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Mexico City (AP) - The Mexican government says it is taking control of a battered rail line long used by Central American migrants heading north toward the United States.

The rail lines near the Guatemala border were damaged by Hurricane Stan in 2005. In addition, many stretches of the line are antiquated and in poor condition.
Eight retired Orillia high-school teachers travelled to Panajachel, Guatemala, in January 2006, months after Hurricane Stan devastated many parts of the country. Their plan was to help out wherever needed and they spent their time assisting with ...
Hurricane Stan, which hit Mexico and brought heavy rain and flooding to parts of Central America, killed between 1,000 and 2,000 people, according to the center.
In October 2005, the village was buried by a massive mudslide following torrential rain associated with Hurricane Stan. About 1,000 of the village's 3,000 residents were killed.
There was Hurricane Stan back in 2005. Remember? No, I didn't think so. Hurricane Stan had sustained winds of a mere 80 miles per hour.
Latin Americans are often reminded of humanitarian operations conducted by JTF-B to include relief missions responding to Hurricane Stan in Guatemala in October 2005 and supporting Operation Unified Response (Haiti) in 2010, when the country suffered ...





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