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updated Sun. April 1, 2018

More than 2000 years ago an unarmed man accused of inciting terrorism was put to death by the occupying state. He was ... In The Netherlands this was subject to the approval by the concern ondernemings raad, the COR, which is often translated in English as the Works Council. The Finns had to make ...
Voters in the Netherlands narrowly rejected a proposed law granting authorities sweeping powers to spy on their data. The referendum was ... Fighting terrorism? The government has stressed that the new regulations would help in the fight against terrorism, but critics say data protection and privacy are being undermined.

But Mr Rutte has insisted the spy agencies need these new powers to help fight terrorism. "It's not that our country is unsafe, it's that this law will make it safer," he said. Intelligence services head Rob Bertholee said: "This law is for the safety of the Netherlands and for the Dutch people... I am voting in favour.
"A lot of crime originates outside the Netherlands. Whether it concerns organized crime, terrorism or cybercrime: these problems can only be tackled internationally. Instead of waiting for crime to come our way, it is more effective to strengthen the police in countries where it comes from. We therefore want ...

This way we can mutually strengthen national CT and CVE priorities," Dick Schoof, Chair and Co-host of the meeting and the National Coordinator for Security and Counter Terrorism from the Netherlands Ministry of Justice and Security, said. Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the International ...
Dutch tourists are again vacationing in countries like Turkey and Egypt after avoiding these countries due to terrorist attacks, AD reports based on figures from travel agencies sector organization ANVR. Visits to Turkey from the Netherlands dropped to nearly zero following an attempted coup and ... terrorism
The petition included 18 top leaders of the communist party as central committee members, including founder Jose Maria Sison and peace negotiator Luis Jalandoni, both based in the Netherlands for three decades. There was no basis for the charge of terrorism, said Sison, who was a mentor of Duterte ... terrorism
8 (Petra)- His Majesty King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah will begin an official visit to the Netherlands on the 19th of this month at the invitation of His Majesty King ... Efforts of the two countries to cement security and stability in the region and to combat the threat of terrorism will also be reviewed. terrorism
Jordan also looks to benefit from the Dutch experience in working out innovative solutions to challenges related to energy, food and water security. Moreover, discussions at the meetings will cover efforts by the two countries to bolster regional security and stability, and the fight against terrorism. His Majesty ... terrorism
... Barros Veiga Tavares, is participating in the Congress on Security and Combat against International Terrorism running on March 6-7 in London, United Kingdom. ... from the policies and strategies implemented by England, United States, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and Netherlands. terrorism
Oneissi, 44, who along with the three other suspects is being tried in absentia by the court based in the Netherlands, faces five charges. ... "the prosecution has not proven that Mr Oneissi had the intent to commit a crime against the state security, or that he knew that an act of terrorism was to be committed.". terrorism
While terrorist organization ISIS lost almost all of its territory last year, the AIVD expects that the organization will survive underground and continue to carry out attacks. This could also mean attacks in the West, as retribution against the international coalition that fought against ISIS. The Netherlands forms ... terrorism
AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A Dutch university shut down an activists' center for its hosting of a lecture by a Palestinian ex-terrorist that Jewish journalists were not allowed to enter. The Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam shuttered the Verrekijker Center on Wednesday for hosting a speech by Rasmea Odeh, from ... terrorism
Together with EU, the Netherlands and Sweden, Denmark is co-hosting a high-level conference in Brussels today. ... The G5 Sahel Joint Force will only be able to fight terrorism, organised crime and human trafficking effectively if respect for human rights is promoted and a fundamental trust between the ... terrorism
Shikhey, 38, a Dutch national who lives in north London, was found guilty of attempting to join IS and arrested in May last year at Stansted Airport by counter-terrorism officers as he prepared to board a flight to Turkey en route to Syria. In his possession were a number of mobile phones and a selfie in which ... terrorism

THE HAGUE, Feb 22 (KUNA) -- Kuwait and the Netherlands launched this week a unique project called "Diwaniya" (gathering hall) to promote cultural and ... He told KUNA that the students discussed important issues facing the world such as energy, climate, terrorism and youth, and the joint-cooperation ... terrorism
PARIS: A US-sponsored resolution to consider placing Pakistan on a watchlist of countries that financially aid terrorism remained inconclusive after a ... According to official sources, Ismail visited Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands the week before in an attempt to garner support against the US move. terrorism
During his meeting with Kaag, Hadi pointed to the importance of activating aspects of cooperation with the Netherlands in wake of the war in Yemen. ... on Monday with UK Charge d' Affairs in Yemen Fauna Walker support to the Yemeni government to achieve peace and stability and fight terrorism funding. terrorism
A delivery driver arrested over a suspected London terrorism plot planned to gun down Jews, Tottenham Hotspur FC fans, Queen Elizabeth II and David Cameron, the Old ... Aweys Shikhey, a 38-year-old Dutch national, has one wife in Kenya and another in the Netherlands, and children with both women. terrorism
The 38-year-old delivery driver who denies preparing terrorist acts had already discussed killing The Queen and David Cameron with a fellow extremist. ... Shikhey, a Dutch national who is originally from Somalia but who has a wife in Kenya and a wife in the Netherlands as well as children with both, was ... terrorism
ISIS has been declared militarily defeated by PM Haider al-Abadi in Iraq. Europe hasn't been immune to terrorism. In what way is the Netherlands going to continue to support the Kurdistan Region and Iraq to prevent a resurgence or ISIS remnants from re-establishing what they had and in threatening the ... terrorism
Just this week, the Netherlands announced it was formally withdrawing its ambassador to Ankara after he was denied entry for almost a year and that it will not accept a new Turkish envoy to the Hague. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared the Dutch and German governments to Nazis. terrorism
Ankara's rhetoric towards Europe has since softened as it has turned its indignation towards the US, which it accuses of supporting Kurdish terrorism. The row with the Dutch government has lingered, however. The ambassador, Kees Cornelis van Rij, was blocked from re-entering Turkey after a trip abroad ... terrorism
Six Dutch citizens convicted two years ago of involvement in a network to recruit young Muslims to join the Islamic State, will on Tuesday appeal their sentences in a landmark case. Five men and a woman are challenging jail terms of up to six years for their alleged roles in forming "a terrorist organisation ... terrorism
... victim who is of Moroccan origin. The boy, described as an adolescent, had been taking part in a kickboxing class at the community centre, reports Het Parool. Terrified witnesses reportedly hid under tables as masked gunmen stormed the building. Police have ruled out terrorism as a motive for the attack. terrorism
The police accused him of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency, and last April they charged the dual citizen with terrorism. ... manage to get out have not come back, accelerating Turkey's brain drain, according to İlker Birbil, a Turkish data scientist at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. terrorism
A 24-year-old Dutch woman from Apeldoorn has been arrested in Turkey on suspicion of having links with the terrorist organisation IS. The woman, whose identity is being kept secret by the foreign affairs ministry but was named as Xaviera Rose-Claire Swagemakers by Turkish media, was arrested during ... terrorism
Sympathizers of the PYD/PKK terrorist organization attacked a mosque in the Netherlands on Monday night, according to mosque officials. The windows of the Geylani Mosque, which is run by the Geylani Foundation, were broken and the walls were vandalized with slogans related to the terrorist ... terrorism
He recently made news by saying that Muslim-controlled “no-go-zones” existed in the Netherlands, and that a Dutch politician had been burned by Muslims. ... That some Muslims carry out acts of terrorism, or support organizations with alarming plans for turning the world into a global version of the Islamic ... terrorism
The Algemene Inlichtingen en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD), the Dutch intelligence agency, has prevented 4 terrorist attacks from taking place since 2011. That is according to AIVD's chief Rob Bertholee, who commented it in an interview at the TV program College Tour. Bertholee regarded these 4 threats as ... terrorism
(CNN) The new US ambassador to the Netherlands, who was confronted last month by a Dutch reporter with comments he made in 2015 about ... After leaving Congress in 2011, Hoekstra in 2014 joined the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a non-profit group that describes itself as the "world's most ... terrorism
“This is similar to the previous fake news that I have been recently arrested by Dutch authorities as a consequence of Duterte´s Proclamation 374 against terrorism,” Sison recalled. Sison challenged legitimate mass media or any respectable person to verify the fact of his status from the Dutch authorities in ... terrorism
Mohammed, 36, of Derby, and El-Hassan, 33, of north-west London, denied preparing terrorist acts between November 2015 and December 2016, but a jury found them guilty following a trial at the Old Bailey. The judge, Michael Topolski QC, remanded the pair in custody and said they faced jail when they ... terrorism
Americans have barely had cross words with the Dutch since New York was New Amsterdam — until now. Trump sent to the Hague an ambassador, Pete Hoekstra, who said that the Netherlands' terrorism problem was so bad that there were “no go” areas. Hoekstra denied to a Dutch journalist that he said ... terrorism
Dutch police arrested four men in the northern city of Rotterdam and carried out anti-terror raids in several other Dutch cities, authorities said on Tuesday. "Rotterdam police detained four men early on Sunday evening on suspicion of being involved in terrorism," the Dutch public prosecutor's office said in a ... terrorism
It still, however, remains popular in some conservative and anti-Islamic circles and reached its peak shortly after the January 2015 terror attacks in Paris. In the interview, reporter Wouter Zwart says: “You mentioned in a debate that there are no-go zones in the Netherlands, and that cars and politicians are ... terrorism
LAST month a court in the Netherlands convicted a 22-year-old Dutch woman of helping to plan terrorism. It then set her free. Laura H. (her last name is protected under Dutch law), a Muslim convert, had moved to territory controlled by Islamic State (IS) with her Palestinian-Dutch husband in 2015, hoping to ... terrorism
The deadliest incident recorded in western Europe was the series of coordinated attacks on Paris in November 2015 that resulted in the deaths of 130 people and was claimed by Daesh terrorists. Data released in July by the Global Terrorism Database showed that there were 30 such attacks resulting in ... terrorism
Rick Snyder. During his tenure in Congress, he served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The former lawmaker later worked with the Investigative Project on Terrorism as a Shillman Senior Fellow, specializing in national security, international relations, global terrorism and cyber security. terrorism
COMMUNIST Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman Jose Maria “Joma” Sison dismissed statements that he would lose his asylum status following President Rodrigo Duterte's proclamation that the CPP and its armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA), were terror groups. Sison was ... terrorism
Real Admiral Shamkhani welcomed the expansion of bilateral relations between Iran and the Netherlands in all economic, commercial and political fields, saying Iran-EU relations will benefit the peace and stability in the world. Iran's SNSC head said that after the implementation of the Nuclear deal known ... terrorism
Now the direct service won't start until 2020 because international agreements between the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Britain are taking more time, the minister said. The threat of terrorism and migration streams make it essential that these talks are carried out extremely carefully, Van Veldhoven ... terrorism
FILE PICTURE: Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., now with the Investigative Project on Terrorism, waits to testify before a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Middle East and North Africa hearing in Rayburn titled "Iran's Support for Terrorism Worldwide." (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call). terrorism
Insurgents and the ideologues directing their supposed revolution from the safety of the Netherlands must have pushed President Rodrigo Duterte's patience to the limit for him to declare as a “terrorist group” the Communist Party of the Philippines and its New People's Army. What proverbial last straw ... terrorism
The number of people arrested over terrorism-related offences in Britain has risen by 54% to 400 in one of the most intense periods for attacks in ... The powers allow police to stop and search people without the need for reasonable suspicion that they are involved in terrorism. ... Alice S-L, Netherlands. terrorism
The national prosecutor's office said in a statement that the two men were from 2012-2015 members of the Nusra Front, which the Dutch government designates as a terrorist group, and had traveled to the Netherlands as "refugees" in 2015. A third Syrian man was arrested in possession of four kilograms of ... terrorism
The videos Mr. Trump retweeted were titled: “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!” “Muslim Destroys a Statue ... “Theresa,” he wrote on Twitter, initially getting her handle wrong, “don't focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom.”. terrorism
Fake news is a deep concern for the new Netherlands cabinet, and its ... in the Netherlands, including money for counter-terrorism, military ... terrorism


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