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updated Sun. April 1, 2018

There are few places in the world more hazardous for umbrellas than the Netherlands, a country under constant assault by stiff winds and pelting rain. ... The problem with most umbrellas, as any storm survivor will attest, is that an umbrella's hinges -- which give it retractability -- are also its weakest ... physics
For the first time in 10 years there are more positive than negative people in the Netherlands, the government's socio-cultural advisory body SCP said on Friday. Some 49% ... People are also more positive about the economy although 12% still consider poverty the biggest problem facing the country. In ...

As well as being linked to raw material issues, the shortage validates MEB's comments about the lack of alternatives available to doctors. With no alternative to ... An MEB report found that companies made almost 400 reports about problems with the supply of medicines last year. Alternative treatments ... Netherlands
In the Netherlands, GPs are loath to simply prescribe pain medication, and prefer to get to the root of the problem, sending their patients to a chiropractor or ... Indications for osteopathy include chronic back pain, migraines, bowel issues, and it has become very popular for parents whose babies have issues such as ...
England will face the Netherlands on Friday night as Gareth Southgate's side continue their preparations for the World Cup in Russia this summer. The game against Ronald Koeman's troops is the first of two internationals this month, with England also hosting Italy at Wembley next week. Here are ...
One in five people in the Netherlands have trouble sleeping and women are more likely to have problems than men, according to research by national statistics agency CBS to coincide with World Sleep Day. People on low incomes are also more likely to sleep badly, as are older people. And four in 10 say ... Terrorism
The spokesperson would not comment further, and would not tell the newspaper whether the Netherlands exerted pressure. The Ministry spokesperson did emphasize that the Netherlands and Turkey are still in contact, despite the diplomatic row. "The Netherlands continues to talk with Turkey about issues ... Terrorism
She suffered from depression, anxiety and eating problems, and had a borderline personality disorder. She would also mutilate and burn herself, which left her in constant pain and prone to continuous infections. Last September, Aurelia spent nearly two days in intensive care after yet another attempt to ... Terrorism
Kaag previously held high positions at the UN, so her acting as interim Foreign Minister will not be a problem, former diplomat Herman Schaper said to NOS. "Kaag knows the material, she knows the conversation partners and they know her", he said. "And the Netherlands is known as the country of stability ... Terrorism
Friesian cows graze in the Netherlands, where a strong dairy sector has led to concerns about pollution and illegally dumped poop. (Photo: ... Legitimate fears about harming the economy aside, there have been some recent innovations geared to help ease this distinctly Dutch problem. In 2016, the Ministry ... Terrorism
Your answer may depend on the country you're from. Newly published research suggests that psychopaths are not the same worldwide: The most salient feature of psychopaths in the US seems to be callousness and lack of empathy, while the most central feature of psychopaths in the Netherlands is their ... Terrorism
Thick fog is expected to cause problems during morning rush hour in almost all of the Netherlands on Monday morning. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning. According to Weerplaza, visibility is reduced to 50 meters in some places. The code yellow warning is in effect for the ...
The Undersecretary sees the Venezuelan refugee problem as a matter of the islands themselves. The islands have to provide their own funding to solve this problem. Some of these problems could be housing for the refugees and also the costs of deportation for those who did not get the status of ... money Netherlands
On March 8, 2018 Wopke Hoekstra, the Dutch minister of finance, sent a letter to the Senate and House of Representatives about developments on cryptocurrency. Following the plenary meeting on the Financial Markets Transactions Act, which took place on January 31, 2018, the Ministry of Finance was ... money Netherlands
Ploumen sees a role for schools in fixing this problem. "Schools must make children familiar with money. And start making boys and girls aware of their financial position at a young age." Financial expert Annemarie van Gaal is also shocked by this difference in spending money. "I would think that girls need ... money Netherlands

However the effects of blowing the whistle on whistleblowers are dramatic, according to a new empirical study of Tilburg University. About 80% report very negative effects on work and wages, and almost 50% very negative effects on family life. About 45% suffer from clinical levels of mental health problems ... money Netherlands
The Netherlands, which is one of the few countries to push sustainable solutions, will host the farm in its coastal waters. A nine-member consortium, ... Utrecht University solar power expert Wilfried van Sark said the impact of wave energy on the solar panels would be one of the many issues to be analysed. money Netherlands
About 80% of farms in the Netherlands produce more dung than they can legally use on their farm. To get around the limits, farmers pay an estimated €550m a year to get the manure removed. A recently uncovered fraud found a number of them had been avoiding the cost altogether by transporting the ... money Netherlands
No cause of death was given. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the Netherlands had "lost a statesman with huge stature" and went on to praise Lubbers for his commitment to Europe and as a "world citizen" who was "intelligent and wise." "He knew how to find a solution to every problem," Rutte added. money Netherlands
Ruud Lubbers, the Netherlands' longest-serving prime minister who guided his country through economic turmoil to prosperity and helped shape the foundations of the European Union, died Wednesday at 78. The Dutch government announced that Lubbers died in Rotterdam surrounded by his wife and ... money Netherlands
The Netherlands narrowly passed new legislation on Tuesday that will register every citizen aged 18 and over as a potential organ donor, unless they explicitly choose to opt out. Senators in the Dutch upper house of parliament voted 38 to 36 to pass the draft bill put forward by the progressive D66 party. money Netherlands
He accused prosecutors of "using texts bordering on populism" about environmental issues to boost their case, rather than looking at the actual legal issues at hand. Investigations by port police revealed ... "Thus, there cannot be any prosecution in The Netherlands," he argued. Under European rules, all ... money Netherlands
Choi, after losing first place, was then disqualified from winning the silver medal for interfering with other athletes. Boutin finished in fourth place, but was elevated to third after the disqualification. Yara van Kerkhof of Netherlands came in second. The problem for many South Koreans is that Boutin looks to ... money Netherlands
Oman, the Netherlands hold talks on economy, regional and global issues ... Affairs Ministry in the Netherlands, currently visiting the Sultanate within the framework of the regular political consultations between the two countries. ... The meeting also touched on several political issues of common concern. money Netherlands
Katie Couric is being mocked for saying the Netherlands dominates speed skating because it's 'an important mode of transportation' in Amsterdam ... There is just one problem with this explanation: The Dutch actually have things like cars, and skating is not an important mode of transportation, even when ... money Netherlands
Snow expected to start falling in the Netherlands later this morning, is already causing problems with air traffic. Schiphol lists a number of flight cancelations, and KLM announced on Thursday that the airline is canceling 26 flights scheduled for Friday. Motorists, especially in the west of the country, are ... money Netherlands
Judge to Ask EU Court About Post-Brexit Citizenship Issues ... THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — A judge in Amsterdam said Wednesday he will ask a European Union court to answer key questions about the rights of British citizens in the bloc after Brexit, in a decision that could provide important clarity for ... money Netherlands
However, diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey have not been suspended,” he said, adding that relations remain at the charge d'affaires level ... There is no problem over using the airspace right now,” Bozdağ said in response to a question on whether Russia closed the airspace in Afrin. money Netherlands
The housing shortage in the Netherlands is estimated to keep growing until 2020, reaching a peak around the end of 2018, according to a study by real estate advisor Capital Value in collaboration with ABF Research, reports. At the start of this year, the Netherlands had a shortage of around 205 ... money Netherlands
The Netherlands is taking over the governing of Sint Eustatius, an island that forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, State Secretary Raymond ... the previous Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Plasterk established a committee to map the problems and make recommendations on how to proceed. money Netherlands
Doctors in Holland have performed the euthanasia of a young woman who was suffering from mental health problems. Aurelia Brouwers, 29, who ... In recent years, Miss Brouwers had become a prominent campaigner in the Netherlands for euthanasia for the mentally-ill and the young. She had pressed ... money Netherlands
The Netherlands and Belgium keep charging into their "Brave New World" of state-sanctioned homicide but at least one bureaucrat has walked away from the practice. Both countries have experienced a bigger push to kill people with dementia and other mental problems by lethal injection. The latest death ... money Netherlands
The Netherlands, veterans at flood management, have responded to the problem in part by designing houses that float. In Britain, £1.8 billion has been earmarked to defend London and the areas around the Thames from flooding over the next century, as the south of England regularly suffers damage in ... money Netherlands
The concept of circular runways could potentially increase the capacity of airports, dissipate noise pollution evenly, and put an end to the problem of headwinds. Built as a 3km wide circle around a terminal, circular runways have no beginning or end. This would allow for a high volume of traffic as several ... money Netherlands
Mayor Sala said that Amsterdam had "evident" problems rehousing the EMA and that he was in touch with Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni "to assess all possible initiatives". "I called Gentiloni, I told him that now's the time to be aggressive and lodge an appeal," Sala told RTL radio on Tuesday, arguing that ... money Netherlands
JAPANESE authorities have imposed administrative measures on virtual currency exchange Coincheck after hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars in digital assets from the Tokyo-based firm in one of the biggest heists ever. Units of the cryptocurrency NEM worth A$660 million were taken — based ... money Netherlands
Dutch infrastructure manager ProRail has called for the reintroduction of the railway police to stem rising levels of vandalism. CEO Pier Eringa said that ProRail employs around 150 special officers and has installed cameras to monitor hotspots on its 7,000km network but that it remains a big problem. money Netherlands
The top three banks in the Netherlands have been targeted in multiple cyber attacks over the past week, blocking access to websites and internet banking services, they said on Monday. The number one Dutch ... "We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible," she told AFP. ING, which has ... money Netherlands
ZEERIJP, Netherlands — When Nienke Bastiaans fell in love with and bought a 17th-century thatched house in a rural Dutch village, there was one person who ... The scope of the problem is forcing the Dutch government to confront the prospect of a future without locally produced gas and lucrative gas tax ... money Netherlands
“The law says that when an animal is in serious problems, you should help the animals, but in the factory farming there are about six million pigs dying every year without veterinarian support,” said Hans Baaij, the director of Dier en Recht, a small nongovernmental organization that aims to use the court ... money Netherlands
While, elsewhere in the world, universities compete fiercely with each other to attract international students and increase the number of courses taught in English, in the Netherlands—a country that has been on the forefront on these two issues over the past two decades—an intense debate is taking place ... money Netherlands
The death of a relative is never an easy thing to deal with, but can be even more complicated and distressing when you live in a foreign country. What does Dutch law say about succession and inheritance? Say you are French, have an American partner and have lived in the Netherlands for the past three ... money Netherlands
ormer Netherlands penalty corner specialist Floris Jan Bovelander shared his excitement regarding coming back to Pakistan as part of World XI tour. Photo: Facebook screen grab ... Sad to see Pakistan has had some problems keeping up at international level. So, hopefully, with this event and with support ... money Netherlands
Rising water levels don't cause many problems for this bridge in the Dutch city of Nijmegen – it can still be accessed even when the path on either side is ... "Awareness for water issues is still low unfortunately," explained Henk Ovink, the government-appointed special envoy for international water affairs. money Netherlands
More internet service providers in the Netherlands have been ordered to block access to The Pirate Bay, even though the country's Supreme Court is yet to ... BREIN then took the matter to the Dutch Supreme Court, which in turn asked the European Courts Of Justice whether European law had any issues ... money Netherlands
The problem for Ireland, as host to some of these highly valued but yet-to-be- profitable companies, is no one knows which ones will survive and thrive and which will crash and burn. Don't get me wrong. Ireland is experiencing the problems of success. It is far better to have them here than not. Without ... money Netherlands
But the problem isn't with Dutch production, but rather with Dutch choice. "The originality or creativity of the food culture—you ... "For the Netherlands, it doesn't matter what you are importing or exporting, whether it's raw materials, or food ingredients. It has more to do with economy, distribution, logistics than ... money Netherlands
The new U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands has said anti-Muslim comments he made in 2015 were "just wrong," two days after a news conference when he wouldn't say ... While you know there have been other issues in other countries in Europe, you know that has never been the circumstances here. money Netherlands


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