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updated Wed. June 28, 2017

But 10 years ago, Hurricane Humberto formed off the coast of Texas and set the record for intensifying faster than any other tropical cyclone on record.
Hurricane Humberto in 2007 is a prime example of this point. It formed very close to the Texas coast and intensified from a tropical depression to a category one hurricane in just under 18 hours.
-Hurricane Humberto, formed off the coast of Galveston and within a day became a category one hurricane making landfall near High Island in 2007.
We saw this in Tropical Storm Allison and later, Hurricane Humberto. In both cases, the cold front stalled just offshore. This week's front does go all the way, so future-Matthew shouldn't be a threat.
Do you remember Hurricane Humberto? It formed on Sept. 12, 2007; hit Texas on Sept. 13; and dissipated in Georgia on Sept. 14.
When Hurricane Humberto hit in 2007, Prince said the noise sounded like a train running over her house. For hurricane Ike, she evacuated to the Emergency Operations Center in Lumberton.




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