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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

Tallinn (Sputnik) - Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter jets of the German Air Force that regularly conduct Baltic air-policing missions and are stationed at the Amari base near Tallinn will carry out low-altitude training flights over Estonia, the ...
RAF Lossiemouth's station commander, Group Captain Paul Godfrey, is flying in the exercise and was impressed to see how well the typhoons performed with their American and French allies. He said: "The F-15s and T-38s kept coming at us but with all of ...
The "Baluarte" was built by the Spanish colonial government as a watchtower against pirates, who came to seize residents to make them slaves.
How many typhoons pass there every year? How strong are the typhoon winds? At this particular time in the development of our country, how will the cost be paid?
THE DEPARTMENT of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)-Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) will be releasing P294,505,000 for those affected by Super Typhoon Lawin (Haima) in 2016. The funds is a second tranche of assistance with a total of ...
In front, from left, are Milena Emard, Cloe Cook, Amerie Delormier, Amber Jette, Keely Hunterand Anne Robinson. At back are Christine Cicchini, Erin Seymour (Head Coach), Marissa Whiteside, Kakwi Thomas, Ryese Brownell, Ella Dickson, Maude Millette, ...
In recent years, powerful typhoons have time and again made landfall without losing momentum or have taken unexpected courses causing various disasters including floods across the country.
VIRAC, Catanduanes - The only thing most people ever hear about Virac, Catanduanes is that it is the country's Port of Entry for typhoons both big and small. climate change may have alter that historical fact a little but anyone flying into Virac ...
"We'll then do a small force exercise, [then] large force exercise with [U.K. Eurofighter] typhoons, and potentially some Dutch F-16s as well," Watkins said.
No amount of rain, flood or typhoon, he was there to serve and deliver. Today, after the many years following his death, the Chalan Kanoa post office will finally be dedicated as a memorial for the late Segundo Tudela Sablan and the many fallen heroes ...
The clinic is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced sailors and is designed to increase knowledge and confidence in sailing.
Many climate models predict that warming oceans will make typhoons and Tropical storms more intense, raising their destructive potential.
Another key consideration was the island's tropical climate and the need to withstand the typhoons that occur regularly in Okinawa.
A ruined potato crop in Japan's large potato-producing region has caused the country to enter a potato chip shortage, reports UPI.
A ruined potato crop in Japan's large potato-producing region has caused the country to enter a potato chip shortage, reports UPI.
The northern island was hit by a record number of typhoons last year. Calbee, which has a market value of 507.9 billion yen and is 20 per cent owned by Pepsico, has a 73 per cent market share of potato chips.
A TOTAL of 7 million coconut trees are needed to be planted every year nationwide within five years to make up for the around 36 million coconut trees lost during the typhoons and the cocolisap infestation, a Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) official ...
Weather forecasters in Vietnam are predicting a particularly stormy typhoon season this year, with up to 15 typhoons and tropical depressions expected to develop over the East Sea (known internationally as the South China Sea). Three to four are likely ...
For the typhoons their Region is along the 401 highway from the Quebec border to Napanee. The opponents for the typhoons were the Napanee Crunch. The Playdown series was a best two out of three games, the typhoons winning 6-0 and 4-0, qualifying ...
As the exercise moves into its second and third weeks, the formations and simulated missions will become more complex. Eventually, the Raptors, typhoons and Rafales will do battle with the F-15s and T-38s, which will assume the role of adversary aircraft.
The buildings you see may seem like basic, country houses, but in reality they're built following simple but effective rules that make them more resistant against typhoons." Head carpenter Bernardo Operio is part of a group of 35 who had "Building back ...
KUSHIMA, Miyazaki Prefecture--A struggle is under way to prevent a monkey migration from an island here famed for its "nihonzaru" Japanese macaques after typhoons failed to shift accumulated sands that connect it to the mainland. The monkeys of Kojima ...
It was, as chief executive Volker Paltzo put it, a very special day as the Eurofighter consortium delivered its 500th production example of the Typhoon in Turin. Resplendent with its commemorative red tail livery, Italy's latest example joins a global ...
Tropical cyclones go by several other names - hurricanes, typhoons - but they can all bring the same destructive power. They use warm, moist air as their fuel which is why they only form over warm seas near the equator.
Do you like potato chips and live in Japan? Well, there are bad news from snack companies as a potato shortage is threatening to make potato chips a difficult snack to find.
A potato shortage in Japan caused by typhoons that have swept across the country has left local consumers without their favorite potato chips.
Japanese snack makers like Calbee are suspending production of certain flavors of potato chips, after a freak string of typhoons hit Japan's agricultural heartland on the northern island of Hokkaido last summer, according to local media reports (link ...
For typhoons in the Western Pacific, the water temperatures are ideal nearly ALL YEAR LONG. This allows for their "Typhoon Season" to be a year long. The larger and warmer Western Pacific can allow more typhoons to be intense. In addition, more ...
Eurofighter has delivered to the Italian air force its 500th Typhoon, 14 years after it handed over the first example to the UK Royal Air Force.
Cook was the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale when it pushed into Grand Terre, the largest island of New Caledonia, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Only one other tropical cyclone of Category 2 or ...
One of two Tranche 3 typhoons currently flying with 41 (R) TES, and one of only three currently in service with the RAF, departs RAF Coningsby.
The Sudanese Air Force is contributing Mi-29s, Su-25s, Su-24s and Mi-17s while Saudi Arabia has sent typhoons and F-15s. Four F-15Cs and four typhoons from Kind Fahd AFB have been deployed for exercise Blue Shield I, which is set to conclude on 12 ...
Late goals from Spencer Albert and Nicholas Hauger helped the St Andrews typhoons retain the Jonny Wookey Memorial Varsity with a 7-5 win over the Edinburgh Eagles.
Since then, Build Change has also helped thousands of people to rebuild their houses and make them safer after earthquakes in China, Haiti and Nepal, and after typhoons in The Philippines. The organisation, which works in Indonesia, Nepal, the ...
2017-04-02 During a recent visit to RAF Lossiemouth, we had a chance to talk with a number of Typhoon pilots and will focus on the evolving expeditionary experience of the Typhoon squadrons. We also were provided a number of photos of the activity of ...
Two tornados from the base were present in the hanger as the personnel dressed in their finest military regalia carried out their last duties as part of XV(R) squadron - although many will transfer to work on typhoons. The jets will be flown to RAF ...
The Royal Saudi Air Force has deployed 4 F-15C Eagles and 4 Eurofighter typhoons, from the 2nd Wing based at King Fahd Air Base, to Sudan for the first time.
"What we call 'hurricanes' in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, and 'typhoons' in the western Pacific, are called 'cyclones' in Australia," says Severe Weather Team 2 meteorologist Brad Nitz.
The money will be used by the islands' Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, which used previous funds from the EPA to recover from Typhoon Soudelor. The storm slammed into Saipan as one of the strongest typhoons of 2015, causing widespread ...
The British royal Air Force (RAF) will deploy four Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft to participate in the NATO Southern Air Policing mission, which is due to take place over the Black Sea.
The Dragons, Scorchers and typhoons will be coached by Rob O'Connor, Andrew Poynter and Clare Shillington respectively.
The extreme weather events will also impact negatively Japan's economy (ABI estimates that insured wind-related losses from extreme Japanese typhoons could increase by US$10 to 14 billion above present-day losses of US$15 to 20 billion, representing a ...
Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets and a Voyager aircraft have landed in Japan. Four Typhoon fighter aircraft, flown by No 2 (AC) Squadron pilots from RAF Lossiemouth, arrived at Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) Misawa Air Base, in the northern ...
hurricanes since they are mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere, like typhoons spin counter-clockwise, just like low pressure systems over land.
TAMING typhoons This picture taken on October 20, 2016 shows engineer Atsushi Shimizu, founder and CEO of the Japanese venture company Challenergy, standing next to his bladeless wind turbine in Tokyo.
On Mar. 27, the UK MoD (Ministry of Defence) has announced that four Typhoon combat planes, belonging to the 3 (Fighter) Squadron will fly from RAF Coningsby to Mihail Kogalniceanu Airbase in southeast Romania, to support NATO's Southern Air Policing ...
Four RAF typhoons are being sent to Romania to help police the Black Sea and provide reassurance to countries worried about Russia's military ambitions.
The typhoons from Royal Air Force 3 (Fighter) Squadron are usually based at RAF Coningsby, Lincs, but will switch to Mihail Kogalniceanu Airbase in south east Romania for up to four months.





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