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updated Thu. May 23, 2024

“Government's commitments cannot end here,” urged the CIF's chief executive John Kampfner. “We look forward to continued commitment in supporting the next generation of creatives which will ensure our creative industries remain world-leading.” The federation's focus on talent supply is intentional (it has a campaign ...
... for creative firms to access finance, with up to £4m of government funding for a programme of intensive business investment readiness support. CIF Chief Executive John Kampfner has described the Deal as “a welcome first step, highlighting the significant contribution our sector makes to UK innovation, ...

“The agreement on the implementation period means creative businesses can put their contingency plans on hold,” said the CIF's chief executive John Kampfner. “This is a victory for companies across the UK who are no longer staring over a cliff edge and will have more time to adapt to life after we leave the EU.” He added ...
John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation told GQ: "One third of the UK's creatives live in London, and many are freelancers. Rising costs for studio and performance venues are strangling both the creative soul of the city and economic growth. Supporting affordable creative hubs ...
The launch event is part of the program designed to celebrate internationally the Year of the Centenary will be attended by Romanian Ambassador to the UK Dan Mihalache, ICR president Liliana Turoiu and John Kampfner, president of the Creative Industries Federation. The latter will collaborate with ICR ...

“Digital is the future and the creative industries are leading the way," commented John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation. "And, while the scale may be international, the impact is local. Last year creative jobs grew by 25 per cent in Yorkshire and the West Midlands, with regional ...
John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation, said: “We welcome the Prime Minister's recognition of the challenges faced by the creative industries during Brexit negotiations. Almost half of the UK's creative exports - worth over £35bn - go to the EU. We now need more detail on how ...

Some former leaders see their reputations advanced when unencumbered by office. Others fall away or descend into ignominy. For all his travails while prime minister in the 1990s (the latter part of which I covered as a lobby journalist), Sir John Major has arguably acquired a greater status as an elder ...
And while the Government has been reluctant to publish the reports because it might undermine the UK's negotiating position John Kampfner, Chief Executive of the Creative Industries Federation, believes the real reason for the reluctance to publish is their rudimentary nature. Without the help of ...
"[Government] must now deliver an immigration system that can support its commitment – a system commensurate with its vision of an open, global Britain," said John Kampfner, chief executive of CIF. "Our global reputation has made us a magnet for world-class talent who, in turn, have helped build our ...
“We should be seen as either the most, or one of the most important, future-proof engines for growth in the UK economy,” says John Kampfner, the chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation. “But one of the key reasons we're so successful is that Britain is so ... open. The question is: is that soluble ...
She will work closely four days a week with the c.e.o., John Kampfner, on external relations, stakeholder engagement and communications and “play a key role” in developing the strategic direction of the federation as it enters a new phase of growth. Millard succeeds Harriet Finney who is joining the BFI as ...
Lovers and Strangers by Clair Wills review – the making of modern Britain. Personal stories from the first generation of Britain's postwar immigrants have much to teach us as we seek to close our doors to the EU. John Kampfner. Mon 21 Aug 2017 04.00 EDT Last modified on Thu 22 Feb 2018 09.20 EST. Share on ...
There is a looming crisis which is not getting the campaign airtime it deserves in this election: the encroachment of automation into our workforce. Research by the innovation foundation Nesta has suggested that 35 per cent of British jobs could be eventually fully automated with significant consequences for ...


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