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updated Sun. March 26, 2017

But campaign donations point to the outsize influence members of the pharmaceutical industry wields among Nevada lawmakers, who received an aggregate six figures in contributions from more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies over the last two ...
Mohammad Ali Shahin wears many hats. He is the Chairman of the Jordanian Association of pharmaceutical manufacturers and Medical Appliances (JAPM), and is also the CEO of Jordan Sweden Medical and Sterilization Co.
In Apotex Inc. v Canada (Minister of Health) ("Apotex"), the Federal Court (the "Court") provided some guidance with respect to the procedure pharmaceutical companies should undertake to obtain a Notice of Compliance ("NOC"). Overall, the Court's ...
Mexico City (Sputnik) - Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro called on the United Nations Friday to support the country's pharmaceutical industry and to help in providing the population with medicines. "The UN has the most advanced opportunities to ...
March 24, 2017 - The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) believes that developing value-based purchasing contracts between payers and pharmaceutical companies will be a critical next step for healthcare reform. Having payer and PhaRMA ...
As the healthcare industry moves towards value-based purchasing, pay-for-performance, and other payment reform models, industry leaders have identified federal fraud and abuse laws as a barrier to full implementation of such models.
According to the official release, the event marked the first phase of a pilot to develop an interoperable platform for the pharmaceutical industry. Representatives from global pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, hospitals, and leading ...
In order to execute this important work, they need access to all the data collected by pharmaceutical companies on the drug they test, which companies commonly withhold due to negative outcomes.
... media briefing on pharmaceutical market outlook in Jakarta on March 22. The association consists of 25 multinational research-based pharmaceutical companies. (JP/Stefani Ribka) ... "The market for unbranded medicine grew by 18 percent, the highest ...
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 21, 2017) - MasterControl Inc., a global provider of enterprise software solutions for life science and other regulated companies, today announced it will be highlighting the benefits of advanced quality management ...
The pharmaceutical industry seems to believe that freedom of speech should protect it from marketing untested and unapproved medication uses, and is now encouraging the FDA to adopt this perspective.
Research and markets has announced the addition of the "Analyzing the Generic Drugs Sector of the US pharmaceutical industry 2017" report to their offering.
At a time when US President Donald Trump has stated that pharmaceutical companies will have to cut "astronomical" drug prices and bring manufacturing back to America in order to create jobs, Indian drug companies are facing strong headwinds due to ...
... when he promised to take decisive action to reduce the rising cost of medicine, and stop pharmaceutical corporations from "getting away with murder" with exorbitant and ever-rising drug prices, he didn't get approval from the big pharmaceutical ...
It's been a six year long investigation but Sky News in the UK has revealed how authorities covered up the impact of a drug prescribed to pregnant women, ...
Hyderabad: It is not just the quality of water and air in Hyderabad that is degrading but the soil quality too is going down due to pollution.
The Arizona House of Representatives recently introduced House Bill 2382 (H.B. 2382), also known as the "Free Speech in Medicine Act.
If a beauty-parlor employee can recognize symptoms and suggest a treatment that works after two doctors, a biopsy and several medications couldn't, it suggests a larger problem with our profit-obsessed medical-care system and pharmaceutical industry.
Through its focus on further reducing antibiotic use, the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) issued a statement of intent with pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate its commitment to supporting research and development (R&D) into new industry health ...
George Masoura joins DrugDev to continue building relationships with European and ROW pharmaceutical companies as global demand for proven technology solutions increases - with especially strong interest in site selection and feasibility, site ...
"The Report Global cloud computing in pharmaceutical industry 2017, Trends and Forecast Report provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants.
Ivan said that Indonesia's pharmaceutical market average growth is 20.6 percent each year throughout 2011-2016. There are currently 239 pharmaceutical companies operating in Indonesia. Spread throughout a number of regions; 39 percent in West Java, ...
As the healthcare industry moves towards value-based purchasing, pay-for-performance, and other payment reform models, industry leaders have identified federal fraud and abuse laws as a barrier to full implementation of such models.
The board members also announced Tuesday that they are considering filing a lawsuit against "big pharmaceutical companies." Board Member Michael Gibson said the board will be considering the lawsuit or "going in with somebody else's lawsuit." "One of ...
Khartoum - Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman , on Tuesday, presided over in the Republican Palace meeting on localization of pharmaceutical industry. Minister of State for Health, Somiya Akad said in press statements after ...
Medicine has been defined by the World Health Organization as "products that are used to change or analyze physiological and pathological circumstances to the benefit of the user.
Earlier this year, IGZ published its Work Plan 2017 (see our newsletter of 31 January 2017), in which it announced that inspection visits to pharmaceutical industry-sponsored conferences and trainings would be among its key priorities in 2017. Recently ...
According to Annex 7 of the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on the transfer of technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing, technology transfer is defined as "a logical procedure that controls the transfer of any process together with its ...
The Simmons Hanly Conroy firm has filed several lawsuits on behalf of New York counties against pharmaceutical manufacturers and physicians, alleging the counties have spent millions of dollars fighting an opioid drug epidemic they say was caused by ...
But that came as no surprise. Bloom's employer, the Washington, D.C.,-based American Council on science and Health, is a pro-industry organization known for ...
WASHINGTON (AP) - A conservative doctor-turned-pundit with deep ties to Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry is President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Food and Drug Administration.
President Donald Trump says he's picked a nominee to run the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a popular choice in the pharmaceutical industry. He worked in the FDA under George W. Bush and is known and respected as a "constructive ...
Dr. Stephen McGarry, Managing Director, Head of Global health care Research, joined HSBC Holdings plc in 2015, covering European pharmaceutical stocks, having previously worked at other major investment banks and a health care fund.
Union chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Ananth Kumar today said hazardous waste generated by pharmaceutical and medical devices industry and plastic waste posed major environmental problems.
Attorney General Andy Beshear announced today that Kentucky has filed an amended complaint in its lawsuit alleging pharmaceutical companies have monopolized the generic drug markets. The amended complaint claims the six generic drugmakers ...
The price regulator in the pharmaceutical industry, National pharmaceutical Price Authority (NPPA) has discovered that the leading PhaRMA companies are overcharging customers for abundantly prevalent drugs in the market.
China's pharmaceutical industry is set to undergo further change as part of the healthcare reform initiatives announced by the State Council in its February 9 2017 Circular on Several Opinions Concerning Further Reforms of the Policies Governing Drug ...
In one form or another, talk about data has rippled through the life sciences industry for years, rising and falling like the peaks and troughs of a long-wave radio transmission.
But Tartus pharmacists, left with largely empty shelves and a five percent decrease in profits in recent months, point to Syrian pharmaceutical companies, whom they blame for focusing more on foreign than domestic markets. pharmaceutical manufacturers ...
pharmaceuticals group Ascendis Health announced its latest pair of acquisitions along with its interim results on Wednesday morning.
That pharmaceutical companies charge much more for their drugs in the United States than they do in other Western countries has contributed to public and ...
According to Mr. Subrata Ray, Sr. Group Vice President, ICRA Ltd, "The revenue growth for Indian pharmaceutical industry remains moderate for US, with base business in US continuing to face high single digit price erosion, regulatory overhang for ...
Let's now take a look at how some states are implementing their medical cannabis programs which create significant barriers to entry for cannabis small businesses and set the stage for the pharmaceutical industry to take control of cannabis. The ...
Grignard reagents are a class of organometallic compounds representing a standard formula R-Mg-X, wherein R is an organic group and X is an atom belonging to the halogen group.
Many pharmacy students think about a career in the pharmaceutical industry at some point during their time in university. Who would not want to be the person who discovered the next wonder drug?
WASHINGTON -- A U.S. senator Monday (March 6) called for an investigation into whether the Drug Enforcement Administration slowed enforcement efforts against pharmaceutical companies accused of violating laws designed to prevent pain pills from ...
An amended complaint filed March 1 revealed 40 plaintiff states have now joined the legal action, which accuses the pharmaceutical companies of violating federal and state antitrust laws and consumer protection laws in several territories. "South ...
Finally, the bill requires DCBS to calculate the average cost of drugs sold in 35 industrialized nations that are members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Users scored an exciting victory over copyright-based censorship last month, when the Domain Name Association (DNA) and the Public Interest Registry (PIR), in response to criticism from EFF, both abruptly withdrew their proposals for a new compulsory ...
Days after Trump met with pharmaceutical industry CEOs at the White House, the Securities and Exchange Commission endorsed drug companies' moves to block the resolutions from being voted on by shareholders at their annual meetings.





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