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updated Sat. March 25, 2017

Interview - Kannywood star, Zaharadden Sani has finally gotten the nod of the National Film and Video Censors Board and the State Security Service to go ...
The dogs are decorated with costumes ranging from tutus to military uniforms. Mavis Pearl dogs are found in hospitals, retirement centers, and military bases around the world as well as backpacks given out by Tulsa's police officers, fire department ...
Geddes said the German armed forces Proficiency Badge is one of the few awards cadets can wear on their uniforms in the military after completing the ROTC program. Geddes said participating in this evaluation promotes camaraderie between the U.S. and ...
At 16, Jaclyn attended her the TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar in D.C. followed by the TAPS Good Grief Camp. Two years ago, she became a Good Grief Camp mentor.
Eagle-eyed observers would have noticed an increased number of men and women in military uniforms on campus a few Thursdays ago.
The FANB also discovered stolen Venezuelan military uniforms as well as combat attire belonging to the Colombian military forces.
Ten soldiers lined up behind the president for about 45 seconds, grouped so that he was speaking against a background of military uniforms, before another officer approached them and apparently told them to move, and they left the scene. The World ...
Upon debuting at the top of 2015, GFriend brought a refreshing change to the K-pop scene, not only with their throwback sonic style but also a visual one.
In the letter, the Attorney- General was said to have said that there was no way the Senate could force Ali to wear uniforms when President Muhammadu Buhari does not wear military uniform as Commander in Chief of the armed forces. He was said to have ...
"They are responsible for their uniforms (recruits wear a military uniform including polished boots) and their community service hours," Erin said.
military uniforms: If you love your country army then you have option to express your feeling by wearing military uniforms. We help you to hire best and comfortable size. We have separate categories for children, male and female. You can get fast ...
Former Marine Erika Butner, right, and attorney Gloria Allred hold photos of Butner in uniform, as she and another active-duty female Marine said during a March 8 news conference in Los Angeles that photographs of them were secretly posted online ...
And the military officers said a weeks-old investigation into nude photo-sharing by Marines online now involves all the services and has expanded to other websites, including a Tumblr page that has pornographic photos of people in various military ...
"Most people who collect militaria are history buffs, and militaria spreads the gamut from military weapons to uniforms to insignia to equipment," Adams said. "Anything used by the military is collectible. I started when I was a kid. My dad gave me one ...
A San Diego-based U.S. Marine was robbed of personalized military uniforms worth thousands of dollars while passing through Memphis, Tennessee, including one he was going to wear for a special ceremony.
"The interaction between active duty and Reserve components has been seamless for years," said Col. Douglas Gullion, 507th Air Refueling Wing commander.
Artillery demonstrations will rock Jamestown Settlement at noon Saturday and Sunday, as part of a weekend-long tribute to military history.
Guy Hill is a familiar figure in the community and many recognize him as the man with the large military uniform collection.
The United States Marine Corps is now investigating a 'slew' of gay porn websites as it expands on the allegations of soldiers sharing nude images , according to USA Today .
WASHINGTON - The military scandal involving sharing of sexually explicit images of troops has expanded beyond the private social media site Marines United to a slew of gay pornography web pages with images of men wearing military uniforms engaged ...
A United States Marine was only in Memphis 20 minutes and became the target for a thief.
The investigation reveals he stole a government-owned car and a U.S. Army dress uniform as well as additional uniform items. The following day, Pedigo was sighted in Groton, Connecticut. The stolen car and uniforms have been recovered. On Wednesday ...
Made by active soldiers and prisoners of war, the quilts are constructed using rugged and difficult textiles such as thick felt, heavy woollen serge or worsted twill; all scoured from disused uniforms, army blankets and other discarded military fabrics.
They were dressed in coveralls with South Korean military uniforms underneath and heavily-armed, each soldier carrying a submachine gun, a pistol, eight grenades and an anti-tank mine.
Featuring military uniforms and original photographs, the exhibit will be in the new education and activity room on the first floor of the historic Ailman House.
A bugler's solemn sound of "Taps" subsides as a silent crowd observes the methodical folding of an American flag. An Airman kneels to recite the message of ...
Lexington Historical Society will hold its second conservation evening, where guests can "adopt" different conservation projects and have the satisfaction of preserving these objects for posterity.
For all 11 Fridays at The Joe this year, the RiverDogs will once again wear specialty red uniforms in honor of the military. Fans are encouraged to wear red as well, and save a dollar off their ticket purchase at the gate with the option to donate that ...
Flags representing different branches of service drape the center of the main room at Brookhaven's Military Memorial Museum. Along the walls, uniforms hang ...
Mooseheart high school's Naval Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps held it annual Military Ball recently. The male cadets wear dress uniforms while the female students wear gowns for an evening of celebration, school officials said in a press release.
Civil Air Patrol senior member and Air Force veteran David Applewhite speaks to the Kilgore Lions Club during its March 2 meeting, alongside CAP cadet Jadon ...
US intelligence on Russian military activities is often complicated by its use of contractors or forces without uniforms, officials say. Russian military aircraft flew about six military units to Marsa Matrouh before the aircraft continued to Libya ...
The Israel Defense Forces granted 600 soldiers permits to leave their respective bases wearing civilian garb on Tuesday, amid fears they would be harassed or ...
Delegates attend in all their finery, whether smart business suits, crisply pressed military uniforms or a monk's maroon robes.
Alexander Barnes and Kevin Born have published a new book that educates readers about the nuances of desert uniforms. The generosity of service members, who sometimes literally gave their uniforms off their backs, enabled Barnes and Born to compile ...
Young supporters in old military uniforms greet Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he arrives to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he arrives to address a meeting in Istanbul, days before igniting a diplomatic crisis with the Netherlands.
Even NBC's Tom Brokaw joined the conversation, pointing out that "somebody else's babies" are wearing U.S. military uniforms and volunteering to protect the country. "Cong. King, please!" he added. King did get two thumbs up from former Ku Klux Klan ...
Ipswich Art Gallery director Michael Beckman said in contrast to the rough khaki and worn camouflage fabrics expected from war-time and depression era textile work, this exhibition showed a vibrant palette that military uniforms were made from before ...
The exhibit will focus on the stories of New Jerseyans and the effect the war had on those at home and fighting abroad. The culture and Heritage Office is seeking objects for display.
Meanwhile, in a nearby grass square, a large crowd of Park's supporters glumly waved national flags near a stage where organizers, wearing red caps and military uniforms, vowed to resist what they called a "political assassination." police had braced ...
"We don't push our cadets to join the military," Fischer said. They do strongly encourage them to go to college, she added.
It features the band in military uniforms, lots of animals running against a shiny gold background, multi-layered images, and other craziness.
Supporter of ousted South Korean president Park Geun-hye cry during a rally in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, March 11, 2017. South Korean police on Saturday braced for more violence between opponents and supporters of Park, who was stripped of her ...
In those rooms, stacked tall, are boxes and boxes of stuffed bears in familiar military uniforms. There's Sgt. Sleeptight, the original bear that the company launched with in June 2015.
Nurseries, the WWII era Hercules Missouri Ordnance Works, old toys, antique dolls, a collection of lady's hats, a cast iron stove, military uniforms, and railroad artifacts. The city is also known for the North Third Street Historic District. This ...
An honor guard of members of the Knights of Columbus dressed in military-style uniforms with their distinctive hats adorned with colorful feathers stood at attention with swords by their sides.
She began work as a seamstress by sewing military uniforms. After she married Albert in 1948, she continued working as a seamstress for harbor fashions for many years.
Photos of nude and clothed female service members also have been posted to another image-sharing message board, Business Insider reported.