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A herder with his livestock at a water point in Wajir County on October 11, 2016. Wajir county government has said it will supply water to settlements around the county to mitigate the ongoing drought. PHOTO | BRUHAN MAKONG ...
The Milton fire marshal has banned all outdoor agricultural and yard waste burns. CITY OF MILTON. Milton Fire Marshal Matt Marietta has issued an indefinite ban on all outdoor agricultural and yard waste burns due to continuing dry conditions caused by ...

Gov. Robert Bentley signed the drought Emergency Declaration into effect on October 12. Often referred to as a "No Burn Order," the declaration prohibits all outdoor burning.
Recent storms have pushed Klamath County out of drought classification for the first time in five years, with projections for continued rainfall progressing through mid-November leaving projections hopeful for a much-needed typical southern Oregon winter.
drought conditions are making it harder to fight wildfires and New Hampshire residents should be vigilant about the increased threat, state forestry and fire officials say.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers natural resources manager Nick Baggett points out changes in Lake Lanier's shoreline as drought conditions drive lake levels downward on Tuesday. The lake is now more than eight feet below full pool. (Staff Photo: Curt ...
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.(WIAT) - The latest U.S. drought Monitor shows drought conditions continue to worsen across Central Alabama during the past week.
After a monthslong drought, residents across Vermont are feeling the affects, from low drinking water levels to dying agriculture.
New experimental hybrid maize on display at a maize field in Harare, Zimbabwe, Oct. 24, 2016. scientists in Zimbabwe say they have developed new heat- and drought-tolerant varieties of maize that may be ready for sale ahead of the next planting season.
environmentalists are becoming increasingly concerned that the major tributaries of the Black Warrior River are suffering immensely from the negative impacts of a historic Alabama drought affecting over 98 percent of the state. Alabama has not ...
But without an end to the droughts, it, too, is likely little more than a temporary solution. In other drought-stricken areas, such as California, fisheries managers have been trucking hatchery-raised salmon downstream in winter, as dry rivers have ...
The official U.S. drought Monitor issued on Aug. 21, 2012. The map shows the exceptionally severe drought across the middle of the country.
Of all those injured by the drought, the fish are suffering the most. The Delta's native fish species are biologically adapted to survive severe droughts from time to time. But dams, upstream diversions and Delta exports have left native fish species ...
drought is the most important cause of reduced plant growth and crop yield, which makes insights into a plant's drought response highly valuable to agriculture. A new study has provided major insights into how plants cope with water-limiting conditions ...
The drought has caused farmers to start harvesting and feeding cattle hay earlier in the season than they would have in the past.

The drought has a lot to do with that. With a lack of moisture, trees go into a protective mode, and shut down their production of those beautiful fall colors.
THE water crisis facing Harare has sparked fears of an outbreak of diseases such as cholera, which led to thousands of deaths less than a decade ago.
The United States drought monitor shows the Upstate ranging from severe to extreme drought in a few spots. But the state climatologist, Dr.
DIFFERENT DAY, SAME FORECAST: The weather pattern remains bone dry across Alabama; rain will be tough to find over the next seven days, meaning that the drought and wildfire situation will worsen through this week and into the weekend. Remember ...
Mzee Karisa Charo from Bandari village (left) is assisted to remove one of the cows that had stuck at the swampy area of the Giriama ranch water pan.
We all know the Cubs haven't won the Series since 1908, and in fact they haven't even been in it since 1945 -- so their 71-year pennant drought ended this weekend. They're still looking for that elusive World Series title, though, as they came up short ...
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has programs available to help drought-stricken farmers.
This year, Buick broke a three-decade drought, bringing a domestic brand back into the reliability ranking's top three.
Last week, MDC announced it will likely temporarily suspend releases from the Goodwin dam, which is located on the West Branch of the Farmington River.
"The drought creates a dangerous scenario where wildfire can quickly spread out of control, destroying forestland and threatening homes," said interim State Forester Gary Cole.
Winter will bring continued dry conditions in California, the Southeast and parts of the Northeast.
But three consecutive years of severe drought, widespread crop failure and water shortages have driven Madagascar to the brink of utter "catastrophe," United Nations agencies said last week.
academics do not agree on the relationship between climate change and armed conflicts. Weather events driven by climate change, like droughts and extreme precipitation, might be societally destabilizing. But attempts to determine whether this ...
BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. - A forest ranger says brush fires like the ones that burned in nearly every north Georgia county are more dangerous due to drought ...
Sitting in the northeast corner of the state, Jackson County is ground zero for Alabama's drought that's now consumed the entire state.
Mitch Reid's two boys usually love splashing around in the waters of Patton Creek in Hoover, but over the last few weeks, there hasn't been a lot of splashing going on among the dry rocks.
The worst of the drought continues to be for areas east of I-65 including Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, and Calhoun counties.
drought conditions in Cherokee County have improved with recent rainfall, according to the latest report from the U.S. drought Monitor.
A workshop on creating a resilient landscape in a time of drought will be held Thursday in Sanger. Sponsored by Belmont Nursery and the Central California chapter of the U.S.
NEW CANAAN - It's been a busy couple of months for Joe Vicidomino, service manager at Greco and Haines, Derby-based well water contractors whose service covers Fairfield County.
It's been two weeks since hurricane Matthew menaced the edge of the Eastern shoreline before settling on the Lowcountry to make its first landfall in the U.S..
Ward said buying water from the authority wouldn't be cost effective for Haverhill and explained that if the drought got bad enough, he would ask the state to expedite construction of a recently approved $17 million well which would tap into the ...
Dry weather set to dominate the southern United States into November will only worsen the already extreme drought conditions. The U.S.
A decade ago, environmentalists and the federal government agreed to revive a 150-mile stretch of California's second-longest river, an ambitious effort aimed at allowing salmon again to swim up to the Sierra Nevada foothills to spawn.
Hundreds of thousands of people go hungry as food shortages intensify in the world's fourth largest island nation.
A severe drought spreading rapidly across Alabama is forcing conservation measures and worrying farmers, and forecasters said Thursday there wasn't much relief in sight.
The changing of the seasons will bring beneficial rainfall to northern Brazil, a region that has experienced severe drought over the past several years. Meanwhile, summer heat will scorch parts of Chile and Argentina as temperatures soar into the 40s C ...
It's now official. The state Department of Environmental Protection has declared a drought warning for 14 New Jersey counties amid massive rainfall deficits and shrinking water supplies.
While the weather catchphrase of recent winters was the shiver-inducing polar vortex, the buzzword for this winter in the U.S. will be drought. Significant droughts are already in place over nearly 45 percent of the contiguous U.S., with hotspots in ...
"Dry as a bone." With the most severe drought in Maine in more than a decade worsening, hundreds of farmers and livestock producers may be eligible for disaster assistance and low-interest loans through the U.S.
Nearly 850,000 people in drought-hit southern Madagascar are experiencing "alarming" levels of hunger, and more aid is needed to prevent a dire situation from becoming a "catastrophe", UN agencies said on Thursday.
MILLBURN - New Jersey faces its worst drought conditions in 14 years, and the situation could spiral into a more serious crisis if steps are not taken soon to ...
While some of our state is still recovering from extreme flooding from hurricane Matthew, the other side of North Carolina is experiencing some extreme drought conditions. This is the first time since 2011 that any part of North Carolina has been in an ...