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updated Mon. January 30, 2023

With the world premiere of a Thai version at Cannes Film Festival next month, plus the expected bows of the Japanese and Taiwanese versions at other ... Slated for an out-of-competition berth at Cannes, Ten Years Thailand is closest to the Hong Kong original in terms of political urgency, according to ...
Finally, the State Financial and Fiscal Discipline Act of 2018 has taken effect, despite criticism about the controversial clause that virtually bans populist policies. It is seen as an attempt by the ruling regime under the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to limit the role of elected representatives in ...

While Rungtawan's fondness to show off her large cleavage is always controversial, her skill and understanding as an online game administrator is unquestionable. “Those who follow her may or may not be political fans. And my goal is to make politics more touchable, even to those who are apolitical,” ...
It was one of Yingluck's first public sightings since she fled Thailand last August ahead of a verdict in a court case she decried as a political witch-hunt. Analysts say both leaders are unlikely to return to Thai soil anytime soon after being convicted of graft charges in absentia. But they may continue Thaksin's ...
BANGKOK (AFP) - Thai political parties called on the junta on Wednesday (March 28) to lift curbs on campaigning as disquiet with the military's four-year rule deepens and demands mount for an election. Since seizing power in 2014 Thailand's generals have banned gatherings of more than five people ...

Political scientist Seksan Prasertkul talks about the future of Thai society at the Faculty of Economics of Thammasat University on Friday. ... for them in politics and that a handful of people should not be the sole group who has the power to determine a political system suitable for 21st-century Thailand.
The special lecture, entitled “Thailand in Thoughts: Thoughts in Thailand”, was held as political movements and new parties emerge even as the junta ... and patron-client systems, barring people's access to decision-making processes, and eventually causing public dissatisfaction and hence mass politics.

BANGKOK • Nearly 40 new Thai political parties submitted names and logos on the opening day of party registration in Bangkok yesterday, an early step in the junta-ruled kingdom's halting return to democracy. Thailand has been under army rule since a 2014 putsch toppled an elected government and ...
A victory for the Pheu Thai Party could raise the prospect the return of the Shinawatras and their allies to Thai politics, although that remains an unlikely prospect given the junta's determination to prevent exactly that outcome. Whether Prayut delivers on his latest promise is difficult to gauge; past form is not ...
Members of Thai Citizen Power party summit their documents to register their political party at the Election Commission Office in Bangkok, Thailand, ... There are 34 parties which is a lot and it shows us that people are interested in taking part in politics and that they want a general election," Jarungvith ...
A junta order signed by the Thai leader last December allows new political parties to be registered, along with their members, starting tomorrow, with existing ... that expect to become a partner in a future coalition government, and those offering themselves as new alternatives in politics, The Nation reported.
BANGKOK (THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - More than 100 new political parties are expected to launch within weeks in Thailand after ... after the next election, those that expect to become a partner in a future coalition government, and those offering themselves as new alternatives in politics.
The result was an ongoing and sometimes violent political struggle for control of Thailand's politics that pitted Thaksin and his supporters against his powerful opponents. Much to the surprise of the former prime minister's rivals, a Thaksin-backed party won the 2007 election, despite electoral rule changes ...


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