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updated Tue. February 28, 2017

Dozens of tiny kids outfitted in military uniforms is perhaps a bit unsettling in 2017, but for the Knickerbocker Greys, it's business as usual.
LITTLE FALLS - The Minnesota Military Museum in Little Falls is offering up some of their artifacts in a new "Traveling Trunk" program.
ELLENTON, Fla (WWSB) -- The Gamble Plantation will be holding its 57th Annual Spring Open House on Mar. 5. The United daughters of the Confederacy, Judah P. Benjamin Chapter, and the Florida Park Service proudly announce that from 10 a.m.
Feb. 26--After more than a decade in limbo, a collection of items reflecting the heritage of Fairchild Air Force Base is on display in Spokane.
Dwayne Johnson was the first actor to make a point of going over to the fans, beelining for a group of veterans wearing their military uniforms. He shook several hands before making his way inside. Denzel Washington also crossed over to the fan section ...
In addition to men and boys dressed in civil war-style military uniforms, there were women and girls wearing clothing styles from that era at the Battle of Aiken over the weekend.
WASHINGTON - Defense Department schools have stopped enforcing an Obama-era directive affording protections to transgender students, instead deferring to individual administrators on the sensitive issue of bathroom and locker room access, Military ...
Images like this one might look silly, but they are rich with insights into the country's military and politics. By using high-tech forensics and traditional detective work, analysts and intelligence agencies can use photos to track North Korea's ...
From left, Elizabeth Medina, Precy Musni, Rebecca Halliwill, and Alicia Bernabe work at Vanguard Industries East in Norfolk, Va., on Thursday, January 12, 2017.
Any shift would deal an enormous setback to those in uniform who until last year had to lead separate lives if they wished to remain in the military, and to transgender children whose parents are subject to reassignment and relocation across the ...
[JURIST] The Turkish Ministry of Defense [official website, in Turkish] announced Wednesday that female soldiers will be allowed to wear headscarves along with their uniforms. The regulation, a break in the nation's attempt to protect its secularism ...
Dressed in green and blue camouflage uniforms, the demobilised soldiers chanted slogans and sang military songs, foreign media reported.
Cyber soldiers are now an integral part of military strategy, but unlike pilots who can see targets of their bombs and can see their effects, or infantrymen who wear uniforms and fight along much clearer lines, cyber warfare is much messier. As Lytle ...
"In the past three to four years," the resolution says, "APSI has unfortunately experienced a substantial reduction in orders and sales volume for U.S.
Combat Paper: transforming military uniforms into art · Combat Paper: transforming military uniforms into art.
Information warfare is an aggressive game of soccer where not only are all the fans on the field with the players, but no one is wearing uniforms. ... Unlike the dominance the U.S. military enjoyed for years in the conventional warfare realm, the lack ...
Costume designer Amanda Gladu created costumes resembling military uniforms. The third piece in the program, "Her Words Masquerades as Me" is by guest choreographer Onye Ozuzu, dean of the school of Fine and Performing arts at Columbia College ...
... personal beliefs," Turkish lawmaker Sadullah Ergin told reporters in 2008, when Parliament was considering lifting a ban on headscarves in universities.
Today and Friday, Pikes Peak Community College will hold their Combat Paper workshop event where veterans and students will get the chance to transform past military uniforms into art. The project aims to develop a creative way for veterans to express ...
Over the years those two dresses grew into a collection of more than 300 vintage dresses and many pairs of shoes, military uniforms, hats, purses, accessories and children's clothing. It was in 2002 that the Kings partnered with Toni Lagunoff , then ...
Disgruntled veterans of China's People's Liberation army (PLA) gather to protest outside the disciplinary arm of the ruling Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, ...
Apparently, the rumors about President Donald Trump asking his female staff to "dress like women" made their way across the pond.
He also blasted the effect of Trump's planned surge in deportations, noting what he saw in a visit last week to Phoenix Military school.
With the change, women officers or military students in uniforms who wish to cover their hair in line with Islamic tradition will be able to wear headscarves under their hats, berets or caps, an official said.
The Mile 7 District police Command has apprehended a 40-year-old driver, who allegedly posed as a military officer and snatched a vehicle from its owner in Kumasi.
The students in the JROTC program at Northeast High are treated like working Marines. They have jobs, titles and leadership roles.
Members of the guard will be fully outfitted in a military-style uniform designed by Savoie, and will be provided honor guard rifles for the events.
The 10-week-long exhibit features dozens of one-of-a-kind artifacts, uniforms, weaponry, photographs, personal letters and newspapers.
Which is why, when she first saw female combatants from Nepal's Maoist rebel group wearing their military uniforms and holding weapons, she was transfixed.
Based on product types, the military wearables market has been segmented into eyewear, wrist wear, smart textiles, modular, ear wear, smart keychains, and ...
Missouri First Lady and University of Missouri Assistant Professor Sheena Chestnut Greitens sits at her desk for an interview Feb. 13 in Columbia.
Vladimir Putin's forces are carrying out a gruelling Cold War exercise in freezing Arctic conditions as Russia moves to bolster its military presence in the region.
The way the meeting was conducted and controlled by our public officials, they should have been wearing Castro dictator-style military uniforms. Our public officials acted like Marxist socialist central planners in telling us how Napa's expanding hotel ...
Leaving his studies at the university, Walker traveled to Fort Riley, Kansas, where he was issued his military uniforms, was given a number of innoculations and spent the next "week or so" undergoing the process of induction as a private into the ...
Combat Paper - Memories in Pulp Workshop - veterans, active-duty military, families and friends will transform old military uniforms into lasting works of paper art, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Community College, Centennial Campus, Aspen Building, The Grove, 5675 S.
His frilly shirts, jackets with velvet cuffs, kipper ties, lemon-hued sharkskin suits, "Great Leap Forward" Mao jackets and reworked military uniforms turned customers into peacocks. "Its customers were the real departure from the routine, for they ...
Kinshasa (Reuters) - Democratic Republic of Congo's government said on Saturday it was investigating a video that appears to show Congolese troops shooting dead a group of apparent militia members armed with slingshots and wooden batons.
Her first was the military camouflage of a drill sergeant. Her next was the uniform of a prison inmate. On Wednesday, Wilson joined 11 other women in royal blue caps and gowns for the fourth annual Women Working for a Change graduation ceremony.
Davis, who has a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's of arts degree in history-social science, discussed the various accomplishments of Black military members throughout history - specifically how they led the way in desegregation in ...
Meet up with re-enactors and see uniforms and gear from past wars during the Military History Festival this weekend at the Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 E. Main St., St. Charles.
A second wave of "Merino mania" struck in 1860 during the civil war as wool was needed for military uniforms. By this time, Vermont faced tough competition from sheep farms farther west.
Archibong said that the garment factory, which had since been completed but awaiting inauguration, has all the facilities to produce military and paramilitary uniforms, among others. "We are happy that the Nigerian police and the peace Corps have ...
This last week I was privileged to enlist my youngest son into the army. Now, all four of my sons have joined the military. We belong to a continuous chain of ...
A Chicago artist has made a line of paper dolls called Dress Like a Woman dolls in response to a report that Donald Trump wants his female employees to "dress like women.
HAMPTON ROADS, VIRGINIA (WTKR/CNN) - Billboard advertisements for paternity tests are causing a stir in Virginia for depicting men in military uniforms.
Air Force Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, program executive officer of the F-35 Joint Program Office; Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Jon M. Davis, deputy commandant for aviation; Air Force Maj.
"It's an outstanding ability to provide services to those who have served," Sergeant Major of the army Dan Dailey told Military Times. "It's in line with our soldier for Life program. We believe that once you've served, you're always a member of the ...