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updated Thu. May 30, 2024

On March 1, 2018, the World Bank approved a $375 million International Development Association (IDA)* credit to support Ethiopia's goal of ... one of the most successful electrification programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, expanding the grid network coverage to nearly 60 percent of towns and villages. Despite ...

Ethiopian immigration officials have deported a British journalist over an accreditation row that both sides are disputing. William Davison, who was a Bloomberg reporter for seven years before he started writing for The Guardian, said he was expelled from Ethiopia on Wednesday after being detained at a ...
Ethiopia recently held the second edition of the African Circus Arts Festival, which saw 11 circus troupe artists from six African countries perform at the event. ... of Addis Ababa residents came out to see acrobats, hoopers, jugglers and contortionists among other acts on stage, when the circus came to town.
Ethiopia's defense minister announced the arrests of the "main instigators" linked to anti-government protests roiling the country, insisting that armed ... Nurzema Gale, administrator for Omonado Hospital in the western Oromia town of Jimma, told VOA Wednesday that it had treated three young men for ...
Consequently, countries like Ethiopia have found their towns swollen by in- migrating refugees. While many of them are urban migrants and hence posses much higher level of education and skill than the traditional African rural to rural refugees, the effect of such types of refugees on host African countries ...
... along the city's new light rail _ built and financed by China. The towering silver African Union headquarters here was built by China, too. So was the new ring road system around the city. And the new railway connecting landlocked Ethiopia to Djibouti. (Ding Haitao/Xinhua via AP) The Associated Press.
Ethiopia's defense minister announced the arrests of the "main instigators" linked to anti-government protests roiling the country, insisting that armed ... His comments came hours before U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's Wednesday evening arrival in the capital city, the first stop on a weeklong tour of ...
Members of Swan City Rotary watched a container filled with about 45,000 school books depart for Ethiopia on Monday. The 40-foot sea can was filled with everything from Kindergarten books to university textbooks. The shipment will end up at the University of Jijiga, where the books will be sorted and ...
Under-the-radar Ethiopian city Dire Dawa draws tourists with cosmopolitan architecture and bustling markets ... Dawa a natural refuge from the often frantic nature of getting around in Ethiopia, as well as the chaotic hustle and bustle that can dent the morale of travellers in some of the country's other towns.
Most towns across the Oromia regional state in Ethiopia are observing a three-day social shutdown called by online activists and youth in the state popularly referred to a Qeerroo. Videos posted online show closed shops and offices in towns whiles there is no signs of transport activities. The move is to ...


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