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Jim Talent spent in 2006, when McCaskill defeated the Republican incumbent. McCaskill is expected to have a lucrative fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Calif., next month, hosted by movie producer Steven Spielberg and attended by former President Barack Obama. It is Obama's first scheduled campaign ...
Jim Talent, who was facing McCaskill, Missouri's auditor and a Democrat, in one of the nation's mostly closely watched races. I was the editorial page editor of the Springfield News-Leader, and on a panel of reporters who questioned the two candidates at a televised debate that turned personal.

Jim Talent, combined to spend in 2006. McCaskill spent about $11.2 million to Talent's $23.7 million in that race. McCaskill continues to press her fundraising, including a scheduled May 6 event in Beverly Hills, Calif., with former President Barack Obama. That will be hosted by Hollywood personalities, ...
Jim Talent (R-Mo.) told Congress last May. The 2017 Blue Star Military Family Lifestyle Survey listed time away from family as service members' number one concern. CIPP is one way DoD can address that top issues causing service members anxiety. CIPP can provide time with family while also improving ...
Kit Bond and Jim Talent, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, current U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt and Tom Von Essen, former commissioner of the New York Fire Department. Shirley also acquired for residents of Joplin a U.S. flag found in the debris of the May 2011 ...

There's an entire cottage industry of organisations that accept oil industry cash to attack alternative fuels, from windmills to nuclear power. Lately, those attacks have been focused on homegrown biofuels, like ethanol, which are produced from renewable farm crops. Biofuels are a target because they supply ...
The Trump administration has drawn a clear line in the sand that the outright theft and coercive tactics China has employed to gain access to and control over our intellectual property won't be tolerated any longer. The decision to impose tough sanctions on China is long overdue. America's economic and ...

Jim Talent, her spot in the Senate has been the shiny object that Republicans have coveted. A win would give McCaskill a very big national profile. The Dems don't have anybody in 2020. Nobody stands out. In the time of “Me, Too,” it makes sense to nominate a woman. Also in McCaskill's favor, she has ...
Control of the United States Senate could depend on how well Democrats like Bob Butler fare in Jefferson County. That might sound like hyperbole, but it's not too far from the truth. Butler, an attorney who unsuccessfully ran for the House in 2014 and 2016, is one of two Democrats seeking to oust state Sen.
From 1996 through 1998, Barr entered public service for the first time as a Legislative Assistant to U.S. Congressman Jim Talent. He served as Deputy General Counsel for Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher. Andy spent several years as a practicing attorney, representing individuals and small businesses – many of which he ...
ST. LOUIS, Mo. - James Carafano, leading expert in national security and foreign policy, joined us to discuss a panel being held March 15 in Forest Park. The panel will explore the topic of homeland security, and how the Trump Administration is protecting America. Topics will include preparedness of the ...
“In the past, I've worked on campaigns for Roy Blunt, Jim Talent and Kenny Hulshof.” A lifelong Republican, Whitehead recently was appointed to the Missouri State Fair Board, and her four-year term of office began last month. “I suppose that above the campaign experience or political experience, I've also ...
Former U.S. Sens. Jack Danforth and Jim Talent pushed back Tuesday on the notion that Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has mismanaged his Senate campaign, a day after fellow Republican Kit Bond sounded alarms about the high-stakes race. Bond, the former Missouri governor and senator, told ...
FRONTENAC, MO - NOVEMBER 8: U.S. Senator Jim Talent (R-MO) concedes his Senate seat to Claire McCaskill during his election night reception at the Frontenac Hilton November 8, 2006 in Frontenac, Missouri. Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill defeated Republican Sen. Jim Talent in one of the mid ...


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