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updated Tue. April 24, 2018

He was also quarter-master general of the mounted San Francisco volunteers in 1851, raised by Governor Burnett to help quell Indian disturbances at San Diego. As an associate of Folsom's in the military establishment, he chose to honor him by naming Sibley Street after him. Sibley died on August ...
Canel will try to enable change in a way that it will not let the old Castro revolutionary guards or military establishment feel uncomfortable." "The military and security apparatus play a key role behind the scenes, controlling the economy and any gradual opening of the economy will have to be done at ...

Manzoor Pashteen, the 26-year-old leader of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (Pashtun Protection Movement, also PTM), said he wanted to present the facts to the people of Lahore that the mainstream media was not bringing to them, due to pressure from the military establishment. Pakistan's military ... Pashtuns
Erdan said: “We will continue to move against Iran's military establishment in Syria, which threatens Israel's security,” while Bennett said: “Israel has full freedom to move on its borders and is ready for all possible scenarios.” Last week Russia, Syria and Iran accused Israel of launching an air strike against ... Iranian military
"Press freedom is under attack in Pakistan and the situation has worsened in the last few years, with attacks against journalists intensifying, especially those orchestrated by the powerful military establishment," said Taha Siddiqui, a journalist who was forced into exile after an attempted kidnapping earlier ... Iranian military

Lebanese movement Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah stted that the US-led missile strikes on Syria failed to achieve its goal and namely "to terrorize Syrian troops, raise morale of insurgents or serve interests of Israel." He went on saying that the US military establishment kept its strikes limited since it ... Iranian military
The most recent events in Syria were really about aligning Trump's understanding of Syrian policy with that of the state and military establishment. The policy is to stay in Syria beyond IS, preventing its revival and preventing Iranian and Assad forces from regaining territory. It is unlikely there will be any ... Iranian military
It is a season of inventing doctrines and spreading propaganda in Pakistan. Old wine is presented in new bottles and termed “new doctrines” and the “new change.” The judiciary is busy with judicial activism; the military establishment is inventing new doctrines, while the political parties are busy ... Iranian military
Pakistan is working on a draft Bill to permanently ban Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed-led Jamaat-ud Dawa as well as other terror groups and individuals on the watch list of the interior ministry, a move which has the backing of the powerful military establishment. The Bill will replace the presidential ... Iranian military
With murders, forced disappearances, death threats and censure of journalists and media outlets becoming increasingly common, concerns have been raised about the extensive influence of the powerful military establishment. The military's stranglehold means that “anyone who attempts to report on what's ... Iranian military
Chief Minister Punjab and Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) President offered an olive branch to the military establishment. He stressed that the military should work along with the civilian administration for toppling the challenges faced by the country. Earlier, media had speculated that Shahbaz ... Iranian military
But closer to home, it seems that Pakistan's military establishment is no more interested in flirting with the idea of coming directly out of the barracks. Though today there is talk of behind-the-scenes string-pulling; especially when it comes to the judiciary's collision course with the King and all his men. Iranian military
This time he made the headlines, over a tussle in Islamabad between the government and a military establishment unhappy with Ali's recent change of careers. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, from the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party, nominated Ali as Pakistan's ambassador to the US in ... Iranian military
Pakistan's elections are already underway; some three months ahead of schedule. And are being contested by the big three. Namely, the ruling civilian leadership, the military establishment and the US. Everything else, at this stage, is but a sideshow. Washington, for now, may or may not have the upper ... Iranian military
The military establishment fears that Sharif could still win the upcoming general elections and Geo TV is promoting his agenda. This, in my opinion, is a reason behind the channel's suspension." Imran Aslam, president of Geo TV Network, says there has been no official confirmation of the channel's ... Iranian military
The government, i.e., the civilian, as well as the military establishment, needs to come up with a clear policy against the confusing and erratic carrot and stick policy of the United States. The meeker Pakistan turns, more hawkish does the US become in blaming Pakistan for its failures in Afghanistan. Iranian military

Director General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Ghafoor clarified the much-hyped Bajwa Doctrine and described it as a doctrine with limited scope restricted to security measures only. DG ISPR addressed the media in Rawalpindi and denied the stories published in newspapers ... Iranian military
The Haqqani network is most qualified, loyal, veritable arm and sophisticated militant group for Pakistan military establishment against Afghanistan during and after cold. The group recently is led by Siraj Haqqani, the son of the famous anti-Soviet Jihadist Jalaluddin Haqqani, who also led deputy command ... Iranian military
In February, the Defense One website quoted a US spokesperson for Al Udeid who said that the airbase will undergo projects regarding infrastructure development throughout the military establishment. There are currently more than 9,000 US soldiers, most of them from the Air Force, and 100 military ... Iranian military
A military appellate court in Bahrain on Monday examined appeals submitted by seven civilians convicted earlier on different charges, according to Bahrain's official news agency. Last year, Bahrain's constitution was amended to allow civilians to be tried by military tribunals. The seven defendants include ... Iranian military
Pampering the Pentagon is one of those rare bipartisan issues where lawmakers consistently trip over one another to bestow more money on the military establishment than what has been officially requested. Our own Senators Burr and Tillis are right there with them. As a result, we charge down the path of ... Iranian military
The elitist military establishment considers this unity as a direct threat to their monopoly of the War Machines in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Manzoor Pashteen founded his movement in 2016 in South Waziristan and initially demanded clearing of thousands of landmines laid out by the Pakistan Army and the Taliban to fight ... Iranian military
Sisi, who as defense minister led the 2013 coup against the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, has forced out every credible electoral contender—including two prominent challengers from the military establishment, Ahmed Shafiq and Sami Anan—using threats and even imprisonment. Moussa Mustafa ... Iranian military
With the current status quo likely unchallenged, the new administration chief will have to build friendly ties with the military establishment that controls three key ministries – Home Affairs, Border Affairs and Defence. Apart from U Win Myint having to give priority to the crisis in northern Rakhine, Sai Wansai ... Iranian military
The public's willingness to finance a large military establishment has subsequently been linked to the perception that these expenditures perform a positive overall economic function in the national economy — and prove Eisenhower wrong. Yet World War II was characterized by special circumstances ... Iranian military
The Pakistani military establishment has long dismissed the agreement as one that never was while, at the time, the US insisted it would likely not act without keeping Islamabad in the loop. This was a proviso that both Obama and Hillary took off the table when they were battling it out for the Democrat ... Iranian military
Now, as the veil of secrecy is lifted, there is little nervousness in the Israeli military establishment over the expected reaction from Assad, if he responds at all. Members of the Israeli intelligence expect that Assad will once again swallow his pride and not react. If he does, it will be an admission that he was ... Iranian military
Cairo hosted a meeting on Tuesday -- the sixth of its kind -- to discuss means of “unifying” Libya's chaotic military establishment, according to Egypt's official MENA news agency. From the Egyptian side, the meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, acting General Intelligence chief Abbas ... Iranian military
Hussain further said that his address to the participants of the 34th Foundation Day is also being watched by the military establishment and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) at the General Headquarters (GHQ) and Aabpara respectively, which is a proof that despite restrictions on local media to cover him, the ... Iranian military
The alleged footprint of the country's military establishment behind the scene on the very outcome of Senate elections looms large. The deep-state was not willing to risk allowing the nominee of the disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to occupy the top Senate offices or to gain the enough number of ... Iranian military
He called on the international community to hold Pakistan responsible for using terror groups as proxies to further its own interests. All speakers agreed that this dangerous trend of terror groups being gradually brought into the political mainstream at the behest of the Pakistani military establishment had to ... Iranian military
Of course, the answer is dependent on the extent to which the military establishment is prepared to go in order to distance itself from accusations of behind-the-scenes meddling. This is a question full of loaded meaning and intent. After all, the latter's collision course with the ruling civilian set-up was ... Iranian military
“Never ever an army general or judge has been convicted of war crimes or wrong judgement,” Hussain underscored. Discussing the slain MQM leader Professor Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif, he said that Pakistan's military establishment assassinated him in custody because he “refused to take dictation and live ... Iranian military
Even the most rabid libertarians would probably agree that there are many functions for which we need government, such as a military establishment for our defense, police and fire protection, a court system to provide for rule of law, and provision for public education. They might also agree that we need at ... Iranian military
Continuing his tirade against the Pakistan Army, Nusrat stated that the "racist military establishment" and the "Punjabi ruling elite" had purposely diverted Karachi's resources to areas of their choice in order to create huge economic, social, educational and constitutional disparity in the minority communities. Iranian military
The T-80 is a glaring lesson in why heavily-armored tanks can hide major weaknesses. Once considered a premium tank by the Russian military establishment, T-80s suffered savage losses to lightly armed guerrillas during the First Chechen War. The tank's reputation never recovered. It wasn't supposed ... Iranian military
Her speech follows a wave of anti-Russia hysteria unleashed by the media, political and military establishment, including the mobilisation of 180 military personnel in the cathedral city of Salisbury. May did not provide a shred of evidence to support her claims that Russia had developed the chemical agent ... Iranian military
Why did Zardari, whose party was once headed by an internationally-recognized democrat like Benazir Bhutto, opt to side with Imran Khan and not with Sharif, who many analysts say has been under pressure from the military establishment? Zardari and his PPP are losing their relevance in Pakistani ... Iranian military
Geneva: Pakistani journalist Taha Siddiqui on Monday said that the military establishment in Islamabad is using people like Hafiz Saeed, who is ... “We have seen double standards and hypocrisy of the Pakistani policy-makers, particularly the military establishment, which actually manages the policy for the ... Iranian military
A firm determination on the part of the military establishment to prevent civilian leadership from gaining effective decision-making power in security and foreign affairs has limited the ruling party's chances to govern. The unexpected result of the Senate election demonstrates that the military establishment ... Iranian military
"We have seen double standards and hypocrisy of the Pakistani policy-makers, particularly the military establishment, which actually manages the policy for the country," Siddiqui said. "I mean there's a civilian government, it's only for the stamp. They don't have that kind of authority." "The real authority lies ... Iranian military
Now that key senators have introduced measures that would end U.S.-aided hostilities in Yemen, we can expect that a coordinated backlash from the military establishment is imminent. The multi-trillion-dollar military-industrial-counterterrorism complex (MICC) has a business model for scuttling legislation ... Iranian military
The revamp of the military establishment also includes a new strategy to restructure the Defence Ministry for improved organisation and governance. ... their own businesses (a step away from the Kingdom's guardianship system) and allowing women to join the military establishment under strict conditions. Iranian military
Like many other former admirers of Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, the museum said it understood the pressures on her from a military establishment that still holds most of the country's power, and a Buddhist majority which regards the Rohingya as trespassers who have no historic place in Myanmar. Hundreds of ... Iranian military
Now that key senators have introduced measures that would end U.S.-aided hostilities in Yemen, we can expect that a coordinated backlash from the military establishment is imminent. The multi-trillion-dollar military-industrial-counterterrorism complex (MICC) has a business model for scuttling legislation ... Iranian military
... civilian areas,” said a Batal resident Ashiq while talking to this writer. People in Batal appealed to the world human rights organisations to take the notice of truce violation on the LoC and put pressure over Indian military establishment to stop attacking the civilian areas. FeaturedIndial armyLine of Control. Iranian military
A principled position by the civil and military establishment to obey and apply the law/constitution has been taken as a declaration of war against the elected rulers. Instead of making pillars of democracy (led by the two houses of Parliament) strong, credible and respected, the latest staged bazaar of buying ... Iranian military
The statement hinted Asif's decision had the backing of the powerful military establishment as it said the foreign minister gave his approval “after consulting with all the stakeholders”. Asif also suggested the humanitarian measures should be extended to prisoners above 60 years and below 18 years, and ... Iranian military
In fact, we forbade the Japanese from forming a new military establishment, simultaneously promising to protect the island nation from any other country's military aggression. We started to regret the ongoing nature of that stewardship during the Cold War. Japan was a ward when what we really needed ... Iranian military


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