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updated Wed. April 24, 2024

NEW YORK – Since FBI Director James Comey closed the reopened criminal investigation in Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information two days before the election, the question remains whether or not an investigation would be resumed under the incoming Trump administration. WND has now ...

But longtime Wall Street Journal writer John Fund, in his book “Stealing Elections,” says: “Election fraud, whether it's phony voter registrations, illegal absentee ballots, shady recounts or old-fashion ballot-box stuffing, can be found in every part of the United States, although it is probably spreading because ...
NEW YORK – Following its success in Times Square, a “Super Trump” digital billboard was posted in downtown Orlando, and a “Super Trump II” will play next week on a 55-foot digital billboard in Times Square. In the “Super Trump II” animated billboard, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ...
Preface. Who I Am and Why I Wrote This Book. In 2004, I coauthored Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, with Swift Boat veteran John O'Neill, a highly successful attorney in Houston, Texas, and a longtime friend I first met more than forty years ago, in college. In the 1960s ...
One of the nation's largest newspapers, USA Today, said on Wednesday it was comfortable publishing an op-ed written by Jerome Corsi, a prominent conspiracy theorist who serves as the DC ... The Opposing View on arming teachers has been updated with more information about author Jerome R. Corsi.


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