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updated Tue. April 3, 2018

Jocelyn Smith of Fairborn, who is challenging Perales, R-Beavercreek, in the May 8 primary for the Ohio House 73rd seat, again demanded that Perales ... had continued texting, talking and visiting with Perales after the alleged choking incident because she wanted to accomplish some political objectives.
This political mailer from Anthony Gonzalez's congressional campaign includes prominent photos of Gonzalez in uniform from his days playing football for Ohio State University. The school is known for aggressively protecting its trademarks from being used for promotional purposes, but may view ...

Slate's daily newsletter on Ohio's abortion politics, the forgotten Palestinians, and the Parkland kids' chances of bringing down Steve King. By Rebecca Onion. April 02, 20185:33 PM. Tweet · Share · Comment. DES MOINES, IA - JANUARY 24: U.S. Representative Steve King (R-IA. This guy is a survivor. Scott ...
The comma between city and state is better seen as a plus or a minus. Right now, for our Fremont, Ohio is a minus. Ignoring the micropolitans is demonstrably bad economics and that should make it bad politics as well. The question that matters in the upcoming statewide election is how do you plan to ... Ohio economy
FILE - In this March 21, 2018 file photo, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, speaks at the first New Way California Summit, a political committee eager to reshape the state GOP, at the Hollenbeck Youth Center in Los Angeles. Kasich has restored Ohio's membership in the National Governors Association as he seeks ...
In 2020, the nationwide survey will ask people to mark down whether they are citizens--a seemingly minor change that will have far-reaching implications on legislative redistricting and, thus, U.S. politics and policy for years to come. For one glimpse of the ripple effect of redistricting on everyday life, look ... Ohio

Now with Congress and the special counsel investigating Russia's election interference, Kucinich's comments are drawing attention as he attempts a political comeback to fill the seat that Ohio Governor John Kasich must vacate at the end of his third term. Some political analysts believe those remarks could ... Ohio
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A disqualified candidate for Ohio governor lost his court case Thursday seeking to get back on the ballot. In a 6-0 ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court said Democrat Jon Heavey failed to prove enough of his signatures had been improperly thrown out. Heavey sought a reversal of ... Ohio
That's how we got such a remarkable Trumpian spectacle in Ohio on Thursday. The speech was ... Remember, you can't win unless you win the state of Ohio, right?” In case you lost your .... At one point, the president showed off his nuanced understanding of recent political history. 2:39 p.m. — Trump ... Ohio
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- PG Sittenfeld is a councilman from Cincinnati -- for now. The young Democrat made a splash in 2016 when he challenged former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland in the U.S. Senate primary. He lost, but made a lasting impression in political circles. He's a likeable guy, with natural political ... Ohio
Speaking before a crowd of union builders in Richfield, Ohio, Trump did lay out in the broadest terms the underpinnings of his infrastructure plan, which had been announced previously. But he reserved his most passionate language for the familiar themes of his political stump speech, including calling ... Ohio
Both candidates contend it's not the voters who have an issue with women candidates: It's a systematic political problem. Clyde, a state representative, said she never experienced sexism while campaigning in her district. She said she saw it once she arrived in Columbus. The Ohio Statehouse in recent ... Ohio
... by Ohio Right to Life. And both have two opponents in the May primary. Some of the 18 Republicans who have signed onto the bill as co-sponsors are also facing primaries with one of two opponents and one, Rep. Robert Sprague, is running for state treasurer. Mann says there is a political reality here. Ohio
Ohio Matters is the weekly politics podcast from Every Friday, Andrew Tobias, Mary Kilpatrick and Seth Richardson sit down with political figures from around the state for indepth interviews and discussions. DeWine is the fifth gubernatorial candidate to appear on Ohio Matters and talked ... Ohio
Snollygoster is the new Ohio politics podcast from WOSU Public Media. Every week, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown dive into the week's biggest stories in Columbus and around the state. This week, while the state battles with cities over gun control, the race to replace John Kasich as governor has ... Ohio
"Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was missing in action during the 2016 campaign and her supporter's claims for the 'Trump' mantle are based on political opportunism in direct conflict with years of silence and inaction," said Paduchik, who led Trump's Ohio campaign in 2016. Paduchik said DeWine, the party's ... Ohio
"In 40 years around politics, I am not aware of any serious person that's ever proposed keeping people from having handguns for personal protection or hunting rifles - ever," Dann said during the recording of the Ohio Matters podcast. "But the NRA has established in the minds of its members -- I'm a ... Ohio

Hagan's leading opponent in the 16th District Republican primary is Anthony Gonzalez, the former Ohio State University football star and first-time candidate. Gonzalez has raised significantly more money than Hagan has, and has drawn endorsements from many of the district's key political players, ... Ohio
Zawistowski -- known in Ohio political circles as simply "Tom Z," -- is executive director of the Portage County Tea Party, and is a fixture in grassroots conservative politics. The exact extent of his influence is debatable. But Zawistowski's role in the Ohio Tea Party community is prominent enough that a ... Ohio
But the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania has some striking similarities to several districts in Ohio. So much so that Sabato's Crystal Ball, which does election analysis and political handicapping at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, downgraded Republicans' chances in four Ohio races ... Ohio
The ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed last month by the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio on behalf of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, Cincinnati's Dr. Roslyn Kade and several other abortion clinics. They sued the Ohio Department of Health, state medical board and local prosecutors, ... Ohio
Each week, hosts Steve Brown and Mike Thompson will dig into the top politics stories from Columbus and around Ohio. We'll talk with politicians, reporters, insiders and other news-makers. Snollygoster will also feature recurring segments like "John Kasich GPS," which will follow the Ohio governor's ... Ohio
That's the way of the political world in Ohio, Washington, DC and beyond. Mark Lennihan ... The database will tell you the donor's personal information, the amount donated and basic candidate information, such as political party. Tracing money in politics couldn't be easier with this tool. Give it a try at the ... Ohio
The anti-Strickland campaign in the battleground state of Ohio two years ago is a window into how the influential gun rights group wields its political muscle. ... David Niven, a professor of American politics at the University of Cincinnati, said the NRA almost certainly wanted to punish Strickland for being an ... Ohio
In the week since a school shooting in Florida claimed 17 lives, survivors seeking gun reform are questioning how the political influence of the National Rifle Association will affect the gun debate. “Sen. [Marco] Rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?” asked ... Ohio
An Emmy-winning senior political reporter plans to live-stream hourlong interviews with the six leading candidates vying to become Ohio's next governor. Tom Beres, a ... The program is made possible with planning by John Green, UA's director at the The Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. “Our goal is ... Ohio
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"This is unacceptable," Murray said in Wednesday's meeting, visibly agitated. "This is not the way a city should be running. This is not transparent at all." Politics Extra is a column looking inside Greater Cincinnati and Ohio politics. Follow Enquirer political columnist Jason Williams on Twitter @jwilliamscincy ... Ohio
Nancy P. Hollister holds her hand on her heart during a ceremony at the Statehouse in Columbus on Dec. 31, 1998, in which she was sworn in as governor. Hollister is the only woman to ever hold the post in Ohio. She served for 11 days until Bob Taft was sworn in as governor on Jan. 11, 1999. Ohio
It is a tracking number for every gallon of biofuel created in the U.S.,” said John Torres, with Ohio Corn & Wheat. “RINs are bought and traded because not every fuel refinery in the country blends ethanol or biofuels. Those refiners that do not blend biofuels have to buy a RIN in order to offset the percent of ... Ohio
He speculated that people might think the skills he displayed as an educator would translate to politics. Federal Election Commission records show he's donated money to Republican political candidates in Ohio, including Gov. John Kasich and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman. "Back in the old days, they thought I ... Ohio
Schertzer doesn't mind backing an underdog. The "political kingpins" in Columbus won't decide the outcome, voters will, he said. Schertzer also has seen Ohio's opioid problem up close. His area was hit hard by the state's opioid crisis. Since 2011, 123 people have died of fatal overdoses in Marion County ... Ohio
Home to the 11th, 13th, 14th and 16th U.S. House districts, Summit County has a quarter of Ohio's congressional seats. That's because the county's congressional districts are stretched and twisted in a way that packs Democrats from Akron with others in Youngstown and Cleveland, and suburban ... Ohio
Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and his wife Elizabeth Kucinich, arrive for a reception honoring the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors honorees, in the East Room of the White ... Instead, refusing the deal left his political career temporarily dead, he said, and it took him 15 years to "make a full political comeback.". Ohio
For Congressman from Northeast Ohio, the switch hinged on the blessing. Renacci isn't the only Trump wannabe in politics. It's common for Republicans running in Trump territory these days. But the bottom line: Renacci isn't a political outsider. He's not a populist. He's not a larger-than-life personality. Ohio
Current Ohio Governor John Kasich is term limited, and at its height, there were nine people running (6 Democrats, 3 Republicans) to fill his seat. Each election cycle, 13abc Action News is pleased to welcome Melissa Miller, Ph.D., from Bowling Green State University, to discuss the trend in politics and ... Ohio
"It's also full of Republican voters who might be kind of skeptical of the president," said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball, published by the University of Virginia Center for Politics. Combined with polls showing Democrats could have a good year, Ohio's race becomes "an interesting ... Ohio
It was a wild week in Ohio statewide politics. Here's what ... Big decisions announced this past week made the second week of 2018 the political equivalent of professional golf's “moving day,” or in this case moving week. The first week of the year has ... Here's a recap of this past week's political moving day:. Ohio
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A trio of Ohio political analysts are gathering today at the City Club of Cleveland to discuss 2018's major political storylines. The panelists are Henry J. Gomez, a BuzzFeeed News political reporter (and alum), Karen Kasler, the statehouse bureau chief for Ohio Public ... Ohio
At the same time, the White House's top political adviser, Bill Stepien, met with Rep. Jim Renacci on Wednesday at the White House. Renacci, who has been running for governor in Ohio, has floated the idea of switching to a Senate run and sources tell CNN that he expects to officially announce his Senate ... Ohio
A shortage of nurses in Ohio has prompted a state lawmaker to propose a law that would ban hospitals from requiring nurses to work overtime. State Rep. Robert Sprague, a Findlay Republican, said he's concerned that exhausted nurses working long hours can lead to preventable medical errors. Ohio
Laura Bischoff covers politics and state government for the Columbus bureau of the Dayton Daily News. John Erickson is news director for Cox Media Group Ohio. Lynn Hulsey is a political and investigative reporter at the Dayton Daily News and Cox Media Group Ohio. Anthony Shoemaker is the Cox ... Ohio
COLUMBUS - Former U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich filed the first step to run for governor Monday, giving Democrats a seven-person primary this May. Kucinich, 71, has a long career in Ohio and national politics after serving as Cleveland's youngest mayor and running for president twice in 2004 and 2008. Ohio
That could change in 2018, given the surge of female interest in entering politics. "The real issue is the amount of time it takes to run for political office, and most women do self-select out. And I think that's what's so special about this race right now," Whaley said of the Ohio governor's race. "That's not ... Ohio
Craig Riedel have introduced a package of proposed constitutional amendments have been introduced to make Ohio the 29th state to enact “right to work.” ... in lieu of dues from workers who refuse to join a union and forbidding union spending of dues or fees on political activity without workers' consent. Ohio
Ohio faces a mixed bag of political races this year, with contests ranging from governor all the way down to local judgeships and leadership of the Lucas ... Ohio politics were jolted on Friday when state Treasurer Josh Mandel announced that he would not seek the Republican nomination to run against ... Ohio
Ohio faces a mixed bag of political races this year, with contests ranging from governor all the way down to local judgeships and leadership of the Lucas ... Ohio politics were jolted on Friday when state Treasurer Josh Mandel announced that he would not seek the Republican nomination to run against ... Ohio
Cut from the same conservative cloth, the Ohio State University graduate quickly went to work on Mandel's successful bid for Ohio Treasurer in 2010. Mandel employed Vaughan for a few months in 2011. The following year, Vaughan was working again for Mandel, this time in a failed attempt to unseat U.S. ... Ohio
"We recently learned that my wife has a health issue that will require my time, attention and presence. In other words, I need to be there," Mandel, the Ohio state treasurer, said in the email. "Understanding and dealing with this health issue is more important to me than any political campaign. For as long as ... Ohio
In 2018, Ohio politics are likely to be more rambunctious than ever. All the statewide executive offices will be up for grabs — as will a crucial office that only 99 people get to vote on: The Ohio House's speakership. Some in-state political prophecies for 2018: ‒ Assuming Supreme Court Justice William ... Ohio


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