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updated Mon. April 15, 2024

MEDELLIN, Colombia – Colombian police seized more than two tons of marijuana being transported in a truck traveling in the northwestern province of ... Valle del Cauca and were intended for distribution in Medellin and neighboring cities – were wrapped in 73 separate packages concealed among powder detergent and ...

Eight people have been killed in the north of Antioquia province since Sunday as paramilitary groups fight for territorial control of the region in the Bajo Cauca region. The killings stem from fighting between Colombia's most powerful active paramilitary group, the Gaitanaista Self-Defense Forces (AGC), and ...
“Marijuana can be harvested after three months of growth under constant light (natural and artificial during the night) giving them four harvests a year which is more than tomato, corn or coffee (other products popular in Colombia).” The town is roughly two hours outside of Santiago de Cali, the closest major ...


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