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updated Thu. May 25, 2017

On Tuesday, an expert on police militarization in the United States, testified that arming police with high-powered rifles, such as carbines, can actually reduce safety for the public and officers.
... of The Philippines-New People's army-National Democratic Front], the continued militarization of many areas in Mindanao, including the Moro areas, the growing militarization of the civilian bureaucracy, and now, the declaration of Martial Law in ...
"China expresses strong protest and has already made representation to the US side in connection with such a demonstration of military force, boost to the militarization of the region and actions that can easily lead to incidents at sea and in the air ...
DoD officials have further explained that continued Chinese actions and territorial claims in the region are not in keeping with international laws, rules and regulations.
BAYAN-USA, Anakbayan-USA and GABRIELA USA condemn the declaration of martial law by the Duterte administration in Mindanao and call for it to be immediately revoked to ensure the protection of civilian communities from greater militarization and ...
Arming police with high-powered weapons, such as carbines, can have unintended consequences, an expert in police militarization testified Tuesday at the national police force's Labour Code trial in connection with the 2014 shooting deaths of three ...
As anti-war, anti-imperial, anti-colonial Korean people, we are offering a space to help people learn some background information on u.s.
Reports have emerged that China installed a new rocket weapon system to counter combat divers on a disputed island in the South China Sea's Spratly Islands.
Topics of conversation will include the U.S. militarization of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Okinawa. "I'm here to share what the people are doing in protest of the militarization," Abe said. Abe moved from mainland Japan to Okinawa in 1999 after getting a ...
Amid concern about Beijing's militarization and island building in disputed areas of the South China Sea, the observation that "China is apparently beginning to build a no-fly zone in the South China sea" was put forward by ImageSat International (ISI ...
Saying that the South China Sea conflict should be resolved peacefully, Taiwan on Friday said it will not support any militarization of contested islands - a virtual swipe at Chinese activities in the disputed territory. "We always advocate that South ...
Padilla said the NPA supported the talks but opposed the "militarization" of the bureaucracy, referring to the appointments of former military officials in key positions in the government.
At the recently concluded ASEAN Summit in Manila, the joint leaders' statement affirmed members' commitment to "peace, security and stability" in the region, but was silent on the arbitration ruling and China's militarization activities. Four ASEAN ...
On the eve of US President Donald Trump's much-anticipated trip to the Middle East, anonymous White House officials have already leaked publicly the news of impending mega US arms sales to Saudi Arabia totaling 100 billion dollars and up to 300 billion ...
A senior European diplomat has warned the growing military presence of the United Arab Emirates in the Horn of Africa could prompt conflict in the region and add to massive migration towards Europe as well as create extremism and a threat to European ...
( A few days ago, as I was walking through my old high school that I had attended back in the day, I had immediately noticed the extreme militarization of the school with a police squad car parked at the front of the school with a ...
... you should do so right now. Considerable damage to the environment, the economies of border communities, and individual human lives has already been accomplished by the militarization of the border. In 1961, the Berlin Wall appeared almost overnight.
The games led to further militarization of the LAPD, highlighting that police brutality claims against the department increased by 33 percent in the five years after they finished.
This militarization of our police and budget priorities is being presented as painless, paid for by a grant and "asset forfeiture funds.
"In 2017 we were the host [of the ASEAN Summit], the president was responsible for the Chairman's Statement [and made] no mention of reclamation or militarization. For the Chinese this is a green light," Carpio said in a speech in Makati City. After ...
Padilla said the NPA supported the talks but opposed the "militarization" of the bureaucracy, referring to the appointments of former military officials in key positions in the government.
The result of Iran's presidential elections will come out later today. According to the rules, if no candidate wins at least 50 percent of the votes plus one, the election enters a second phase: A run-off between the top two candidates.
Normalization is part of the reason for this but it's also the result of the entrenched militarization of Jewish society in Israel.
Such reform includes ending police militarization and improving oversight of police actions. The group's website summarizes its platform by saying they want to "reinvest in American industry, repair our crumbling infrastructure, rekindle our struggling ...
Brown said New Zealand has stood up to China's militarization and shares the goal of defusing North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
Beijing, May 17 (Reuters) - China has installed rocket launchers on a disputed reef in the South China Sea to ward off Vietnamese military combat divers, according to a state-run newspaper, offering new details on China's ongoing military build-up.
More than 100 people turned out Tuesday night to ask Berkeley officials to turn down federal resources they say lead to more militarized police. Photo: Emilie Raguso. In a late-night move that sparked ire in the crowd, the Berkeley City Council ...
In his March interview with Sputnik the founder of "Show Up! America," Jan R. Weinberg, warned that the US-led militarization of the Asia-Pacific region might turn into the "American Missile Crisis." "The American Missile Crisis may very well become ...
Security officials of The Philippines have expressed concern over China's ongoing militarization of their occupied areas in the Spratly Islands.
of government David W. Rivera recently published an article in the journal Problems of Post-communism (2017). "The militarization of the Russian elite under Putin: What We Know, What We Think We Know (but Don't), and What We Need to Know" examines ...
Japan and Taiwan are helping to advance the U.S.' ultimate goal of "engaging and containing" Beijing with larger purchases of arms.
... this month, China scored a diplomatic victory when the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) rolled over on criticizing its activity in the South China Sea by issuing a communique that skirted the issue of Beijing's island-building and ...
From 2006 to 2016, deployments of US Special Operations Command units to Africa climbed by a staggering 1600 percent. This militarization - with the ...
This growing militarization is already lining the already deep pockets of U.S. weapon manufacturers like Raytheon and Boeing.
The offer casts a shadow of concern raised by China's militarization in the South China Sea, which also comes on the heels of President Duterte's pivot to China.
"The Obama administration was reacting to a set of circumstances, and probably overreacting, to a dialogue from the public that took all the gear that was part of this program and labeled it as an over-militarization of police departments," Mihalek said.
The sooner Berkeley rejects Urban Shield's message by ending its participation, the sooner better training modalities which reflect our values will come into ...
There is a deficiency in the Southern area of Syria and especially in Deraa in terms of female reporters' appearance during the years of the revolution for multiple reasons, despite the fact that women occupied a prestigious place in the beginning of ...
There is a deficiency in the Southern area of Syria and especially in Deraa in terms of female reporters' appearance during the years of the revolution for multiple reasons, despite the fact that women occupied a prestigious place in the beginning of ...
From exposing the impact of U.S. militarization in The Philippines to canceling NBC's "Mail Order Bride" show, GABRIELA New York upholds its commitment to defend women's rights.
Mexico decided over ten years ago to militarize their drug policies and rely on the armed forces to conduct counter-narcotic operations and other public safety tasks.
As you make your decision this coming Tuesday on Berkeley's cooperation agreements with NCRIC (3.12) and UASI (3.6), and make decisions regarding the purchase of militarized equipment (armored van) and participation in Urban Shield, it is important to ...
THE Liberal Party (LP) on Friday expressed concern over an apparent "militarization" happening in the bureaucracy, pointing to the continuous appointments of former police and military men in the government by President Rodrigo Duterte.
"One of the most interesting things about these attacks is we are facing the side effect of what I call the militarization of cyberspace. governments around the world are using hacking tools. The problem is sometimes these codes can go out-of-control ...
Liberal Party (LP) president and Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan on Friday slammed the appointments of Mocha Uson and two military officials to key positions in the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), the Department of Environment and ...
The armed conflict report also describes the militarization of Mexico's criminal gangs, which it says has both helped them grow and fueled a recent spike in killings.
"The north and south mountain ranges serve as wildlife corridors and a border wall and related militarization essentially cut that in half," said Craig Miller, Senior Southwest Representative of Defenders of Wildlife, a conservationist group.
Chinese premier Li Keqiang shakes hands with the European Union's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini before their meeting at the Zhongnanhai leadership compound in Beijing, China, in this file photo dated April 18, 2017.
With its Libertarian bent, the institute has taken on the issue of the militarization of the police with the proliferation of the arms of war deployed in local police forces.
There's the militarization of police, complete with military equipment like mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs), used against U.S.






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