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updated Thu. July 27, 2017

Combined with previous unspent hazard mitigation dollars provided to Louisiana after hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008, the Edwards ...
For example, he said he had asked that some mitigation dollars that the state received for Hurricane Gustav could have been redirected.
Buttressed by a seven-year respite from major hurricanes, Louisiana's ... to bottom out during the storm surge from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.
... Mission Trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and also went to Louisiana with the American Red Cross during Hurricane Gustav.
"Eighty percent of all oyster seed came from that area." But Sunseri said the area hasn't been productive since 2008, when Hurricane Gustav hit ...
Without it, New Orleans risks being left "on an island" if those transmission lines go down like they did during Hurricane Gustav in 2008, ...
... New Orleans is electrically 'islanded' from the rest of the interconnected transmission grid, as it was after Hurricane Gustav," in 2008, he said.
I watched a healthy American elm topple over in Hurricane Gustav. It was sickening to hear the roots popping and see the tree beginning to ...
... which had sought a solution through Congress on multiple occasions with multiple congressmen, came in 2008 and Hurricane Gustav.
That's something the Lake learned the hard way after a 24-hour outage during Hurricane Gustav. The next year, the Lake invested around $20 million to expand its emergency power capability, tripling their natural gas generator capacity.
Frances, Otto, Gustav and Charley each share a common trait: they are among 82 deadly and destructive Atlantic hurricanes whose names will never be re-used. Since the official naming system began in 1954, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) ...
Even though Bill's track stayed west of the ArkLaTex, it still caused the Red River to flood. "It [Tropical Storm Bill] brought so much rainfall across the Red River north of here.
The new marshland is considered a critical barrier against the kind of storm surge that inundated hundreds of square miles in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Gustav in 2008. And the U.S. Geological Survey is about to release its first official ...
... down in April by three percent compared to April 2016, the biggest surprise was the sharp declines in Texas and Gulf of Mexico production, which we've not seen since September 2008, when hurricanes Gustav and Ike wreaked havoc on offshore platforms ...
... director of the Terrebonne Office of Homeland security and Emergency Preparedness, touched on the troubles they have had over the years with past operations centers like the "closet" in the police department they used to have during Hurricane ...
ACTION: Authorized the parish president to sign and submit an amendment to the Terrebonne Parish Gustav/Ike disaster Recovery Plan Budget to the state and HUD to comply with the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program.
From 2004-2008, five major hurricanes (Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike) destroyed 181 structures and 1,670 wells in the Gulf of Mexico.
ACTION: Authorized the parish president to sign and submit an amendment to the Terrebonne Parish Gustav/Ike disaster Recovery Plan Budget to the state and HUD to comply with the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program.
In 2008, an estimated 60 oil and gas platforms were destroyed from hurricanes Ike and Gustav. A slow-moving Hurricane Isaac in 2012 destroyed some onshore storage facilities. Other than that, there have only been relatively manageable storms.
While touring with a famous Cuban band through Japan in 2008, a Cuban government official threatened Yosvani with punishment for casually mentioning the negative impact of Hurricane Gustav on his grandmother's home. He contacted friends for help and ...
82 percent of residents surveyed expressed concern about the impact of a hurricane to their current home. 52 percent of the respondents have lived in the same home over the course of Katrina, Gustav and Issac. The total average travel time for ...
Along a vulnerable coast, which has been developed more and more on the lower end of a flat state interlaced with bayous and beset with erosion, preparing for and dealing with hurricanes is a way of life along the northern reaches of the Gulf of Mexico.
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency director Lee Smithson began his annual press conference on hurricane season with a series of numbers - 5 years since Hurricane Isaac - 9 years since Gustav - 12 since Katrina. "I think my greatest concern going ...
Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are forecasting an above normal hurricane season. They are predicting 11-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes, and 2-4 major hurricanes (category 3-5). Those numbers include Tropical Storm Arlene, already ...
Many in Acadiana are already preparing for hurricane season. "The last major hurricane I remember was Rita, and I think Gustav was a pretty bad one too, and we were really busy for both of those," says Boo Trahan of Guidry's Hardware. Trahan says he's ...
"It's been five years since Hurricane Isaac, nine years since Gustav and 12 years since Hurricane Katrina.
The last major evacuation to North Louisiana was during Hurricane Gustav in 2008. The Red Cross believes they are ready but they remain in need of volunteers.
The city used the evacuation plan for the first and only time in 2008 during Hurricane Gustav. Director of New Orleans Homeland Security Aaron Miller says that storm taught them two major lessons.
The last major hurricanes to hit Terrebonne and Lafourche were Isaac in 2012, which caused scattered damage, and Gustav and Ike, which hit less than two weeks apart in September 2008 and caused major damage in the area. "We're going to pray to God ...
Terrebonne and Lafourche are among the few parishes that haven't been affected by major flooding during over the past year-and-a-half.
Researchers evaluated perceptions of competence and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in children and teens exposed to hurricanes Katrina and Gustav and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. They found that children with higher levels of competence ...
The city-parish is proposing allocating $1.3 million in Hurricane Gustav/Ike Recovery Program funds to renovate the building at 1701 Main St. for use as the COA's new headquarters.
New Orleans Office of Homeland Security turned the city's convention center into a "movie set" May 17 when it took up an entire exhibition hall to simulate a hurricane emergency center to better prepare community members for disastrous storms.
A researcher at Iowa State University has been looking into the lasting effects traumatic events can have on children. The results from his study apply to the aftermath of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, and terrorist attacks, such as the ...
In a paper published by the journal Applied Developmental science, Weems and his colleagues evaluated perceptions of competence and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in children and teens exposed to hurricanes Katrina and Gustav and the ...
... the 10th anniversary commemorations of Hurricane Katrina, he told the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority that he was willing "to work with Louisiana and other gulf States to create a mechanism for sharing of federal offshore oil and gas ...
Today, it is a 4-acre complex with three historic buildings all of which predates the 1928 hurricane. The Cornell Museum of Art and American culture is the former Delray Elementary school building.
The measure would reallocate Community Development Block Grant money from the state Gustav/Ike disaster Recovery Program to the COA for a new headquarters building at 1701 Main St. The building, which was acquired several years ago by ... Mayor Sharon ...
The system was last used in 2008 during Hurricane Gustav. The Federal Transit Administration gave the city a $500,000 grant in 2015 to perform the exercise.
US President George W. Bush talks about the aftermath from Hurricane Gustav during a briefing with members of his Cabinet including Ken Wainstein on far left.
The hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. The museum contains textiles, ceramics and furniture from the collection of Gustav and Hannah Buek as well as memorabilia related to the life of John Howard Payne ...
I'd say I was in the grips of a Gustav Stickley obsession. Right before or was it after my Carl Andre obsession. Which was right before or after my woodsy Neil Welliver obsession.
Anyone from South Mississippi scanning the list of names will stop at Katia, which is only two letters away from "Katrina" the killer storm that landed on the Coast 12 years ago in August and still holds the record for most damage caused by a hurricane ...
Some residents who had evacuated from Hurricane Gustav, a storm that largely spared Lake Charles less than a month prior, decided to stay and ride out Ike.
WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 23: Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas of Galveston, Texas, testifies on Capitol Hill about the region's recovery from hurricanes Gustav and Ike on September 23, 2008 in Washington, DC. Officials from the gulf area are requesting ...
In a presentation to the Parish Council last week, Parish President Natalie Robottom said St. John was awarded $6.7 million following hurricanes Gustav and Ike and nearly $32.7 million after Hurricane Isaac through the CDBG program, which has provided ...
Buli: My favourite work of art would be Gustav Kilmt's "The Kiss" 1907-1908. ST: What is something not many people know about you?
MORE: Cenla starts recovery from 'Gustav-level event'. "The three main priorities that we have are to save lives, reduce suffering and protect property," said Maj.
Representative of district 2 in Bossier City police jury, Glenn Benton says, "we are getting funds from a 2009 rain event, we are getting funds from Gustav, Ike hurricane, that was left over from the state." The money will be coming from the 'FEMA ...
Roy said Sunday's storms were "a Gustav-level event" in terms of the amount of water diverted through the city.




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