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updated Fri. March 31, 2017

The serpent, whose venom could kill a human, became rather friendly in order to get a drink of water amid a drought in India.
The rain was a welcome sight for Kansas City, which was facing moderate drought conditions. The Kansas City area was more than 1.8 inches shy of the normal precipitation for the year.
This winter finally brought relief to California's years of drought as storms left it drenched with rain at lower elevations and covered in snow in the mountains.
It is hard to hike or drive anywhere in North Carolina without seeing a lot of pine trees. They line the streets and fill the forests.
drought conditions associated with an El Nino weather pattern are likely to reoccur in a few months time, the South African government said on Thursday.
"We found that the area affected due to drought events will be higher during the global warming scenario and the frequency of extreme drought events will increase dramatically in the future," Nath said. The researchers detailed several droughts and ...
Severe drought conditions have spread westward into Charlotte, Lee and Collier Co. with the latest drought conditions update and there is likely no end in sight.
NORWELL - The 10 groundwater wells that supply Norwell's water are about where they should be this time of year, but longtime Water Superintendent John McInnis says he isn't taking any chances.
North Lyon, central Chase and southern Wabaunsee counties are now out of any drought status after moderate to heavy rain late last week into the first half of this week.
What kind of changes can you expect to see in the next drought update that includes Tuesday's heavy rain? The most noticeable change will be the drought levels along the I-44 corridor where the heaviest rain fell, and across parts of central Oklahoma ...
For the first time since June 2016, parts of the state are drought-free. The eastern part of the state - eastern parts of Windham County and New London County - is no longer in a drought. Numerous towns along the Connecticut panhandle have also ...
As California water officials confirmed Thursday that the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada remains well above average, pressure was mounting on the state to lift emergency water restrictions that have been in place for two years.
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Thirsty King Cobra Sips From Water Bottle Amid Debilitating droughts. Sssssensational! By Nina Golgowski. YouTube/Caters. Video captured a king cobra appearing to drink from a water bottle amid extreme droughts in Southern India.
Nebraskans know a thing or two about drought. Brutally hot and dry conditions pounded Nebraska in 2012 in one of the most dramatic droughts in recent memory. Lake McConaughy shrank to only 54 percent full, with an additional decline in 2013. Many ag ...
Camels are used to desert conditions but the severe drought in Somalia and breakaway Somaliland is taxing even these hardy animals.
PHELELANI NYATHIKAZI: As a student in varsity, it is already hard enough to stick to a budget, and now with the recent drought, it has made it that much harder. It's like I don't even see where my money goes, everything is so expensive. LUCAS MANGENA: ...
"I don't want to speak more about this poverty and drought because it turns me back to something. It makes [me] want to blame my government, which is not good.
"We are definitely worried that we have not come out of the drought yet, that this drought has lasted as long as it it has, but it could go either way," said Vandana Rao, assistant director of water policy for the state's Executive Office of Energy and ...
Storm after storm will roll across the southeastern United States through early April, helping to ease the drought but also bringing the hazard of severe weather.
Developed by NIWA with the support of the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand drought Index uses the best scientific information available to determine the status of drought across the country. It acknowledges the onset, duration and ...
National Weather Service hydrologist Royce Fontenot poses for a photograph after discussing soil moisture levels, high temperatures and a lack of rain as reasons for flash drought during an interview in his office in Albuquerque, N.M., on Tuesday ...
In 2010, an international team of researchers drilled almost 500 metres below the deepest part of the Dead Sea bed to bring up evidence of a series of epic bygone droughts, when the trapped water evaporated to precipitate deep, dense beds of salts. One ...
The rain and snow storms that have hit during March have had an impact on Connecticut's two-year-long drought, according to experts, but they point out 2017's precipitation totals are still below normal.
Nalo Nuura Musdhaf, 26, could not bear the pain of losing one of her children to hunger and had to flee her home in Maayla-Murug, in Lower Shabelle region, before another one died.
GARASBALEY, Somalia - Tears fill Sahra Muse's eyes as she stares at her severely malnourished son, his thin arms crossed over his bloated stomach.
Republican senators have proposed a state budget for this year that includes $3 million towards helping upstate farmers recover from last summer's drought, the worst the state has seen in decades. In some cases, the dry summer weather resulted in the ...
drought conditions in Texas have gotten worse over the past week. The latest report from the Texas Water Development Board found that rainfall deficits as high as 50 percent off normal over the past two months have left more than a third of Texas in ...
A boy eats out of a ladle at his home in Ngop in South Sudan's Unity State earlier this month. The Norwegian refugee Council (NRC) distributed food (maize, lentils, oil and corn soy blend) for more than 7,100 people in Ngop.
Los Angeles - By every wet indication, California is about to lift the drought state of emergency order imposed in January 2014.
SILVER LAKE, Kan. (KSNT) - The rain is bringing some much needed relief for farmers who have suffered through a dry season. Irrigation systems cost money to operate and the rain cuts those costs quite a bit.
Q. As we all know, last year's drought was of the exceptional kind. I lost several plants in my yard completely. Of the ones that remain, several of them seem to be struggling this spring.
GREENWICH - With a half inch of rain recorded early this week, and more precipitation coming this weekend, water restrictions are still in force in Greenwich and its nearby neighbors.
In January, atmospheric river storms barreled in from the Pacific Ocean, no longer blocked by the high-pressure "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" that had diverted so many storms during the height of the drought. Pounded relentlessly, the Sierra received ...
droughts in the Horn of Africa have been increasing in severity and frequency, and aggravated by desertification, land degradation and climate change.
BURAO, Somalia (Reuters) - In a makeshift camp beside a disused airfield in the breakaway Somali region of Somaliland, 32-year old Nima Mohamed sits next to an open wood fire, boiling a kettle of black tea.
Although the spring storms brought some rainfall to the Southeastern and East Central districts during the week ending March 26, drought conditions continued to advance across the state, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service ...
It has prompted farmers to protest the lack of assistance coming from the government, which is focusing on drinking water, according to reports that expect the situation to worsen as summer approaches.
Developing drought tolerant corn that makes efficient use of available water will be vital to sustain the estimated 9 billion global population by 2050.
With a 62 per cent deficit rainfall it's the worst-ever drought in 140 years in Tamil Nadu. The state had sought a Rs. 40,000 crore package, But the centre has allotted just Rs.
Deciding when there is a drought has just got a lot easier with the launch of a new monitor that brings together information from different sources and makes it easier for the public to understand the situation in their region.
Nevada's top water official is asking state lawmakers for greater discretion to limit well water at rural homes. | March 28, 2017, at 9:59 p.m.. MORE. LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Google +; Cancel. drought, Demand Push Nevada Toward Stricter Well Water Limit.
drought conditions in Texas have gotten worse over the past week. The latest report from the Texas Water Development Board found that rainfall deficits as high as 50 percent off normal over the past two months have left more than a third of Texas in ...
The Horn of Africa region, where hunger is worst, is also prone to drought - but the impacts of climate change alone are not enough to create famine, experts say, so long as they are managed.
These "usual mechanisms" include warmer temperatures leading to more heat waves and droughts, and additional moisture in the air leading to more flooding or snowfall.
Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on Tuesday reviewed drought relief measures taken up by various government departments to tackle the drought situation in the state. Municipal Administration and Rural Development Minister ...
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued a drought watch for Loudoun County, the northern Piedmont and other northern Virginia jurisdictions following "abnormally dry conditions" across the region from November through ...
As global water supplies dwindle because of pollution, overallocation, and longer and more severe droughts caused by climate cycles and change, companies face significant financial risks from water shortages.
Indian farmers hit by drought and debt displayed the skulls of fellow farmers believed to have committed suicide, and placed live rats in their mouths at a protest on Monday calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save them from starvation.
Good news as of last Thursday: the region is now officially out of its drought. As of last week, Genesee and Orleans counties moved out of drought status. Wyoming County moved out a few weeks prior to this. You would have to go back to April 19, 2016 ...