. Media centers, having limited security barricades, are soft targets for terrorist attacks. Terrorists targeting media institutions is not a new phenomenon in Afghanistan, which is considered to be one of the most ... terrorists
"Pakistan condemns terrorism in all forms and manifestations and reaffirms its firm commitment for continued efforts and cooperation for elimination of this menace. We express solidarity with the government and people of Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism," a Foreign Ministry statement said on ... terrorists
... a dangerous terrorist affiliated with the Tehreek-E-Talib Pakistan (TTP) was killed in Afghanistan, said sources. Afghan sources said Sheena was killed by unknown assailants in the Afghan province of Kunar. Sources added that Sheena was involved in multiple acts of terrorism and was wanted in various ... terrorists
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the first China- Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue in Beijing with his Afghanistan and Pakistan ... They agreed to strengthen counter-terrorism coordination and cooperation in an effort to combat all terrorist organisations and individuals without any ... terrorists
Deadly attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan are highlighting the escalation of the longest foreign war in U.S. history as American and Afghan forces continue to fight a growing presence of ISIS and Taliban insurgents in the region. The recent violence comes as President Trump delivers a speech on Monday ... terrorists
Islamabad: Afghanistan on Saturday blamed a devastating suicide bomb attack in Kabul that killed at least 95 people and wounded 158 others on the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network, former ... Now designated a terrorist group by the US, the Haqqanis are known for their heavy use of suicide bombers. terrorists
In the grisly attack, many private sector and government officials were burned to ashes and declared “missing” inside the building after the hired terrorists did their utmost to vandalize and maximize the death toll. Who are the sponsors of these atrocities? The grieving people of Afghanistan were still reeling ... terrorists


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