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updated Thu. March 28, 2024

Entire villages emptied as word of the group's mercilessness spread. ... For nearly three years, Isis-K held firm not just in the Spin Ghars but in the vacated villages in the fertile valley beneath them. ... That took place in neighbouring Konar province, indicating that the fighting has spread at least that far.

... our tense moments in combat, fighting Taliban attacks in the mountains of Afghanistan's Konar province from 2010 to 2012. We were advancing a tribal engagement strategy I authored called, One Tribe at a Time. My small teams of U.S. soldiers were living in Afghan villages, protected by Pashtun tribes.
Hugh Miller heard a group of policemen trading stories about a militant called Farouq al-Qahtani at their base in Afghanistan's Konar province one day four years ... It was through JSOC's killing of bin Laden in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, also in 2011, that many al-Qaida watchers first became aware of ...
The district of Sawkai in Konar province is one area where the earthquake caused huge damage. It is surrounded by high ... Travelling from villages to the centre of the district takes hours. Sher Afzal, is a Red Crescent volunteer active in Posairay, a village in the 'Dew Gal' valley of Sawkai. “The earthquake ...
It artfully tells the story of the author and her now-husband, Major Jim Gant, a tough warrior-hero-thinker, who not only was one of the authors of the theory of Village Stability Operations in Afghanistan but became a pioneer practitioner, living among the Afghans in Konar Province for nearly two years. In the ...


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