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updated Sun. June 2, 2024

Senator Paul suffered broken ribs and contracted pneumonia as a result of the injuries. The felony charge against Boucher carries a maximum sentence of ten years, but federal prosecutors are recommending a 21-month prison term. Given that Rand Paul is a senator from Kentucky, all of the state's federal ...

For those who don't know, Rand Paul is the junior senator from Kentucky and is known for his relatively libertarian views. He is a Republican, but his libertarianism sometimes separates him from the other Republicans on some issues, and occasionally he joins the Democrats in voting against a bill that ...
Crystal Wilkinson's poem, “O Tobacco,” looks back through an adult lens at her childhood, when tobacco was a considered a king crop in Kentucky (the late Wendell Ford, a former U.S. Senator from Kentucky, was nicknamed “the senator from tobacco”). “A ten-year-old me/plays in the shadows/of the ...
... the Bipartisan Budget Act will allow Berea to continue its important work. I am grateful that we were able to come together to undo Senator Sanders' partisan efforts to impose a new tax on schools like Berea College. Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator from Kentucky, is the Senate Majority Leader.
... which eradicates the fiscal restraint created by the Tea Party Congress in 2011. Rather, they were grousing about the fact that the bill could have passed without controversy on Thursday afternoon, allowing them to get a good night's sleep, but for the meddlesome junior senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul.
Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul (centre) and Republican Representative from Michigan Justin Amash (right) walk to the Senate floor as budget negotiations continue in the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on Feb 8, 2018. PHOTO: EPA-EFE. Published. Feb 9, 2018, 2:51 pm SGT. Updated. Feb 10, 2018, 3:40 ...
“I don't know why we are basically burning time here while the senator from Kentucky and others are sitting in the Cloakroom wasting everybody's time and inconveniencing the staff,” Cornyn said on the floor Thursday night. “We could easily move this matter forward and have a vote. The outcome will be ...
On the show, Paul talked about a wide range of issues including being attacked by his neighbor, immigration reform, and legal marijuana. Regarding being attacked by a neighbor back in November, the junior senator from Kentucky told Colbert there was no building feud between him and Rene Boucher.


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