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updated Sun. November 12, 2023

An ongoing conflict between Colombia's two last remaining guerrilla groups continues to escalate along the Colombia-Venezuela border, highlighting the region's ... loyalty from the local communities due to its ability to maintain the facade of an ideological drive in spite of operating purely as drug traffickers.

Colombian Police seized over 12 tons of cocaine valued at over $360 million in major bust on Wednesday. According to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos this raid became the largest ever seizure in Colombia's history. Reports state that the cocaine was located in the north-western Antioquia ...
I lived in Colombia with my family as a child in the 1960s, and have returned many times since, as a reporter covering the country's chronic conflicts between the state, a half dozen guerrilla groups, and several drug cartels. For the past two decades, I have also visited Cartagena annually to give workshops ...
Also pleading guilty as part of the same case to conspiracy to commit international or promotional money laundering were: Iraklis Haviaropoulos, 41, of Montreal; Carlos Alberto Ocampo Garcia, 56, of Colombia; Jose Mauricio Ortiz Bolanos, 30, of Colombia; and James DeSantis, 56, of Florida.
If you're a drug dealer and already up for the death penalty, why not go ahead and kill anyone who gets in your way — competitors, cops, accidental witnesses, customers you suspect of being informants, etc.? It's not like they can execute you twice, right? It won't take long for drug dealers who think that ...
In less than 10 years, Colombia's largest drug trafficking organization, the AGC, has grown from 80 paramilitary fighters to a criminal powerhouse of ... of the criminal pie has gotten bigger and bigger, largely thanks to its AUC-like structure that allowed both paramilitary groups and drug traffickers to join.
Of these candidates, 42 ended up being elected on March 11 and will take seat in the Senate or the House of Representatives. Some of the allegations include links to right-wing paramilitaries such as the AUC or drug traffickers, others have been linked to corruption scandals. Many are family members of ...
But in a report, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said activists and social leaders are still being targeted by drug traffickers, right wing death squads and smaller rebel groups. The report said the FARC's withdrawal from some remote areas of Colombia has set off fierce competition ...
InSight Crime's co-director Jeremy McDermott and Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello dug into our latest report this week — 'The Invisibles': Colombia's new generation of drug traffickers — one of the first investigations to come out of the freshly-launched Observatory on Organized Crime in Colombia.
That is why we are calling the fourth generation of drug traffickers in Colombia “The Invisibles.” ... Today's Colombian drug trafficker is more likely to be clad in Arturo Calle than Armani, wear classic European shoes rather than alligator boots, drive a Toyota rather than a Ferrari, live in an upper middle class ...


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