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updated Wed. March 13, 2024

There's a writer named Jonathan Kozol who says that you should pick battles that are big enough to matter, but small enough to win. I love that construct, because there are so many things that all of us care about. When you think about what's big enough to matter, but small enough to win, maybe we can't ...
Three are gritty accounts from the ground: Robert Coles's street-level insights into why slums explode in violence; Jonathan Kozol's poignant report from a Boston ghetto school; and Victor Navasky's dark humor about the toilets in southern bus stations as segregationists' last holdout. The sixth is poet Archibald MacLeish's ...

I would have read Jonathan Kozol's Savage Inequalities and Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man less as social discourses that seemed distant and inconceivable and more as reflections of reality. I would not have been so taken aback the first time a student addressed me as "Mister" without my surname, as I had ...
BLACK LIVES Matter at School has been endorsed by many luminaries in the struggle for social justice, including Opal Tometi (co-founder of Black Lives Matter), Jonathan Kozol, (author of Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America), and Michael Bennett (Pro Bowl defensive ...
A recent court decision in Connecticut overturned a mandate that would have addressed inadequate education funding for poorer communities, a historic problem of the U.S. educational system, which relies on local resources instead of federal wealth, as Jonathan Kozol and Dennis J. Bernstein discussed.

Public school advocate Jonathan Kozol, who left the prospect of a career in academia to teach fourth-grade students in a poor section of Boston, spoke Oct. 25 on “Savage Inequalities in the Public Schools of a Divided Nation: The Challenge for Courageous and Inspired Teachers in the Wake of Ferguson ...
In the wake of civil rights unrest in the 1960s, Harvard graduate and Rhodes Scholar Jonathan Kozol dedicated his life toward reforming education and improving the conditions of inner city public schools. Standing at the forefront of public school advocacy, Kozol emphasized the severity of inequality in ...

To a nearly full Page Auditorium, writer and educator Jonathan Kozol shared his views on the negative effects of the growing charter school movement and excessive standardized testing. Kozol, a leader in the field of education and advocate for creating equity in America's public schools, has published ...
DURHAM, N.C. -- Public school advocate Jonathan Kozol, who left the prospect of a career in academia to teach fourth-grade students in a poor section of Boston, will speak Wednesday, Oct. 25, at Duke University. The 7 p.m. talk at Page Auditorium is free and open to the public. Parking will be available in ...
Boston, MA — Luminary author and children's advocate Jonathan Kozol endorsed City Councilor Tito Jackson for Mayor today. In a heartfelt statement, Kozol called Tito Jackson “one of the most decent and most forceful and far-sighted civic leaders in our city's often-troubled history.” Mr. Kozol is best ...
GREENWICH — Author Jonathan Kozol has been drawing attention to the separate and unequal schools that educate the nation's inner city children since the height of the Civil Rights movement. “We are developing two classes of education in this country,” he said last week. One drills black and Latino ...
GREENWICH — Jonathan Kozol is quiet and unobtrusive as he lays out the unjust past, and present, of the American education system. His 50 years in education have shown him that there is not one but two public school systems in the United States. One drills black and Latino children with test-prep and ...
As exit poll numbers rolled in and it became clear that the majority of white voters chose Donald Trump despite the bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia that came to define his campaign, I thought about the prescient warnings in the work of education journalist Jonathan Kozol. For nearly 50 years, this ...
City on a Hill Charter School student volunteers check names of future students drawn from a list of hopefuls on lottery day in 2014. By Jonathan Kozol October 27, 2016. IT'S NOT EASY to compete with buckets of money pouring into Massachusetts to convince the public to lift the cap on charter schools but, as a former ...
Sitting at his small kitchen table, Jonathan Kozol flips through a copy of Death at an Early Age. He's staring wistfully at the black-and-white picture of himself on the inside cover, taken the Monday after he was fired. He was 28 years old. "I was kind of terrified suddenly to be in the spotlight," he remembers.


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