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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

Because the distance between the moon and the Earth is slowly changing, solar eclipses looked very different millions of years ago - and they will again, tens of millions of years in the future.
The co-op's mission is to be environmentally and socially sustainable, so generating power with rooftop solar was a no-brainer.
And new "non-bypassable charges" will add 2 to 3 cents per kilowatt hour of energy that solar residents buy from their utility company.
The journey to and life on Mars would be vulnerable to potentially fatal cosmic rays from our galaxy and from solar flares.
This frequently occurs with strong solar storms. But Uranus lies and rotates on its side, and its magnetic field is lopsided - it's off-centered and tilted 60 degrees from its axis.
It had been thought that solar flares were single bubble-like structures which would hit Earth in one wave. But the study from the University of Reading has found that they are more cloud-like and influenced by solar winds - making their movement ...
Cullan Brown is already eye-balling the food he wants to stock up on for the total solar eclipse. "We'll have to get a bunch of barbecue chips, because these would be the first to go.
"We believe the Court was wrong in siding with Six Flags and KDC in the destruction of an environmentally sensitive forest for solar panels.
It's been 99 years since a total solar eclipse crossed the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic. On August 21, 14 states will experience about two minutes of darkness as the eclipse crosses from coast to coast.
engineering students and SSPL members Eric Pauley (left), Sergio Gallucci (middle), and Rebecca Arenson (right) after completing integration of OSIRIS-3U with the Nanoracks deployer, in which it will ride to the ISS and be deployed.
The layers of polyethylene, as thin as plastic sandwich bags, sit neatly folded in a wooden box at the headquarters of World View Enterprises in Tucson, Arizona.
Intense solar activity such as coronal mass ejections are still poorly understood. The space agency has been planning its first mission to the star and is expected to launch in 2018 the Parker solar Probe, a spacecraft that will fly 6.2 million ...
This coronal mass ejection (CME), the sibling of a massive solar flare, traveled the 93 million miles between the sun and Earth in only 17.6 hours.
The resulting remix of 'solar Storm' is a steadily building sonic display of emotive textures, the type of material fans of Mano Le Tough have grown accustomed to over the years.
YORKVILLE - The Racine Astronomical Society will host an open house Saturday at the Modine-Benstead Observatory, 112 63rd Drive, Union Grove.
While the moon blocks the intense light from the sun, NASA will take advantage of the total solar eclipse to study solar flares and coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. While they're both giant explosions, the two are different. A flare can last minutes or ...
Secondly, things happening in the solar corona can have huge effects on us - solar flares, explosions caused by overstressed magnetic fields in the corona - release millions of hydrogen bombs' worth of energy and produce bursts of X-rays and beams of ...
These gases move around in the ionosphere, influenced mostly by the Earth's own magnetic and electric fields and solar activity. Other factors play a part as well, including the altitude, local time, latitude and season of where the ionized gases are ...
Red dwarf stars--the most common star type in our galaxy. They have been the subject of recent discussion as planets surrounding them...
Frequent solar flares from red dwarfs make the exoplanets less than ideal.
GOV does some nice alerts, watches and warnings for ionospheric and flare events above the R1, S1 or G1 levels. I should have saved the report for May; it is in reverse chronological order for a month at a time.
That's not the only hotness planned for the season. BH's next offering is the solar Flare Baked Eyeshadow Palette, launching June 14th.
A geomagnetic storm triggered by a burst of solar energy could overwhelm the nation's power grid and shut down cell towers and communication networks.
The idea that a huge solar storm could wreak havoc here on Earth isn't just a sci-fi plot, it's a situation that countries and power grids around the world actively prepare for.
What if a hacker invaded the electric grid and shut down power in Colorado, or even the entire West? What if a blizzard or a pandemic halted travel, power and communications for days on end?
But aside from that, the mission to the sun could give NASA some helpful information to protect Earth from devastating solar storms according to The Conversation UK. The US space agency aims to get the Parker solar Probe to at least 6m km above the ...
The data is expected to help scientists better understand the radiation environment for future space explorers and improve their forecasts of solar storms that impact satellites, astronauts in space and us here on Earth. They also hope to discover ...
When it comes to the global warming debate, both alarmists and critics agree on one thing: The earth has warmed by roughly 0.8 degrees Celsius over the past 150 years.
The outer atmosphere is where scientists see significant eruptions, including solar flares, and the beginnings of solar wind.
"The solar wind is expected to be influenced by a High-Speed Solar Wind Stream over the next 1 or 2 days. The source of this stream is a small coronal hole centered over the equator.
In addition to expanding knowledge of stellar physics, the information is expected to help engineers design better instruments and techniques for predicting solar storms and other events that can cripple satellites, disrupt power grids and affect ...
When the solar wind's particles interact with the Earth's magnetic field, a geomagnetic storm results. This storm can generate geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) in the subsoil, which are dangerous to electrical networks and transport systems (oil ...
"After decades of effort, the solar activity cycle is exceptionally well characterized, but it remains poorly understood," the authors say in the paper's abstract.
solar eruption of Super-hot plasmo captured in November, 2012. Photo: AFP via NASA/Parker Solar Probe/SDO. Miami, June 1. A new NASA mission aims to brush by the sun, coming closer than any spacecraft in history to its scorching heat and radiation in ...
The dynamic activity brought about by supercharged particles and radiation being released from the sun - encountering the Earth as they pass through the inner solar system - is called space weather. The consequences of space weather can be catastrophic ...
In 2018, a NASA spacecraft will launch into the sun's atmosphere, where it will help scientists predict a solar storm that could wreak havoc on Earth and in interplanetary space.
The probe should also help improve forecasts of solar storms and other space weather events that, in addition to harming satellites and astronauts, can seriously disrupt communications and power transmission on the ground.
The plan to build the 'state significant' solar farm has divided the Gulgong community. Known as the Beryl Solar Farm, because of its proximity to the substation, the internationally-renowned photovoltaic (PV) company, First Solar, has an option to buy ...
solar storms - eruptions from the sun that send charged particles outward through the solar system - can disable communications satellites and potentially shut down electrical grids over vast swaths of the planet.
There was an "explosion" on the sun yesterday, which you can see at as long as they have it on the front page.
According to, a solar flare hit the Earth's magnetic field on Friday, at first not really doing much of anything.
It has been eyes to the sky across much of the South Island on Sunday evening as the Aurora Australis put on a show. Metservice meteorologist Nick Zacher said the weather had created perfect viewing conditions south of Christchurch, but other areas had ...
A large geomagnetic solar storm visible over the Vancouver area created a stunning opportunity for stargazers and photographers to catch rare a glimpse of the aurora borealis.
When Astronomers discuss cosmic rays, they are almost always referring to high energy protons from outside our solar system that travel at nearly the speed of light and are thought to be ejected from supernovae, the explosion of stars. Sometimes ...
The regulatory changes promptly halted solar activity in the state for many installers, causing hundreds of layoffs. Brooks' proposal is a 'solar Bill of rights' provision, which reinstates net metering under a tiered system for calculating the export ...
"We can't directly image everything that's going on in the solar atmosphere, but studying the polarization of ultraviolet light reveals the physics of the magnetic fields in the upper chromosphere and the transition region to better understand activity ...
... include digital rights activist, Nighat Dad from Pakistan, UK scientist Victoria Forster who is researching new treatments for pediatric cancer, and Miho Janvier, a French astrophysicist who works to predict space weather by studying the nature of ...
The emerging discipline of space meteorology aims to reliably predict solar flares so that we may better guard against their effects.
The current solar cycle peaked between 2011 and 2014. Since then, the numbers of sunspots, which mark solar magnetic storms, and the frequency of solar eruptions, like solar flares and coronal mass ejections, have dropped off to a very low level.
scientists are also trying to figure out whether VLF can remove charged particles in the upper atmosphere during extreme space weather events such as a solar storm, when charged particles escape from the sun and play havoc with moder communications ...




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