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updated Fri. January 20, 2023

in the time of ancient greece in elusias, initiates to the cult of demeter and persephone would enter a great hall known as the telesterion. here they experienced the elusian mysteries, a series of ceremonies that would become some of the oldest, most sacred and most secretive rites in greek history. as part ...
... international students to domestic campuses. Stephen Marshall, an associate professor at Victoria University of Wellington and author of a new analysis of New Zealand's international education market, says offshore programs have been Australia's most successful strategy in attracting overseas students.

Disney/Pixar's Dia de los Muertes-themed Oscar frontrunner Coco topped the 45th Annie Awards on Saturday, winning 11 trophies including for best animated feature, direction and writing. The ceremony was held at UCLA's Royce Hall. Accepting the awards, helmer Lee Unkrich emphasized "building ...
Here's what Stephen Marshall says about them in Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity: “Larval horseflies are like spineless subterranean serpents that use fang like mandibles to impale other animals above and below wet ground, paralyzing and liquefying their victims with venomous saliva.
"You're criminalizing natural, required biological behavior," said Stephen Marshall, a homeless advocate, arguing the city has made no effort to have public restrooms available. "Just having more public restrooms would help to alleviate those problems," said Nico Amador, a community organizer with the ...

Disney/Pixar's Dia de los Muertos-set Coco on Monday led the 45th annual Annie Awards nominations in the animated feature categories with 13 mentions, followed by GKIDS' The Breadwinner with 10. The Breadwinner is the story of a young girl growing up in Afghanistan under the Tailban regime, ...
The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, announced nominations today for its 45th Annual Annie Awards recognizing the year's best in the field of animation. “The Annies continue to grow in the number of submissions again this year, pointing out animation's diversity in both style and ...

More than 150 years ago, American writer Mark Twain described how flies enter Mono Lake in California then “pop up to the surface as dry as a patent ... explanation of underlying mechanisms for this behaviour, it is also an elegant bit of insect natural history,” says Stephen Marshall, an entomologist at the ...
From left, Hank Bohnhoff, New Mexico Court of Appeals judge; Stephen Marshall, Law Enforcement Academy director; Santa Fe police Deputy Chief Andrew ... State Law Enforcement Academy Director Stephen Marshall called the honor crucial, especially given that many officer deaths in the line of duty ...
In a court filing, Stephen Marshall, a homeless advocate who is a voting member of the Chittenden County Homeless Alliance's steering committee, estimated about 30 people live in camps throughout Burlington. Contact Jess Aloe at 802-660-1874 or Follow her on Twitter @ ...
Stephen Marshall, advocate for homeless and a former resident of a camp in a patch of woods off Sears Lane in Burlington's South End, watches and waits for a warned action by the city to clear out the camp on Tuesday morning, Oct. 10, 2017. Despite plans to start work at 8 a.m. and the brief presence of a ...
It is election night, March 17, 2018. He is in the Arkaba Hotel with a screaming band of supporters, trying to watch the votes rolling in on the big screen. The Neil Diamond tribute show in the next room is in full swing, making it hard to concentrate. “Hands, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching ...
Stephen Marshall pulled up on his bike, coattail flying, at Champlain Housing Trust in late November. His gray hair escaped in cloud-like puffs from his ponytail as he locked his bike to a parking meter and slipped into a conference room. There, nearly two dozen Burlington nonprofit leaders had already ...
Nearly 200 years ago, British philanthropist, author, and composer, William E. Hickson was credited with penning the famous proverb, 'If at first you don't ... Chris Farrell (246-681), Rondell Christian (234-671), Jevon Simpson (242-652), Stephen Marshall (239-639), Matthew Brunoehler (254 game) and ...


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