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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

elite military units, which include the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine Commandos, are required to cover large distances at speed over arduous terrain while being completely self-sustained (carrying extremely heavy loads made up of essential ...
On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijani armed forces, letters sent by random citizens have been read out to soldiers and officers at a military unit of the Defense Ministry. Nurshan Guliyev, Director General APA ...
... are almost no military units in this region. Our plans include strengthening the grouping, creating the infrastructure and necessary technical and logistical facilities.
Their German accents didn't give away their true identities as American Special Forces soldiers, part of a clandestine military unit operating during the Cold War. Berlin, a divided city located 100 miles behind the Iron Curtain, was a focal point in ...
Noting that NATO is constantly building military units and infrastructure on the former Soviet bases, primarily in the Baltic states and Poland, the minister stressed that NATO's strategy does not help build good-neighborliness, confidence and remove ...
We already have a military unit in Bolhrad presently, military units were established in Sarat, and a commandant's office will be deployed to Artsyz," the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's press service cited Poltorak as saying during a working visit to the ...
We also work on further establishment of Tumo centers at large military units of Armenia so that our servicemen have the opportunity to receive basic IT knowledge while serving in the army.
President Ilham Aliyev was informed that the construction of new buildings in the military unit began in 2012 and was completed in May 2017.
Kaliningrad, June 21. /TASS/. Russia's Defense Ministry plans to establish around 20 military units and bases in the Western Military District before the year ends, Defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu said at the ministry's board meeting ...
LEAD, S.D. (AP) - About 2,400 military service members are working on community service projects during an annual training exercise hosted by the South Dakota National Guard.
military units of the armed forces of Armenia violated ceasefire 124 times throughout the day, using 82 millimeter mortars (8 shells).
The government mobilized the state police, the military units and the Fire Brigade Units to assist with the evacuation of people from their homes and schools.
Used to fighting enemies in the jungle, Filipino soldiers find themselves drawn to urban warfare in Marawi, where young, well-armed radicals hide in multi-floored residences and establishments - sniping at will and outpacing military units not as ...
Amaral says, "We have to work as a team and that's everybody, it doesn't matter, even with the coalition forces with different countries, we all are here for one mission and to accomplish it.
... NA Speaker Ara Babloyan, comprised of the RA NA deputies Koryun Nahapetyan, Gagik Melikyan, Gevorg Petrosyan, Romik Manukyan, Gevorg Gorgisyan and the NA Chief of Staff, General Secretary Ara Saghatelyan, visited the frontline and one of the ...
Thirty military units with soldiers from 13 states, one U.S. territory and four foreign countries are participating in the two-week training.
Military sources in the region told Reuters no new Turkish military unit had been sent to Qatar and a unit already present there was taking part in the drills.
Israel has been secretly providing aid to Syrian rebels on the border in the Golan Heights for several years, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Barely six weeks after the start of the Korean war, a unit of soldiers from Indiana embarked on their training.
The Ministry of National Defense has proposed a NT$1.19 billion (US$39.2 million) budget to increase the pay rate of 29,995 military personnel who were not included in a previous raise for combat troops, a ministry official said.
Twenty-four military units from 14 states are taking part in the exercise that makes use of an area with terrain similar to Afghanistan, Bosnia and Korea.
On Sunday, June 18, a company of 80 personnel from the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and 35 members of the Royal Canadian Artillery Band will assume ceremonial duties as the Queen's Guard in London, England, the Canadian ...
Group photos show the daily training of a special military unit from the People's Liberation army (PLA) Hong Kong Garrison.
The reports periodically replicated by Azerbaijani media outlets, alleging the Armenian forces have committed arsons of the lands in the vicinity of Bash Qarvend, Qengerli, and Bayramlar settlements of the Aghdam region do not correspond to reality and ...
A special force is a specially trained military unit that carries out unique or specialty operations that can't be completed by standard military forces.
Recently, Armenian media reported about another suicide in the Armenian army, a dead body of contract serviceman Melik Khachatryan was found on June 1 at the warehouse of a military unit. Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper states that the serviceman ...
An armed attack on a military unit was committed in the Turkish province of Hatay at the border with Syria, the Turkish media outlets reported June 9. Two servicemen of the Turkish Armed Forces became wounded as a result of the attack.
They also made them shortly after Putin signed a decree effectively giving the National Guard commander the power, with Putin's consent, to assume control over and give direct orders to regular military units for specific domestic operations. Military ...
After that, the soldier shot himself dead. Immediately after the incident, an investigation commission was sent to the military unit from Stepanakert, which is conducting an investigation. Today, another domestic conflict occurred among Armenian ...
Qatari armed forces' contingent returned to Doha yesterday after participating in the military aggression carried out by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.
The strike is the second to hit a Syrian military unit near Tanf, where the US and Britain have military bases. On May 18, the US Air Force struck a convoy of pro-government fighters advancing in the desert near the Tanf border crossing with Iraq.
Qatari armed forces' contingent returned to Doha yesterday after participating in the military aggression carried out by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.
Damascus, June 6 (Xinhua) -- The Syrian Army confirmed that U.S.-led airstrike struck Syrian military unit near the Iraqi borders on Tuesday.
The Syrian Army confirmed that US-led airstrike struck Syrian military unit near the Iraqi borders on Tuesday. In a statement released late on Tuesday, the Syrian army said the warplanes of the US-led anti-terror coalition struck a Syrian military ...
The President's visit began from Koghb military unit where he had a meeting with the members of inter-agency commission which has been established to solve issues subjected to coordination in bordering communities.
Hungary is sending a company-sized unit of its defense forces to Estonia in the first half of July to conduct training exercises over a period of three months.
The Defense Ministry of Ukraine closely follows the unexpected military exercises the Russian Federation conducts at the border with Ukraine and in the occupied Crimea; all military units are put on alert. Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Spokesperson for ...
Female snipers and military units positioned themselves around Raqqa overlooking ISIS fighters NC. jihadis who claim there is honour in death took flight to Raqqa in Syria.
Cadets were organized into military units and were mixed between schools, serving as an example of military service with people from different parts of the nation.
The job I was given authorized me to go anywhere in South Vietnam, visit any U.S. or Vietnamese military unit I chose, and report what I observed to Commander Naval Forces Vietnam, then Vice Adm.
All military units receive their orders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Their salaries, equipment, and training are totally under Iranian supervision and control.
On 13 May 2015, Bellingcat published a report about the involvement of the Russian 2nd Automobile Battalion of the 69th Separate logistics Brigade (military unit 11385) and the 147th Automobile Battalion for Material Support (military unit 83466) in ...
Rapid City, S.D. (SD National Guard) - The South Dakota National Guard will host its 33rd annual Golden Coyote training exercise in the Black Hills June 10 - 24 to provide military units with relevant training opportunities in support of overseas ...
According to the criminal case initiated under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling committed on an especially large scale), a contract for the reconstruction of a military unit in a closed administrative-territorial unit in ...
Fort Carson, Colo. - The public is invited to the fourth annual Living History Day at Fort Carson. The event, which begins at 9 a.m.
But the country has gone a step further, since Russia's annexation of Crimea. Poland not only tolerates the multiplication of para-military units training to counter potential threats from Russia, it is also building up a new army of volunteers which ...
On Thursday, Armenia's Investigative Committee received information on discovering contract soldier, noncommissioned officer Melik Khachatryan (born in 1981) hanged in the protection area of N military unit of the Armenian Defense Ministry. A letter ...
The agreement on the incorporation of certain South Ossetian military units into the Russian army was signed in the spring.
Fourteen months after the creation of seven military units dedicated to safeguarding petroleum pipelines from theft there is no sign that they have made any difference.
Like several prominent U.S. military units, Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne Division was established in 1917, after the start of World War I. As part of its centennial celebration, about 15,000 Paratroopers participated in a week of events at Fort Bragg ...