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updated Tue. April 2, 2024

Locals in Colombia's southwestern Tumaco massively took to the streets in a mass demonstration against ongoing violence and persistent state neglect in their city. Locals wore white outfits and held banners reading 'Tumaco can't tolerate any more” and “the most despicable act in bad times is the silence ...
People fleeing the chaos in Venezuela have been congregating in camps along the Colombia-Venezuela border. ... woman today here in Brazil who is from the eastern town Amalthea (ph) who said that she had to leave because of the combination of the economic crisis and the shortage of medicines.

Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson of Epic Pictures have picked up the worldwide sales and distribution rights to Colombian dance thriller “We are the Heat” (“Somos ... Pic was filmed in the massive port city of Buenaventura, one of the country's poorest cities and a hub of violence and drug trafficking.
Cartagena, “the Jewel of the Indies,” is Colombia's most charming and popular tourist city, and it's no surprise why. La Ciudad Vieja, or the Old City, is colored with mochila-lined street vendors and bougainvillea flowers. The fruteras wear dresses in the colors of the Colombian flag while selling tropical fruits ...
Colombia's State Council revoked a provincial judgment that allowed for a mining referendum in the municipality of Une, located in the central Cundinamarca state. According to W Radio, the council endorsed a plea introduced by mining workers against a ruling by the Cundinamarca Administrative Court, ...

Cali is a city in Colombia, not the largest and greatest state in the U.S.. Apr 19, 2018 ... The real Cali is a gorgeous city of 2.4 million in Colombia. How arrogant of ... I wonder how many of the young Californians sporting "Cali" T-shirts even realize that Cali represents a major international city. Please leave ...
In the coffee farms along western Colombia, indigenous transgender people are finding places to work and a safe haven to express themselves. A new article in National Geographic details the work of photographer Lena Mucha as she follows these workers in the fields, the dormitories, and the city. As the article notes, ...

President Lenin Moreno said Wednesday that he is suspending Ecuador's role as a mediator in peace talks between the Colombian government and that nation's last major rebel army. The decision appeared to have caught off guard Colombia's government, which initially denied having been informed of ...
Colombia's police could start using drones to tackle a five-year surge in cocaine production that has jeopardized relations with the United States. State contracting documents show that anti-narcotics police in the South American country have hired a local company to test drones for spraying herbicides on ...
Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Petro speaks with an interviewer in Bogota, Colombia, on April 10, 2018. (Reuters/ Jaime ... Petro sat down with me in New York City and discussed his candidacy, the prospects for peace, and how he'd manage his relationship with President Donald Trump.
The Vetas municipality will soon hold Colombia's first-ever, and so far only, local vote aimed at enshrining the right to mine, in sharp contrast to a wave of ... Though locals fear the fate of Cajamarca, whose economy nose-dived when AngloGold left, few municipalities have good relationships with ...
At the end of more than 1,200 mountainside steps in the near-impenetrable tropical forest of Colombia's Sierra Nevada lie the ruins of an ancient, abandoned city. Uncovered in the 1970s, the incredible city was one of the important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, revealed to the world as Ciudad Perdida, ...
“I know in Colombia being transgender is quite heavy,” Mucha says. “It's a very conservative country. LGBTQ [awareness] is something that's coming slowly and in the bigger cities, like Bogota. When it comes to villages and indigenous communities, they see it as a disease that comes from the white man.


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