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updated Fri. February 23, 2024

Looking out at her quaint Alabama backyard in late January, Charlie Stephenson noticed something unusual. A strange species of unfamiliar yellow bird was pecking at her hanging birdfeeder. As a seasoned birdwatcher, Stephenson had seen scores of cardinals in the past. But with its mustard-color coat, ...

Antonia Cooper and her research team had been diving for two hours. Hailing from the University of Tasmania's Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies and the citizen science program Reef Life Survey, the group had received a tip from the public that a rare species of fish had been spotted near a reef ...
The brutally effective assassins live in the rain forests of Madagascar, a new study says. Picture of a pelican spider. View Images. This new species of pelican spider, Eriauchenius workmani, is the largest known at about one centimeter long—slightly larger than a grain of rice. Photograph by Hannah Wood, ...
Scientists have formally identified a new species of snailfish, the deepest ever caught in the Mariana Trench. A related species has been filmed but never collected. VIDEO: This small deep sea creature can withstand more water pressure than 1,600 elephants standing on its head. By Craig Welch.
The Parliament approved on Monday a draft law that stipulates an increase in the service fees paid to the government for issuing passports, foreigner residence papers in Egypt and cell phone services, the local media reported. According to the approved draft law, the fees for issuing passports, foreigner ...
We give voice to the powerless, take on the world's bullies and host sensitive, intelligent debate. This year we are: – Conducting a major Europe-wide investigation into press freedom. – Bringing together some of the world's most creative activists and thinkers to reinvigorate democracy. – Training and mentoring aspiring ...
Cairo - its a bad feeling; Maadi, Cairo, Egypt - we live on a second floor apt & although not strong shaking, it we felt it for quiet a while; new cairo - felt dizzy then noticed water in bottles moving; cairo - mild sideways shaking for about 5 seconds (i live on the twelvth floor); Assuit City,Egypt - Well I was sitting ...
Space Ibiza will open a 10,000 capacity club in the popular tourist resort in Egypt's Sinai Pensiula. Opening in Early 2011. By Spotlight on 4 November, 2010. Press Release: Sharm El Sheikh is a privileged region due to its location in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in the province of Janub Sina ', specifically, ...


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