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updated Mon. April 8, 2024

The targeted assassination of Marielle Franco, a 38-year-old human rights defender and city councilor known for denouncing police abuses and ... As a member of Rio de Janeiro's State Human Rights Commission, Marielle worked tirelessly to defend the rights of black women and young people in the ...

The killings come nearly a month after President Michel Temer signed a decree giving the military vast powers to restore order in Rio de Janeiro State. ... Ms. Franco, who was elected to the City Council in 2016, had been a vocal critic of the measure, saying that it threatened to raise bloodshed without ...
Leaf system is used by 35 companies and has been implemented by Prolagos, the water and sanitation utility for seven municipalities in Rio de Janeiro State . Credit: Prolagos. Software used by Coca-Cola Femsa to reduce liquid waste from the soft drink bottling process has cut water waste due to leakage ...
Latin America is home to 43 of the world's 50 most murderous cities: 19 of them are in Brazil. ... Compare that with Rio de Janeiro state, where a tainted and spendthrift governing class steadily pillaged state finances, junking public services, gutting police wages and pauperizing a model community safety ...
In 2017, Latin America retained the ignominious distinction of having the most cities on Mexico's Citizens' Council for Public Security's annual ranking of the world's ... The Council was also unable to gather 2017 full-year data for the city, leading it to calculate last year's tally based on previous estimates.
Forty-five percent of cases confirmed in Rio de Janeiro state were found about 60 miles from Rio de Janeiro city. In Sao Paulo, 57% of confirmed cases were in Mairipora municipality, a mere 9 miles from Sao Paolo municipality. In addition to the rising human case count, there have been 3,812 epizootics ...
Though it is far from Brazil's most violent area, the second-largest but most prominent city in the country has become a barometer for the nation as a whole, ... “Rio de Janeiro state has already experienced actions of the Army, none of which have reduced homicides and aggravated human rights violations.


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