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updated Tue. January 24, 2017

Two Republican senators said Monday that they'll propose legislation that lets states keep former President Barack Obama's health care overhaul or opt for a new program providing trimmed-down coverage. The plan by Sens. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and ...
As Barack Obama left office last week the world's press were dishing out headlines, judgements and labels as if handing out certificates at an Eisteddfodd.
Reports that former President Barack Obama's daughters Malia and Sasha were arrested in Hawaii are false. The former first daughters did not sneak away from ...
Kenyan police will continue to provide round-the-clock security for the step-grandmother of former U.S. President Barack Obama despite his exit from office, the country's government has said. Sarah Onyango Obama, who is in her 90s, is one of the wives ...
US president Donald Trump holds the letter left for him by former US President Barack Obama, as Vice President Mike Pence watches, before the swearing in of the White House senior staff at the White House on January 22, 2017, in Washington, DC.
Many noticed the cake Donald Trump cut at his inauguration ball was remarkably similar to Barack Obama's inauguration cake.
A look back at the key moments from President Barack Obama's two terms in the White House. All ex-presidents receive an annual pension of $US205,700 ($271,000) annually, which is pegged to inflation.
With President Donald Trump taking office on Friday (Jan. 20), half of the nation is having an anxiety attack fueled by all the uncertainty.
At the conclusion of this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live," two cast members sang a farewell song to former President Barack Obama while memorializing him as the "world's greatest president." As the episode closed out, which was opened as ...
Not only is it home to the embassies of nations such as China, Oman and Serbia, but it is also where the ambassadors of France and Mexico have their private residences.
As new commander in chief Donald Trump settles into the White House, former resident and President Barack Obama has touched down in Southern California's Coachella Valley.
Barack Obama is taking a "quick vacation" after leaving office Friday. But before he handed over the keys to the Oval Office, he urged his fellow Democrats to pay attention to job automation.
The replacement of Barack Obama with Donald Trump defies such tidy analysis. As the 2016 general election unfolded between two historically unpopular candidates, Obama's own job approval rating steadily increased.
Obama hit up billionaire Larry Ellison's private course at Porcupine Creek ranch in Rancho Mirage Saturday with a few friends and secret service in tow.
After Barack Obama handed the country and the twitter handle over to Donald Trump, the outgoing president wasted little time in tweeting from his private Twitter account, which had been basically only used to retweet from the POTUS account since Jan.
President Barack Obama leaves office today at Noon. His critics are happy to see him go, even as some acknowledge that he carried himself with dignity and grace for eight years in office.
Former President Barack Obama delivered his first speech after the inauguration of Donald Trump, touting his legacy and the power of hope amongst his supporters.
Kim Kardashian West is saying farewell and thank you to Barack Obama on Donald Trump's inauguration day. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star shared a series of photos on her website and app, as well as social media, featuring the former ...
Barack Obama and his family have packed up and flown out to Palm Springs for their first vacation as private citizens in eight years, while Donald Trump ascends to the presidency before hundreds of supporters along the Inaugural Parade route.
Jonathan Chait talks about "Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail," and Randall Fuller discusses "The Book That Changed America: How Darwin's Theory of evolution Ignited a Nation.
He brought soul and hip-hop into the White House like no president before him. A discussion of Mr. Obama's most powerful musical moments, on this week's ...
Shortly before President Donald Trump's inauguration Friday, former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama detailed their post-presidency plans.
They will then attend a whopping three official inaugural balls along with their respective wives. But what about the Obamas? What are their plans, now that Barack has officially passed the torch?
A handwriting expert tells Us Weekly what Donald Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush's signatures reveal about their personalities - read more.
Former President Barack Obama delivered final remarks after President Donald Trump's inauguration Friday, speaking briefly before leaving to vacation in California with former First Lady Michelle Obama.
Former President Barack Obama waves as he boards a Marine helicopter on the East Front of the Capitol on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, in Washington, after Donald Trump was inaugurated.
After eight years at the White House, former President Barack Obama left Washington aboard Executive One (the code name used for Marine One when the President is not on board).
ANDERSON - As President Barack Obama prepared for his last day in office, many people across the country pondered the legacy he will leave behind.
As Donald Trump's presidency set to commence after he takes oath as the 45th US president on Friday (January 20), the outgoing President Barack Obama expressed his gratitude for the American people in a farewell note. In a moving final note, Obama ...
Barack Obama's First Stop After Donald Trump's Inauguration: Southern California. obama-in-palm-springs. In this file photo, President Obama exits Air Force One after landing in Palm Springs on June 13, 2014, for a four day Southern California visit ...
Barack Obama has tweeted some inspiring final words for people across the world, echoing the messages which got him elected in 2008.
Words of wisdom. former President George W. Bush's Inauguration Day letter to his successor, President Barack Obama, was made public for the first time on Thursday, January 19.
Barack Obama began his presidency on January 20, 2009, with a rallying cry that speaks even more powerfully and poignantly as he concludes his presidency on January 20, 2017.
"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." So declared Barack Obama in Columbia, Missouri on October 30, 2008, on the cusp of his historic presidential election.
FILE ** Then-Democratic Senate nominee Barack Obama, working near a photo of a victorious Muhammad Ali standing over his challenger, reads through his keynote address that he delivered to the Democratic National Convention, in Chicago in this July 22 ...
Asia bids farewell to Barack Obama. During his two terms as president, the outgoing US President Barack Obama paid more attention to Asia than his predecessors.
The first concentrated wave of baby Baracks was born in 2008, making President Barack Obama - their namesake - the only POTUS these young men have ever known.
On November 4, 2008, the announcement that Barack Obama became United States President was sweet music to my ears as well as a point of worry, because I knew it was going to be the beginning of a challenging journey for him.
In 2000, Barack Obama had just lost a congressional race and was feeling blue. So when a friend suggested that he head to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles to be among like-minded, energetic people, he jumped at the chance.
Today is the final day of the Obama presidency. It seems like as good a time as ever to roast him. But first, the tan suit. It was Easter Sunday in 2014 and President Barack Obama was photographed both entering and leaving church wearing a tan suit. To ...
In 1924, Emory Keene, the proprietor of White Roe farm in the Catskills, sent out a postcard about his lakeside resort where the air was "pure and invigorating.
President Barack Obama leaves office this week with a number of significant achievements, many of them involving the economy, which was a smoking ruin when George W. Bush handed the presidency over to him.
In honor of President Barack Obama's final day in office, Ellen DeGeneres took a moment out of Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show to pay tribute to him and First Lady Michelle Obama.
President Barack Obama used his final hours in office to launch an attack in Libya that killed more than 80 terrorists, some of whom were actively plotting attacks on European soil, and to send a parting message to Vladimir Putin about US military power.
Over the past eight years, the presidency of Barack Obama, the nation's 44th president, has been marked by moments both big and small.
One of my favorite things about Obama's presidential run is that on the official White House website, there's a blog post of the president's summer playlist.
Mic drop. President Barack Obama penned his final letter to the American people on his last day as commander in chief on Thursday, January 19.
Writing a letter to the next commander in chief has been a tradition for outgoing presidents. As Barack Obama prepares to hand the baton to Donald Trump, ABC News has obtained an exclusive look at the missive he received from his predecessor, as well ...
GOOD-BYE, ALREADY: Unlike most of his predecessors, Barack Obama intends to continue to live in Washington, D.C., after Donald Trump's inauguration today.
Trump Rally in Mobile Dec. 17, 2016 President-elect Donald Trump returns to Mobile, Ala., Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016, as part of his "Thank You" tour.





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