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Participation stayed at that number until hurricane Rita," Regen said. "We had 30-plus entries signed up that year but only 12 showed up.
Once a mainstay on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, Courtyard by Marriott closed following damage from hurricane Rita in 2008.

News: hurricane Rita hit the U.S. gulf Coast, re-flooding and devastating areas that were already in ruin following Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf Coast in August.
More than 10 years after hurricane Rita devastated the very area addressed in this study, we urge the US House of Representatives to authorize this report to help better protect the people, wildlife and jobs of southwest Louisiana.
He then founded the Momentary Setback Fund in 2008 to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita. Broussard will release his seventh studio album, a covers album entitled S. O. S. 2: Save Our Soul: Soul on a Mission, on September 30, 2016, ...
hurricane Rita left many of us in Southeast Texas where these families are at now. Now is our time to help them out. Please share with your friends and family.

2009: Susan Atkins, a convicted murderer who was a member of the "Manson family," dies of natural causes at age 61 at the Central California women's Facility in Chowchilla, California.
Maintaining LSU as a national championship-level program was already going to require every last ounce of resourcefulness in Miles' mind, body and soul.
This makes the third year that the planting effort has taken place with this year's event occurring on the 11th anniversary of hurricane Rita, Sept. 24. Projects such as these are having an impact on the coastline but more drastic measures are needed, ...
In 2005, hurricane Rita hit Texas and southwestern Louisiana. TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: John Marshall (1755-1835), chief justice of the United States; F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940), author; Jim McKay (1921-2008), sportscaster; Jim Henson (1936-1990), ...
2005 hurricane Rita, the 4th-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, comes ashore in Texas causing extensive damage there and in Louisiana, which had devastated by Hurricane Katrina less than a month earlier.
Johnson spent several days in Louisiana before she was evacuated for hurricane Rita. The experience was both interesting and heartbreaking for Johnson.
The state of Louisiana is losing a football field of land every 48 minutes, 16 square miles a year. The shoreline is eroding down in Cameron Parish and because of the damage hurricane Rita caused, there is little in the way to stop it.
NEDERLAND - While everyone else was evacuating trying to avoid destruction, Adam Rodriguez says it was his duty to stay. "It was like a roaring train surrounding the gymnasium where we were," says Nederland resident Adam Rodriguez.
Tropical Storm Allison (2001) damaged more than 95,000 vehicles by the most extensive tropical storm in U.S. history. Hurricane Ivan (2004) - Left more than 100,000 cars submerged in floodwaters throughout the Southeast.
Despite hurricane Rita making landfall as a category three hurricane, it could have been much worse. Just three days prior to landfall, Rita reached a peak intensity of category five strength, the highest category possible on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale.
Houston - It has been almost 11 years since hurricane Rita made landfall, and millions of people hit the road before the storm hit Houston.

WTVY - It was on this day--September 21st, 2005--that hurricane Rita reached peak strength at 180 miles per hour, making it the strongest ever in the Gulf of Mexico at that time.
Cars jam interstate 45 and cross streets during the evacuation from hurricane Rita Friday, Sept. Martha Velazquez stands on the road during stalled traffic while she tries to evacuate in advance.
BEAUMONT - The Ninth Court of Appeals recently stayed a hurricane Rita lawsuit brought against the Texas windstorm insurance Association, finding temporarily relief should be granted to prevent "undue prejudice.
Drell's order didn't explain why Minaldi couldn't continue with the case against Adley Leo Dyson Jr., who was charged with fraudulently obtaining federal funds after hurricane Rita in 2005. There is no record of a written or oral request for a mistrial ...
Action: Obligated the necessary funding under the FEMA-funded Terrebonne Parish Traditional Hazard Mitigation Grant Program/hurricane Rita for the mitigation reconstruction off 112 Rose St. in Dulac. Action: Introduce an ordinance to adopt a ...
This Saturday also marks the 11th anniversary of hurricane Rita, which roared into the area between Johnson Bayou in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and Sabine Pass as a Category 3 hurricane.
Houston - Rita was the hurricane that wasn't so-to-speak. With its eye starring down on the Houston/Galveston area without a blink, it prompted the largest evacuation in U.S.
Searches in the marshes after hurricane Rita in 2005 turned up vaults that had been missing since Hurricane Audrey in 1957.
For those that were here during the hurricane Rita evacuation in late September, you'll remember that temperatures soared into the upper 90s and low 100s as the hurricane darted to the east of Houston and made landfall in extreme southwestern Louisiana ...
"The port facilities played a crucial role in assisting marine traffic along the GIWW 11 years ago during hurricane Rita and again a few years later when hurricane Ike skirted our coastline but delivered a Category 5 surge into our region," said Hohensee.
That's when hurricane Rita peaked with sustained winds of 180 mph in the Gulf of Mexico. Before making landfall and causing tremendous damage to the city of New Orleans, the infamous Hurricane Katrina was creating sustained 175 mph winds before ...
Nearly 200 attended and son Allen had Dunn's Bluff looking like a showplace despite the damage by hurricane Rita.*****Amanda and Miranda Ryan celebrate their 14th birthday.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Colin Blair Everett, 25, died September 14 ...
After hurricane Rita struck Louisiana in September 2005, Boustany found that no comprehensive report had been undertaken to identify southwest Louisiana's coastline storm surge and coastal erosion threats.
Chaisson conceded that things are getting worse with each passing storm. He recalls barely escaping his house with his family during hurricane Rita in 2005. But he takes a generations-old approach to flooding. "We just wash the house out with a hose ...
I was shocked at how calm it was outside my hotel window at 2 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008. The plan was for me to relieve our chief meteorologist at 3:30 so I had been napping in a room at the Best Western just two blocks from the KHOU 11 studio ...
The fall in imports after hurricane Rita in September 2005 was followed by five weeks of gains. "There should be a significant rebound next week," said John Kilduff, partner at Again capital LLC, a New York hedge fund focused on energy.
Though nothing is certain, Mears said, past disasters such as hurricane Rita and the March flooding have shown him that the accomplishments made since 9/11 have made Beauregard Parish and the state stronger.
Following her retirement, Bretagne worked as a reading assistance dog at an elementary school. In addition to her service at ground zero, Bretagne and Corliss were deployed to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ivan and hurricane Rita, among other disasters.
Tomorrow is the statistical peak of the hurricane season and State climatologist Barry Keim says on September 10th, sea surface temperatures in the breeding grounds for Tropical storms are at the maximum.
More infamous was his alleged attempt to try to turn a profit on hurricane Rita. Warren was accused by federal regulatory agencies of taking advantage of the storm that caused $12 billion worth of damage and prompted the largest evacuation in U.S.
In 2005, Hurricane Katrina was followed only weeks later by hurricane Rita - two storms that collectively impacted roughly the entire Southern part of the state.
First United had been awarded more than $1.7 million from an insurance settlement related to property damage from hurricane Rita. The church was left with about $1.1 million after fees, but with one of its members facing a lawsuit and fearful the money ...
The game was scheduled to be the district opener, but was pushed to the final Saturday of the regular season by hurricane Rita. El Campo rolled to a 48-0 win at Ricebird Stadium and neither team advanced to the playoffs. The players on this year's ...
He drove out to surprise them, only to be called back to work as hurricane Rita bore down on the state. "Especially after Katrina, it's just something I felt inside: I'm supposed to be doing this," said Davis, who's worked for LSU for nearly six years ...
Horn's home was newly constructed after hurricane Rita. Right now, it's like an island in the middle of flood water.
It made me think about the Kilgore-Nac game in 2005, when hurricane Rita came through and the game was moved back a day, to a Thursday, to avoid "hurricane-like" conditions.
The Reynolds had a beach house on Holly Beach and when hurricane Rita hit, it cleared Holly Beach of everything. They lost everything on the beach, he said.
climatologists say climate changeis already producing more frequent, and more catastrophic, storms across the planet. Louisianans can certainly attest to the theory: In 2005, Hurricane Katrina was followed by hurricane Rita just a few weeks later ...
... where the organization spent $13.2 billion. Katrina's expenses are far beyond those of Hurricane Gustav's in 2008, which was a relatively modest $718 million in publicly assisted funds.
"It takes 15-20 minutes of their time to give blood and it doesn't cost anything." This center has been hit by floodwaters twice: hurricane Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008, damaging equipment and supplies. Now, a four foot high, eight inch thick ...
For nearly a decade the future of South Cameron football was uncertain following the devastation from hurricane Rita. Last season, the Tarpons repaired those scars, winning their first playoff game since 2002.





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