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Hours after Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry expressed frustration Monday over what they called an unnecessarily slow move to ...

Several weeks ago, a tiny kitten made a big splash in the news that followed the landfall of hurricane Matthew. The baby cat, now named Pipes, was found caught in the deluge of rain from the storm and was brought to a Banfield Pet hospital at a North ...
On Friday, they flew to North Carolina from California, Oregon, Texas, Washington, D.C., and Florida to help hurricane Matthew victims in eastern parts of the state.
Top House lawmakers said Monday they want to give school districts in areas affected by hurricane Matthew flexibility in the wake of disruptions from flooding.
A disaster recovery center has opened in St. Johns County to help survivors affected by hurricane Matthew's severe storms and flooding.
The recent rise in Metro Orlando's gas prices seems to be giving way to the kind of slide that's more typical for this time of year.
RALEIGH -- The long process of repair is underway from hurricane Matthew, and state lawmakers are now starting to get briefed on what will be needed to get things back in place.
According to The Associated Press, Trump said he received a $17 million insurance payment for hurricane damage at Mar-a-lago private beach club in 2005 - but the news organization was unable to find evidence that the resort suffered that much actual ...
Hilton Head Island Town officials said about 17 percent of all structures on Hilton Head have damage.
We really shouldn't have to say this, but the next time a massive storm churns up towering waves in the ocean, it's probably a good idea to head for cover, instead of suiting up and heading out for some death-defying windsurfing.
Editor's Note: We've lost a beloved member of the NBC10 family. Sheela Allen-Stephens passed away at Bryn Mawr hospital last week.
McCrory: governments working well together after hurricane Matthew. facebook twitter email Share. More Videos. Failed dams caused by hurricane Matthew threaten NC communities 2:11. Failed dams caused by Hurricane Matthew threaten NC ...
Nearly three weeks after hurricane Matthew roared through Haiti, killing hundreds and leaving behind a trail of destruction, officials fear the nation could face a food crisis.
Seymour continues to strengthen well off the coast of Mexico and is now a Category 2 hurricane. The system remains no threat to land as it moves west in the ...
People in a village near Rendel, Haiti, which was destroyed by hurricane Matthew, watched as a humanitarian aid helicopter flew overhead.
As Savannah's residents work on getting their homes repaired, the city is also in the process of restoring government buildings affected by hurricane Matthew. The storm caused an estimated $3.3 million in damages to city-owned buildings, according to a ...
The National Hurricane Center said Invest 99L, which as of the last update was 450 miles south-southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C.
hurricane Matthew caused damage to thousands of homes in Central Florida, and that means thousands of people are calling on their insurance companies for help.
I've been hearing from Canada that there's not a lot of detailed reporting on the impact of hurricane Matthew on eastern Cuba, and several in the Canada-Cuba solidarity network have asked that I continue sending out informational backgrounders.
Cleanup efforts started immediately on the First Coast as soon as hurricane Matthew passed through the area. But for a group of civilian engineers based at Jacksonville Naval Air Station, once the storm was gone it meant leaving their homes and ...
A broad area of low pressure centered a little more than 200 miles east of the northwestern Bahamas was moving slowly northward, the National Hurricane Center reported Thursday night (Oct. 20). Data from a NOAA Hurricane Hunter plane indicated the low ...
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In the hours and days Jacksonville was without power in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, a filthy, invisible enemy was left behind that is still threatening the health of Jacksonville residents.
Scott Braun, hurricane expert at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD says, "From 1990 to around 2010, there wasn't much improvement in the accuracy of hurricane intensity forecasts. In the last several years, we have started to see ...
The catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010 shocked the world and galvanised a massive international response. Just over two weeks after hurricane Matthew left a trail of destruction across the southwest of the country, already the ...
An area of low pressure in the Atlantic has become slightly better organized overnight, according to the National Hurricane Center's Thursday morning (Oct. 20) update. The system has a 50 percent chance (medium) of becoming at least a tropical ...
Gov. Pat McCrory officially moved North Carolina into recovery mode Wednesday evening. His plan to rebuild after hurricane Matthew and his address inside the State Capitol came with a warning: There is a long road ahead.
1-3, 1861. Maximum sustained winds at landfall: 80 mph. Point of landfall: Near present day Surf City, North Carolina. Also known as the "Expedition" hurricane because it caused havoc on a civil war fleet of warships, sinking two (according to Ludlum ...
From his redoubt on the rocky shoreline of southwest Haiti, he has evaded capture for nearly a decade. Now, hurricane Matthew has done what neither government nor armed forces have managed to accomplish: bring the outlaw commander to his knees.
JEA CEO Paul McElroy estimates hurricane Matthew caused $35 million worth of damage to the utility company. After a board meeting Tuesday, JEA Board Chair Tom Petway said the damage expenses won't raise customers' bills.
Billions of dollars spent on hardening the nation's power lines are reducing the time it takes to recover from major storms like hurricane Matthew and throwing growth-starved utilities a lifeline to better earnings. As Matthew battered Florida's East ...
MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A football player who was once a prized recruit for the University of Miami is now facing legal trouble. Monday night, Sam Bruce was arrested in South Miami not far from the University of Miami campus.
Florida - Homeowners, renters and business owners who live in Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia counties will now qualify for federal disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Association because of hurricane Matthew.
You can take part in our Hurricane Relief Food Drive at all three ABC11 newsrooms, at 411 Liberty St., in Durham, 319 Fayetteville St., Suite 107 in Raleigh, and 201 Hay St., Suite 101B in Fayetteville.
Desperation can be heard in people's voices as they called for emergency help while their homes quickly filled with water during hurricane Matthew. Some of them described being waist deep in the rising water while they tried to keep their kids' heads ...
Band of Horses are currently on tour behind their new album Why Are You OK. Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19, they will perform in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.
A renourished section of South Beach in sea Pines is shown Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, following hurricane Matthew. Weeks Marine expects to restart the Town of Hilton Head Island's renourishment activities in South Forest Beach no later than Oct. 19, 2016, ...
Charter boat company Sanctuary Marine Bermuda lead a snapper-fishing expedition over the weekend in waters recently churned up by Hurricane Nicole. The crew got a surprise when a hook pulled up a massive 14-pound (6-kilogram) male spiny lobster.
Among the most dangerous phenomena on the planet, hurricanes are giant atmospheric vortexes with air pressure subsiding to the centre and a very high speed of the air flow.
Her entire neighborhood was under three feet of water. Days after Hurricane Mathew some are still without phones or internet.
A well-defined low pressure system in the Atlantic has a high chance (70 percent) of developing into at least a tropical depression within five days, according to the National Hurricane Center's Tuesday morning (Oct. 18) update. (Image via National ...
(CNN) It's been more than a week since hurricane Matthew socked the Southeast with powerful winds and torrential rains.
A man stands in the remnants of a house destroyed by hurricane Matthew in the southern town of Les Cayes on Monday, October 10.
There is a mean echo to the hurricane's fallout this time around. After the 2010 earthquake flattened the capital and its surroundings, the struggle to get hundreds of thousands of Haitians out of tent cities and back into homes defined the nation's ...
The Georgia man has been using his tractors to grind up debris in his neighbors' yards left over from hurricane Matthew.
James Estep sits on a step along Shine Street in Kinston as flood water from the rain of hurricane Matthew surrounds Faith Tabernacle Holy Church on Friday.
hurricane Matthew bulldozed critical dunes at Canaveral National Seashore and other coastal parklands but those natural places will be able to absorb and ...





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