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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

Trump's proposed big military budget no sure thing. Richard Lardner, The Associated Press 12:54 p.m. MT Feb. 22, 2017. Trump 1. In this Jan. 27, 2017 photo, President Donald Trump, left, listens as Defense Secretary James Mattis, right, speaks at the ...
A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on February 21, 2017, on page 6. Recommended. Related Articles.
Brussels, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) The United States demanded today that the other member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) increase military expenditures and contributions to the alliance before the end of 2017.
Trump's proposed big military budget no sure thing. By: Richard Lardner, The Associated Press, February 20, 2017 (Photo Credit: Susan Walsh/AP).
WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans control Congress so President Donald Trump's pledge to boost the Pentagon budget by tens of billions of dollars should be a sure bet.
Speaking right before the Pentagon chief James Mattis addressed the annual Munich Security Conference on Friday, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said her country was committed to raising military spending to eventually reach the agreed ...
A debate is needed on boosting Bulgaria's military expenditure in line with the country's NATO commitments, interim Defense Minister Stefan Yanev has said.
So it was inevitable that questions about military spending would arise. Donald Trump has often said the United States is sick of paying other countries' share for collective defence.
Vice President Mike Pence said the U.S. would be unwavering in its commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but demanded that Europe step up its military spending, marking one of the Trump administration's most full-throated efforts yet to ...
military spending hike might face tough path. Fiscal conservatives and skeptical liberals will need to come to an agreement on a deal.
A new study from IHS Jane's is showing that, while the Saudis intend to continue increasing their already staggering military budget, they are shifting decisively away from defensive equipment and toward increasing their offensive capabilities. The ...
Titled "Von der Leyen answers the USA: we have understood," the column discussed this year's Munich Security Conference and announced a massive increase in the military budget. Three years ago, von der Leyen and President Joachim Gauck and his ...
Canada's indifference to the ever-present push for more NATO spending was laid bare Friday in Germany as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all but shrugged off Donald Trump's push to squeeze alliance members for more money.
"There is no question that Europe will have to take more responsibility for that (military spending), but we cannot reduce security and peace policies to just the extent of military spending. That will not allow us to fight climate change, drought or ...
Europe mustn't be pushed by the US to increase its military spending, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said.
Defense Secretary James Mattis yesterday demanded massive increases in European military spending, threatening a considerable reduction of US military support for the continent if they didn't comply with the minimum 2% of GDP spent on military mandate ...
He built a record as an aggressive advocate for budget cuts, and as an opponent of using emergency war funds to avoid caps on military spending. That led Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain to oppose the nomination because of Mulvaney's ...
Brussels, February 16. /TASS/. NATO's weakness in the face of Russia is a myth as military spending of NATO's European allies alone (about 30% of NATO's overall military budget) exceeds Russia's and China's overall military budget, Russia's Permanent ...
Last year it spent 3.6% of its GDP on defence, the highest ratio of any NATO member (and the highest total military budget in the world by a hefty margin).
(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo). U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis waits for the start of the north Atlantic Council at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017.
New US defence secretary General James Mattis has stepped up calls for NATO allies to increase their military spending in the face of continuing security challenges.
Dave Brat said Tuesday he would not begin to consider some of the asks, like military spending, border spending and infrastructure, without first seeing something "put in stone.
As a member of the House, Mulvaney regularly opposed funding bills that boosted military spending beyond levels mandated by sequestration, or set cuts.
New US defence secretary General James Mattis has delivered a sharp warning to NATO allies they must increase their military spending or Washington will "moderate its commitment" to the Western alliance. Attending his first meeting of Nato defence ...
"He's anti-defense," McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said of Mulvaney, who as a member of the House regularly opposed funding bills that boost military spending beyond sequester levels. Assuming all Democrats vote against ...
It wants more military spending, as if we did not already have enough aircraft carriers (China has one, we have 14), and submarines and planes.
Germany, under fire from US president-elect Donald Trump for not meeting NATO's defence spending goal, is boosting military budgets, but also wants Trump to map out a consistent foreign policy agenda, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said.
While the Trump administration is weighing its defense commitments to Europe, NATO leaders have already committed to halting spending cuts and raising their military budgets to 2 percent of gross domestic product. But apart from the United States, only ...
An armored vehicle or a combat vehicle caters the need of strong defense with a combination of operational mobility and tactical capability.
Donald Trump is demanding a huge increase in weapons spending as he prepares to unleash a 'military show of strength' to nuke-wielding North Korea.
The mission of the United States military is to defend the nation against all enemies and provide combat capabilities anywhere in the world in support of United ...
A $404-million federal deal to upgrade LAVIII armoured vehicles like these, above, will secure 250 jobs at London's General Dynamics plant and reassure ...
Donald Trump's White House has promised to unleash a military show of strength after North Korea launched a "successful" ballistic missile test.
This country's biggest export is death. Our military budget takes six out of every 10 of our tax dollars to support this business, leaving untold numbers of dead, wounded and displaced individuals including the largest part of our homeless population ...
So what's happened to our military spending? The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities states in 2015, 16 percent of the U.S.
(MENAFN - Jordan Times) On May 9, Russia held its largest military parade since the Soviet era. In the tradition of that era, Red Square was filled with the army's ...
When it comes to its military ties, Philippines (EPHE) (PIE) is making all attempts to diversify away from its traditional ally, the United States.
In a move that comes as little surprise, Moran is lobbying to grow the US military budget with tactics including fear-mongering.
In 1988, after two terms of Reagan, military spending equaled 5.58 percent of the gross domestic product. It was high enough the Soviet Union went broke trying to keep up, and what Reagan called the "evil empire" subsequently dissolved.
... the Congressional Budget Office is already expecting the government to heap nearly $10 trillion onto the federal debt over the coming decade - and that is with statutory caps on domestic and military spending. Mr. Trump has already vowed to bust ...
There's a lot of misdirection going on these days. Anybody whose head hasn't been spinning over the last couple of weeks has probably been in a nice news blackout somewhere.
Boeing is ramping up its efforts to win a bigger share of the billions India spends on military hardware. The aviation giant has announced it's setting up a new unit that will handle all its defense operations in the country.
No more ceiling on military spending, they say - the sky's the limit. With this display of "hard bargaining," Trump's laying claim to defending taxpayers and workers.
... to place investment capital in high-momentum trends. President Trump has promised to massively increase military spending and to also pursue a more assertive foreign policy. ... "Thanks to the monstrous size of many military budgets, most defense ...
Last year, the newly-elected Liberals were able to claim - justifiably - that their military spending plans would be calibrated after they had conducted a defence policy review - something that's now largely completed.
It isn't central to this fact-check, but the military spending figure largely checks out using data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
The gaps outlined in the documents may provide Trump and congressional Republicans with more incentive to get rid of the strict limits on military spending mandated by a budget control law. Parts of the plans may be included in the formal supplemental ...
$30 BILLION BUDGET BOOST: The U.S. military's "Number 2s" are expected to cite sequestration as their Number 1 concern, when they testify before the House Armed Services Committee this morning.
When it comes to its military ties, Philippines (EPHE) (PIE) is making all attempts to diversify away from its traditional ally, the United States.
Trump has ordered Defense Secretary James Mattis to conduct a "readiness review" to guide the military's budget requests, and Mattis has started by ordering the Pentagon to prepare a supplemental request for this fiscal year by March 1 and a budget for ...







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