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West Ashley resident Mozell Johnson sits on her bed at the shelter at North Charleston high school during hurricane Matthew on Friday.
satellite Beach fared much better than expected during hurricane Matthew, but fire destroyed one unlucky family's evacuated home Friday morning.

The Wilburns stayed in the same place at Royal Palm Village for hurricanes Charley, Frances and Dean in August and September 2004.
Gretchen Harrison and a half-dozen other women from the Springfield area were praying Thursday as they drove through a storm cell created by hurricane Matthew on their way from Orlando, Florida, to calmer weather conditions in the state's western ...
Recovery teams on Saturday morning will fan out across Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to perform detailed inspections of facilities that endured some of the strongest winds during hurricane Matthew's pass through the Space ...
#THERE is a possibility that hurricane Matthew will "make a loop" and return to the Bahamas next week, Deputy Director of the Department of meteorology Basil Dean warned on Friday. #Mr Dean told The Tribune that several computer models have predicted ...
Storm Team 12 Meteorologist Dean Jones is about 15 miles east of Orlando. "It hasn't been as bad as it was anticipated," said Jones.
"The Grand Strand economy was moving at high speed until Matthew slammed the brakes," said Brad Dean, president of the Myrtle Beach chamber.
Talk about an awkward introduction! The CW released an extended trailer of "Supernatural" Season 12 ahead of its premiere on Oct. 13 and it shows Castiel being introduced to none other than Dean and Sam Winchester's mother, Mary. The promo begins ...
Meteorologists Janice Dean and Rick Reichmuth will be contributing to reports from New York City. Along with correspondents, the network also has dispatched drones to the Southeast.
Beachside fire crews braved howling winds and driving rain after midnight Thursday to extinguish a blaze believed to have destroyed a greenhouse at an unincorporated address on North Riverside Drive, south of the Eau Gallie Causeway.
RELATED: The strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Young boys use an umbrella to resist the wind while walking at a street of Kingston during the pass of Hurricane Dean over Jamaica, Sunday, Aug. 19, 2007. No. 2: Lake Okeechobee Hurricane (1928)
James Dean. Original story: Kennedy Space Center expects to decide Wednesday morning if hurricane Matthew's approach will force the spaceport to close at some point.

The eastern sections of the island, including St Thomas, Portland, St Mary and St Catherine, felt the brunt of the storm forces. The IAJ indicates that Hurricane Ivan in 2004 cost the sector $5.9 billion related to some 7,512 claims.
"hurricanes have a funny way of taking 11th-hour course changes that spare the island a direct hit. Category 5 Hurricane Allen took an odd wobble around the island.
That opportunity, he notes, would never have happened without Hurricane Katrina. "I grew up in New Orleans. My parents are immigrants ... "I never imagined myself doing something like this internship, and it's made me realize that there are a lot of ...
Five people were killed on Niagara Falls Boulevard within the past three years. This road has become the deadliest stretch for pedestrians in Buffalo, according to The Buffalo News.
Over the last 10 years, Mark has interviewed national political figures, including long time Delaware Senator and now Vice President Joe Biden, Howard Dean and Wesley Clark, as well as sports legends like NASCAR's Jeff Gordon, baseball's iron man Cal ...
Sculptures made entirely of Lego bricks, created by contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya, are seen at the White House in Washington, Oct. 3, 2016.
While just about everyone living in a coastal city will know about the forecast of a hurricane strike, few people spend their time studying health care cost projections.
Commander of United States (US) Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), has left Belize after completing a two-day visit. Tidd met with Commander Belize Defence Force (BDF) Brigadier General David Jones and Chief of the Guatemalan armed force's defence ...
... Minister of finance Dean Barrow, stated that Belize's current economic malaise will not extend into next year, even allowing for several major industries that still need to recover from the one-two punch of internal problems and the impact of ...
Dr. Mileah Kromer, pollster and director of the Hughes Center at Goucher College, Dr. Max Hilaire, professor and chair of the political science Department at Morgan State University and Dr.
During the week of Oct. 2, 1989, nearly 16,000 copies of questionnaires designed to help implement a 911 system in McDowell were delivered to the Marion Post Office so they could be mailed to every household and postal patron in the county.
A bright and sunny Sunday morning, after a calm and sunny Saturday afternoon, I woke up feeling sorry for people before communications could give you any warning of oncoming storms.
Only two hurricanes even of Category 4 strength have affected Jamaica, both in this century. Ivan, in 2004, passed to south but brought hurricane force winds, killed 17 people and left $360m worth of damage.
"I really liked how the speakers put their choices into the context of their lives," said Cheryl Gowing, associate dean of library systems and access. "It underscores the unknown connections that books make to people. authors start out with one intent ...
Every loyal Bajan is comfortable in the belief that God is a Bajan (For the non-Bajan reader, a Bajan is a Barbadian). It's a belief strongly based on the fact that a dozen Tropical storms and hurricanes target Barbados as they cross the Atlantic, but ...
No hurricane as strong as Matthew has ever made landfall in Jamaica in recorded history. In preparation for Matthew, Jamaica has activated its National Emergency Operations Center and Prime Minister Andrew Holness convened an emergency meeting on ...
Dean, a former Democratic presidential candidate and a medical doctor, did not apologize to Trump, but for "using innuendo" that contributed to the toxic tone of this year's campaign.
"We are experienced in dealing with the impact of Tropical storms and hurricanes, telling visitors when we are closed and open for business," Dean said. "But we had not counted on the damage inland that created the perception that we were closed for ...
A weather satellite expected to dramatically improve forecasting of hurricanes and other severe weather is being fueled in Titusville for an early November launch from Cape Canaveral.
OPEC/OFID, who will provide the money, has also agreed, as a result of Hurricane Earl, an additional few million dollars, on top of the tranches that had already been slated for later in the year, to help with new home construction and landfill for ...
The adjoining property at 32 Viking Court sold for $1.175 million, some $275,000 over reserve, Knight Frank's Stuart Gill and Dean Kimitsis said. Culcairn. Hard rock can crunch hard cash. An investor has paid $4.5 million for the Hurricane Hill Quarry ...
By BBN Staff: Just 10 months ago, Prime Minister Dean Barrow declared: "The best is yet to come!" Not even a year removed from the ... Hurricane Earl also compounded the challenged economic climate, the IMF said. "The shocks in the export sector have ...
McMichael first met Riley in 1989 during Hurricane Hugo when McMichael worked in the insurance business. "To see how this man worked through that horrible tragedy and crisis for his city says a lot about his character and his ... "Mayor Riley is the ...
Now playing daily: "Wild Cats 3D" (10 a.m., noon, 3 p.m. daily, with an additional 5 p.m. show added on weekdays), "secret Ocean 3D" (11 a.m.
10:29 P.M.: Howard Dean Goes There .... The Nielsen ratings service recently determined that the three most impactful televised news events of the past generation were the 9/11 attacks, the O.J.
The event represented the completion of the steel framework with the unveiling of the final beam signed by several in what Dean Steven Lohrenz called "a unique partnership." ... The project is another example of the unprecedented investment being made ...
... as OKC gets set to begin the post-Kevin Durant era. The Thunder got the 2016-17 season rolling on Friday with Media Day, and here's some of the highlights from social media as both Thunder reporter Steve McGehee and Dean Blevins made their rounds:.
Among those competing in both junior high/middle school divisions are Barboursville, Caldwell, Fairland, Gallia Academy, Georgetown, Franklin Furnace Green, Huntington Ross, Hurricane, Liberty Union, Manchester, North Adams, Oak Hill, Peebles, Ripley ...
25, 2006, when Dean and longtime "Monday Night football" producer Jay Rothman were the men behind the curtain, the eyes in the sky, when the Saints returned to the Superdome after their yearlong Hurricane Katrina exile to face off with the division ...
Dean of students Ricardo Hall told the senators to watch out for smokers on campus. UM will begin to fine repeat offender students upward of $50 for smoking.
In related financial news, the "Superbond" was restructured in March of 2013, a year after Prime Minister Dean Barrow won a second term mainly on his pledge to do so.
The impact of Hurricane Dean in 2007 resulted in $80-100 million in damages, equivalent to 6-8 percent of GDP, and a nearly nationwide power blackout.
Belize experienced more than US $337 million in economic losses due to Hurricane Dean, Tropical Storm Arthur, Tropical Depression 16 and Hurricane Richard from 2007 to 2010.





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