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PITTSFIELD -- Pittsfield is joining a growing list of cities suing pharmaceutical companies to cover costs spiraling from the opioid epidemic. "Pittsfield in particular has ... Ward 3 Councilor Nick Caccamo said the "massive marketing budgets" of pharmaceutical companies helped popularize opioids. Ward 1 ...

The long list of pharmaceutical companies being sued includes household names like Rite Aid of South Carolina Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. At the end of the defendants list is a section with four assumed prescribers referred to as "John Doe" and another five clinics that also are anonymous. Shelton said ...
STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION, N.D. - The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has filed a lawsuit against 24 pharmaceutical companies. The suit filed Monday by the tribe claims that the companies flooded the health care market with false statements about prescription opioids and failed to do their legal ...
DOVER, Del.- The Dover City Council on Monday night voted to retain attorneys to sue pharmaceutical companies over the opioid epidemic, adding the city to a number of other Municipalities across the country taking similar legal actions. The council voted in an executive session meeting to retain Marc J.

Horry County officials voted Tuesday to move forward with a mass action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry to end the opioid crisis. ... Instead of pursuing the major pharmaceutical companies, he says they should look for solutions outside of the country and see what's working where opioid use isn't an issue.
Adoption of bill on intellectual property will allow Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies to more efficiently develop generics ... of a bill on improvement of legal protection of inventions and useful models will allow Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop generic drugs more quickly and efficiently.
In an analysis that chronicles 25 years worth of pharmaceutical industry settlements and court judgments (see Figure 1), the group known as Public citizen found that, from 1991 to 2015, a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers, ...
CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County is suing three major drug companies, saying the companies are partially responsible for the opioid crisis. Horry County Council unanimously voted Tuesday night to take part in the mass action lawsuit in which many other Municipalities across the country have already ...
Tablet disintegration is a property of products within the pharmaceutical industry that has been commonly investigated. The significance of disintegration lies in the availability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to be dissolved inside the body and reach the bloodstream to take effect. An up and ...
companies named in the suit have defended their practice in the past saying they've worked to mitigate abuse of opioids while ensuring they can be prescribed legally to treat pain. Harris County filed suit against pharmaceutical companies, and even a few doctors and a pharmacist, back in December.
pharmaceutical products (medicine) form an important and vital part of any country's healthcare system. Yet the presence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals has become a global dilemma which poses serious threat to an effective health care system and in some cases, citizen's constitutional rights to health ...
Alachua County is one of the first Florida counties to sue pharmaceutical makers and distributors as a result of the opioid epidemic. The county filed a complaint last week in circuit civil court naming more than a dozen defendants, from manufacturers to individual doctors. It alleges the defendants spent ...
The Office of the Mayor made known in a press statement that they have been meeting with law firms and researching pharmaceutical companies' role in the crisis for several months. On Monday, Feb. 5, Mayor Walsh will issue a request "seeking information from law firms, researchers and other interested ...
Osceola County first in state to file suit against 21 pharmaceutical companies for opioid crisis. By: Jeff Deal. Updated: Feb 5, 2018 - 6:22 PM. Loading. ... Osceola County is the first in Florida to move forward with a lawsuit against 21 pharmaceutical companies. Leaders say ads by these companies were inducing consumers ...
A prescription medication made from marijuana might be approved by the Food and Drug Administration this summer. The advance could be a huge step forward for people with epilepsy, which this drug treats. And it would signal a new--some would say long-delayed--embrace of cannabis-based ...

The global pharmaceutical industry's investment in research and development is second, barely, to the computer and electronics industry and well beyond that of most other industries. For comparison, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies spend five times more 3 on research and development as a percent ...
Thirty-six legislators are calling on Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel to sue pharmaceutical companies for deceptive and fraudulent marketing practices to sell dangerous prescription drugs. The Democrats say the drugs have led to an opioid epidemic, and the number of overdose deaths has ...
Calling drug overdose deaths "a crisis that is plaguing our residents… literally killing people in our streets", Fall River Mayor Jasiel Corriea II said Friday the city will sue big pharmaceutical companies. "There is no doubt in my mind that there is a connection between big pharmaceutical companies and the ...
Family Says Tom Petty Died of an Accidental Overdose. Delaware's lawsuit comes two days after Philadelphia announced it was suing several opioid manufacturers. Forty-one states attorneys general are also coordinating on a national investigation of the pharmaceutical industry.
Glasgow Uni's 'chemical MP3 player' could mark a breakthrough for pharmaceutical industry. The idea put forward by chemists at Glasgow University means life-saving drugs could be produced at the touch of a button. Share; Comments. By. Claire Hutchison. 06:00, 19 JAN 2018. News. (Image: PA). Share; Comments.
On November 16 2017, four months after seeking comments, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released its Price Conduct Guidelines for Operators of Drugs Prone to Shortages and APIs.(1) These are the first price-related anti-monopoly guidelines concerning a specific industry ...
The city of Jacksonville has taken another step toward suing pharmaceutical companies for their alleged role in the city's opioid addiction crisis. ... in an email Wednesday that the city has selected the law firm Scott+Scott to represent it in litigation against pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.
According to the report, one driver in the market is increasing demand from pharmaceutical industry. A vial cap sealing machine is a key equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. This is because vials are primarily used to stock medicines that are in a liquid or powder form. A single-dose vial, used for ...
The prevailing view would perhaps be that the industry is not good at innovation, because it is conservative and risk averse. BPOG Director Simon Chalk shares his own views. A MORE informed view might point to evidence in the manufacturing supply chain area, at least, that invention and innovation are ...
This filing follows similar action filed by Drubner Hartley & Hellman and Simmons Hanly Conroy last year on behalf of the City of Waterbury against pharmaceutical manufacturers to address the opioid crisis. "The defendants have profited significantly as a result of their self-serving marketing, with opioid ...
Philadelphia City Solicitor Sozi Pedro Tulante on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018, announces the city is suing the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture opioid painkillers, claiming the drug companies are partially liable for the opioid addiction crisis that is affecting Philadelphia and the United States.
This interest was mirrored by researchers in pharmaceutical companies who became very interested in the new intellectual property space afforded by novel ... As a result, up until around ten years ago, there was a great focus in the pharmaceutical industry on heteroaromatic- based heterocyclic drugs.
CANTON -- St. Lawrence County has joined eight other counties in the state in a class-action lawsuit against the major manufacturers of opioid drugs. The action was filed Friday with the county clerk's office. St. Lawrence County lawmakers previously voted 10-3 in favor of joining the other lawsuits, initially ...
Oklahoma City -- A trial date is now set in connection with the state's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. Oklahoma is the first state in the nation to have their lawsuit against drug manufacturers move forward. According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, almost 3,000 Oklahomans have died from ...
pharmaceutical companies need to adapt their sales and marketing approaches to follow the changes that have come with the development of IDNs. IDNs have different decision-making processes, the size to leverage price discussions, and access to real-world data in order to understand a drug's true ...
"Every few years an alarming disease launches a furious, out-of-the-blue attack on people, triggering a high-level emergency response. … In nearly each case, major vaccine producers have risen to the challenge, setting aside their day-to-day profit-making activities to try to meet a pressing societal need.
Each tribe alleges the pharmaceutical companies did not take enough steps to prevent the spread of opioid addiction by not reporting suspicious orders and failing to inform users of the risks associated with the use of prescription opioids. Additionally, the tribes believe the companies named in the lawsuit ...
... "…Americans want government action to address the crisis of out of control domestic drug price increases, and they overwhelmingly support successful global health initiatives overseas like the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. With [former drug company executive Alex Azar] leading HHS, ...
ALLEGAN, MI - Perrigo Co.'s new Chief Executive Officer is Uwe Rohrhoff, a 25-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. The board of directors of the generic pharmaceuticals maker announced the appointment Monday morning, Jan. 8. Rohrhoff has been named president and CEO, effective Jan.
Baltimore County announced Monday that it intends to sue several pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors of opioids. Baltimore ... "We believe that the pharmaceutical industry pressured and cajoled physicians into prescribing opioids for chronic pain, and vastly misrepresented the risk of addiction.
Each tribe alleges the pharmaceutical companies did not do its due diligence to prevent the spread of opioid addiction by not reporting suspicious orders and not informing users of the risks associated with the use of prescription opioids. Additionally, the tribes believe the companies named in the lawsuit ...
pharmaceutical companies Purdue PhaRMA, Teva, Janssen, Endo and Mallinckrodt were among the named defendants in the lawsuit. The named drug distributors included AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson Corp. companies denied wrongdoing in written statements released to IndyStar ...
It's not easy to get Americans mad at a behind-the-scenes industry they've barely even heard of, but pharmaceutical companies have spent most of last year trying. ... "The pharmaceutical industry's efforts to change the discussion to the breadth of the supply chain has, to an extent, seemed to slow down a ...
One of the main reasons that pharmaceutical companies can manage to hike prices so much is because of a lack of competition, Chip Davis, CEO of the Association for Accessible Medicines told FOX Business' Liz Claman. Currently, 319 drugs on the market have no cheaper competitors in the form of ...
Five suburban counties are taking Big PhaRMA to court over the opioid crisis that's killed thousands of Chicago area drug users in the last six years. A group of States Attorneys say numerous major pharmaceutical companies marketed the drugs as safe, knowing they were not. DuPage, Kane, McHenry, Will ...
AmerisourceBergen: AmerisourceBergen and other wholesale drug distributors are responsible for getting FDA-approved drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturers to DEA-registered pharmacies, based on prescriptions written by licensed doctors and health care providers. Our role in doing so is quite ...
The ordinance requires pharmaceutical companies to pay for and maintain secure kiosks in pharmacies and health care clinics where drugs can be collected and incinerated. "It really does make pharmaceutical manufacturers responsible for the full cycle of their medications," said Dr. Christopher Frank, ...
To the dismay of advocates and Senate Democrats, he took no action to tackle the high price of naloxone, such as having the government directly negotiating with pharmaceutical companies. Trump did, however, promise "really big, really great advertising" to encourage people not to try drugs in the first ...
Business. Investing in Africa's pharmaceutical industry. Africa's pharmaceutical industry is growing but still relies heavily on imports. Experts say more investment is needed to help the continent develop its healthcare industry and produce more at home.
As the opioid epidemic consumes lives, futures and fiscal resources, many Municipalities are turning to the courts to try to force pharmaceutical companies to shoulder some of the responsibility. Nearly 200 local governments across the country have filed lawsuits against drug manufacturers, including ...
The project, which launches this month, aims to tackle the biggest challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry today. While pharmaceutical companies are continually developing new drugs, seven out of ten of those drugs never reach the patient. This is not because they are ineffective at treating disease ...
While I never learned if Milloy had direct ties to pharmaceutical companies, he had published a book called "Silencing science 4" that argued regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration had "eliminated science from public policy." Milloy was also one of the early defenders of Vioxx, arguing ...
New tool to assess largely ignored risk in pharmaceutical industry ... "We believe that this risk-assessment will make it possible to manufacture safer medication by helping the pharmaceutical industry to quickly spot medication that will fail during development and focus their efforts on compounds that are ...


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