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updated Fri. January 21, 2022

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (NSEI:IOC), a ₹1.81T large-cap, is an oil and gas company operating in an industry which has persevered through a continued decline in oil prices since 2014. However, energy-sector analysts are forecasting for the entire industry, a somewhat weaker growth of 6.21% in the ...
Currently, offshore oil operations on federal lands require that companies pay 18.75 percent in royalties back to the federal government. ... the royalty rate back down to 12.5 percent "would be an irresponsible change that would deliver an unjustified windfall to private industry at the expense of the public.".

“This trial should be a wake-up call to the oil industry. Some of the most senior executives at two of the biggest companies in the world could face prison sentences for a deal that was struck under their watch,” said Barnaby Pace of campaign group Global Witness. The court case is expected to last at least a ...
While the government remains focused on boosting oil production to kickstart growth in its petroleum dependent economy, the industry has had an ... Higher cash flow and a stronger balance sheet will give the company considerable financial flexibility, including the ability to dial up its investment in ...
Tariffs that President Trump plans to slap on imported steel will have a negative impact on energy projects, oil industry groups warn. Trump is pursuing ... The oil and gas industry relies on foreign steel to build projects across many of these sectors, according to the American Petroleum Institute. "The actions ...
There appears to be a disconnect where US shale industry is either viewed as too efficient or productivity and economics of the industry is about to implode. ... However, if you are going to assume that a handful of E&P companies with the best acreage will single-handedly drive overall U.S. oil production ...

"The imposition of U.S. oil sanctions is now edging closer to reality. Such a move would act as the death knell for Venezuela's oil industry," Stephen Brennock, oil analyst at PVM Oil Associates, said in a research note Wednesday. President Donald Trump is reportedly considering sanctioning Venezuela's ...
Three Plano oil companies and their executives took $11.7 million from "unsophisticated" investors and spent some of it on alcohol, strip club visits and ... oil well shares to more than 150 people, sometimes targeted investors who had no investment experience and knew little about the oil and gas industry.
These changes may sound subtle, but they signify a marked shift in direction in an industry that for years fought government climate regulation and in many cases sought to murky the ... In some cases, oil companies will shift some of their refineries from making gasoline to making other petroleum products.
This past year was a big one for the oil and gas industry, particularly in Texas, which is a “major contributor” to the country's global leverage, said Texas Oil & Gas Association President Todd Staples. During a conference call Tuesday, Feb. 27, Staples said the industry's contributions to state and local taxes ...
"Tudex was pretty much unresponsive beginning in 2016," said Matt Lepore, the outgoing executive director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which is charged with regulating the industry in the state. Lepore said Tudex left Colorado without much notice nor without much fear of ...
OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission say they are taking additional steps to prevent earthquakes. ... In fact, many companies exploring for and producing oil and natural gas in Oklahoma already exceed the requirements of the protocol in their existing operations.”.
Oil and gas is not a sunset industry, and low oil prices are not such bad news at all, BP's chief of upstream operations, Bernard Looney, said recently. Although Looney acknowledged that the price drop was a challenge, he noted that this challenge opened up opportunities for oil and gas companies to ...
The oil industry in the country sitting on the world's largest oil reserves is collapsing amid a savage economic crisis and rampant hyperinflation. ... of mismanagement, the oil price collapse in 2014, and lack of investment and maintenance are now plaguing the oil industry and the state-held oil company.
Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:OXY) may be ready for a comeback. Though OXY remains the third-largest privately owned petroleum producer, OXY stock has spent most of the decade in a state of decline. Now, as the company releases its quarterly and annual reports, the company turns a ...
As a member of the company's executive leadership team, Eckart led the growth and modernization of Murphy's finance and accounting functions, and serves on the company's pension investment, employee benefits, and risk committees. He is widely recognized for his commitment to Murphy and the ...
The ATP Innovator oil production platform being towed from ATP Oil & Gas's Gomez wellsite 125 miles south of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico in 2014. ATP Infrastructure Partners, LP, the owner of the platform, that year agreed to pay a $1 million fine to settle a federal lawsuit over illegal discharges of oil ...

Customers were surprised to hear they were getting 100 gallons of free oil. Representatives of Giroux Energy in Portland say they're happy to deliver some extra warmth on Valentine's Day. “Back in early January, we had that deep freeze of the century and that really got people's horns up and thinking ...
Colombia's beleaguered oil patch remains under considerable pressure. Aside from falling investment and a lack of proven reserves that has led to fears that it only can support another five years of production at current rates, it continues to experience considerable disruptions and outages. The failure of ...
The 'spark' seems to be back in the oil industry, according to Tethys Oil's managing director Magnus Nordin. Nordin made the statement in Tethys' latest results announcement, which outlined increased revenues for the company in the fourth quarter and full year of 2017, compared to the corresponding ...
India's state-controlled oil and gas companies have planned to spend Rs 890 billion (US$13.82 billion) in fiscal year 2018-2019 with half of the spending going ... The company aimed to produce at 23.908 million tonnes of natural gas from ONGC fields but the company produced only 21.177 million tonnes.
Monrovia - Former Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) Managing Director T. Nelson William, II has been appointed as senior vice President of Conex petroleum group of companies (CPG). A press release from the company states that his appointment takes immediate effect. “The Chairman and ...
Oil companies that have claimed more than a billion dollars in tax credits for burying carbon dioxide underground just got a windfall from Congress. ... NRG Energy Inc. and Occidental Petroleum Corp., which already operate facilities capturing the gas or use carbon dioxide in enhanced oil recovery projects.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, natural gas and petroleum systems are the largest source of methane emissions in the United States. USEPA. Scientists are still working to quantify methane emissions from oil and gas production, and to improve tools for detecting and reducing methane ...
The city of Richmond recently made an unlikely move that got the attention of its largest employer and taxpayer, Chevron. It followed other municipalities and counties across California that have filed lawsuits against oil companies, alleging that the energy giants knowingly contributed to climate change and ...
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:APC), a $32.34B large-cap, is an oil and gas company operating in an industry which has persevered through a continued decline in oil prices since mid-2014. However, energy-sector analysts are forecasting for the entire industry, a positive double-digit growth of ...
Mr. Brabham always said, 'Warm fuels make warm friends' and he loved that part of the business,” said Brabham Oil Company President Brab McCully. “The friendships established by this company with customers and suppliers over the years have been vital to its success and will always be treasured.
Europe's largest oil company, Royal Dutch Shell, surprised the world late last year when it announced an ambition to slash its carbon footprint by 20 percent per unit of energy by 2035 and by 50 percent per unit of energy by 2050. As the first major oil and gas company to set such an aspiration, the ...
The corporate logo of the state oil company PDVSA is seen at a gas station in Caracas, Venezuela December 1, 2017. (REUTERS/Marco ... International service companies are limiting activities in the country as they take write downs on hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid fees. Venezuela's oil fields ...
But attorneys for Stephens argued that a workers' compensation law adopted by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2013 granted the oil well's operator immunity from the lawsuit. The law was among a series of civil justice reform measures adopted by the Republican-dominated Oklahoma Legislature and signed ...
OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that oil and natural gas companies can be sued when a worker is killed or injured on the ... a district court judge who ruled the statute is an unconstitutional special law designed to treat the oil and gas industry differently than other industries.
The company says its legal efforts would back potential claims of the "abuse of process" by California officials. ... U.S. oil companies, most with headquarters or significant operations in Houston, have more than $150 billion in foreign earnings, much of which is cash they could bring back into the United ...
RICHMOND — Accusing the oil industry of concealing that it knew long ago that gasoline and oil use was warming up the planet, Richmond has joined the ranks of cities and counties suing oil companies to cover the cost of shoring up shorelines from rising sea levels. Richmond — home to the Chevron oil ...
In a giveaway to Big Oil, the Trump administration's proposal to ease safety regulations on the industry that were adopted after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster is a mistake with potentially deadly consequences. At the same time, the administration gave another gift to oil companies by eliminating a tax ...
It now produces 40,000 barrels of oil a day, but the Orion deal will look to exploit the site's gas assets as well. Iraqi officials have been in talks with U.S. energy giant Exxon and Chinese companies over further developing oil production at the field. Iraq is looking to rebuild its energy-production infrastructure ...
Revised numbers show North Dakota's oil industry failed to meet the state's natural gas flaring goals in October. ... The Bismarck Tribune reports that 11 companies flared more than 15 percent in October, but none of them were ordered to limit oil production because they met one of the conditions in the ...
Revised natural gas numbers released this week show North Dakota's oil industry failed to meet the state gas capture target in October. The latest numbers from ... The Industrial Commission policy allows regulators to limit oil production for companies that fail to meet gas capture targets. However, the policy ...
A couple of publicity-seeking Los Angeles city council members have suggested suing oil companies for the damages that have and will be caused ... Getting dinner from a gas-fired BBQ doesn't mean that the fracking company has made the emissions, it means my taste for a good burger has made them.
New figures show Venezuela's oil output plummeted again last year, continuing a years-long streak of falling production. What will it mean for the economy as inflation soars and quality of life for residents declines? Rice University's Francisco Monaldi explains why he calls the trend a “death spiral” for the ...
To the editor: If members of the Los Angeles City Council want to sue oil companies for the damage that climate change has caused, voters should file a lawsuit against the city and county for failing to give us meaningful, modern and useful public transportation alternatives. (“L.A. lawmakers look to sue big ...
A 17-year-old effort by the Nigerian government to stimulate growth and transparency in the petroleum industry is taking a step forward in the country's legislature, according to a new Reuters report. The lower house of the Nigerian parliament passed a version of the bill identical to one approved by the ...
Oil and gas industry revenues pay a huge share of the money that goes into the state budget. And lobbyists for big oil companies pay a huge amount of campaign contributions to New Mexico politicians. An analysis of lobbyist expense reports filed in recent days with the New Mexico Secretary of State's ...
It was a quaint memory that contrasts sharply with the company's and industry's new normal: superpads — concrete platforms that can house 30 wells, ... Oil and gas companies across the country's shale regions are negotiating the optimum size of a pad — one that marries the efficiencies of having one site ...
Breitburn Operating LP and Spooner Petroleum Company are the only two companies permitted to drill wells. Drilling permits have been issued in Florida since the 1940s. Burnett Oil Company is the only company permitted to conduct geophysical exploration activities in Florida. This permit does not ...
But if the recent history of another patch of oil rich federal land not far from ANWR - the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska - is any indication, they could be in for a long ... RELATED STORY: As Senate considers ANWR, oil companies' interest in question ... "The industry likes to open up land and lock it up.
OPEC's crude oil production remained largely unchanged from November in December, but that was mostly thanks to a 50,000-bpd decline in Venezuela's production, as well as further cuts in Saudi Arabia, a Bloomberg survey of ship-tracking data, analyst opinions, and company information suggested ...
The world's largest oil company — Aramco generates more than 12.5 million gallons of oil and $1 billion in revenue every day — is at the Detroit auto show ... continued use of the combustion engine, but the public display highlights the threat posed by the increasing electrification of the automotive industry.
... acquire a 43.86-percent stake in a Nashville-based solar plant company called Silicon Ranch Corporation. The deal could cost up to $217 million, according to Reuters. The Netherlands-based oil and gas company is one of the biggest companies in the world, and, by its own account, it recorded revenue ...
It is a common refrain right now for customers of heating-oil companies that are fighting to keep up with demand after the recent cold spell. The Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island, a nonprofit trade association that promotes the sale of heating oil, said the combination of frigid temperatures and the storm last ...
Oil and gas industry group challenging proposed state question that seeks to give Oklahoma teachers $4,000 pay raise by equalizing gross production ... The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association filed two challenges Wednesday with the Oklahoma Supreme Court against State Question 795.


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