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updated Sun. March 26, 2017

And take my $2.71 because we should reduce our carbon footprint. In short, if saving these programs means I'm out $22.36 a year, I'm good.
... received today, in the mail, a nice, glossy ,expensive card showing the fearful results of impact fees. Obviously there is some substantial money behind the "Citrus Blue Collar Conservatives," which is a nice name for a group of corporate welfare ...
For well over 30 years, Florida's nursing home Medicaid program has told all providers that if the provider was willing to spend money on patient care, then the ...
Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran claims to be taking an ax to corporate welfare. Yet a House bill eliminating numerous tax credit programs preserves the breaks for certain special interests, including golf, motorsports and the defense industry.
FILE - In this Jan. 31, 2017, file photo, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delivers his State of the State address to a joint session of the House and Senate at the Texas Capitol in Austin.
In 2013 and 2014, then-gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott expressed skepticism about corporate welfare. His predecessor, Governor Rick Perry, had no such qualms.
Trump's budget would be better if it included more corporate welfare targets - such as farm subsidies - on the hit list.
corporate welfare is cronyism at its finest. It's a way to reward businessmen that help politicians win elections and costs taxpayers between $92 billion and $100 billion each year.
Targeting and financial exploitation of welfare recipients through the Department of Human Services' Centrepay automatic deductions facility is again under the regulatory spotlight after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission confirmed it ...
Also, nothing was said about the "corporate welfare" tax breaks (TIFs, incentives, abatements, kickbacks, etc.) given to lots of companies, developers, individuals, etc.
Critics of states using incentives like tax breaks to entice companies to relocate, an approach referred to as "corporate welfare," charge that it's not a smart way to put people to work or stimulate economies. For years, everyone from journalists to ...
What exactly is going on in Des Moines? Another $131 million is to be added to the $118 million January state budget deficit, according to reports.
Let's save taxpayer dollars and improve the state's economy by suspending corporate welfare in Delaware. This time last year, we celebrated the news that spin-offs from the Dow-DuPont merger would stay in Delaware.
We citizens must meet these challenges. To protect our earth from the continuous rape of the fossil fuel industry which destroys our ecosystems to the point of no return for profit to a few.
Candidate Trump said he would abolish the Export-Import Bank, a federal agency that subsidizes foreign buyers of U.S. goods. Trump's earliest budget framework listed Ex-Im among independent agencies to abolish.
Trump Olivier Douliery/SIPA/NewscomIf the pre-budget rumors are true,* President Donald Trump is making good on his promise to drain the swamp by putting a few corporate welfare programs, such as the Export-Import Bank and the Overseas Private ...
Before Obamacare, American healthcare was one of the greatest billionaire-producing industries ever. The money rolled in as desperate people who got sick would pay until bankrupt to get access to doctors and hospitals, even while insurance companies ...
Now that those jobs have been created - Scott claims more than 1.3 million overall so far - the mood in Tallahassee has shifted away from what Corcoran calls "corporate welfare." That has forced the governor into a defensive posture that he clearly isn ...
"This is corporate welfare for FPL," said Nathan Skop, a former FPL manager and a former commissioner on the Florida Public Service Commission.
Yes, we all hate "corporate welfare" - whatever that is. But the position of the Beacon Center bears a little more thought than was presented.
When the NDP announced their climate change plan, Shell stood shoulder to shoulder with Greenpeace and the government to promote the carbon tax and the ...
After Paul Ryan's PowerPoint presentation on March 9, I could only stare at my TV incredulously. The House speaker believes the only way we can continue paying for the average American to have things like the ACA, Medicare or any other "subsidy" to the ...
In that case it is called ignorance." Trump is ensuring that his pals and campaign donors are getting a generous share of that corporate welfare. Take it away from the poor and give it to the billionaires. the White House says "The Affordable Act is ...
voting to keep all of Oklahoma water resources within the state; repeal corporate welfare packages for the energy industry and make corporate boards and executives liable for criminal prosecution for corporate crimes.
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin lawmakers have reintroduced a bipartisan proposal making it a felony to defraud the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.
It's become a system of corporate welfare. (applause) The mayor's argument goes that if we provide millions of dollars in tax breaks, it will benefit you and your neighbors and your families, that it will spur improvement in the surrounding neighborhoods.
For years now, conservatives have been trying to end one particularly obscene example of corporate welfare, the Export-Import Bank.
For years, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a conservative, free-market think tank, has been critical of the Michigan Economic Development corporation (MEDC), calling it secretive and referring to it as the state's corporate welfare arm. Last ...
First, unlike many Southern and Midwestern states (and New York), Washington doesn't desperately hand out abundant corporate welfare. Second, the Boeing incentives were targeted at high-wage jobs (they were decisive in keeping the 777X here, just as ...
House leaders have publicly feuded with the governor over the proposals, repeatedly labeling business incentives as "corporate welfare." By Jim Turner The News Service of Florida. TALLAHASSEE - Proposals to kill the business-recruitment agency ...
The day after the Michigan Senate passed a $1.8 billion corporate welfare bill, the Michigan House voted against cutting the state income tax - by less than one-half percent.
Washington is once again massively screwing up the American sugar market. Because American farmers cannot compete with foreign sugar growers, the federal government has maintained an array of sugar import quotas and/or tariffs for most of the last 200 ...
House Speaker Richard Corcoran drew a line in the sand, saying the House would not back down on its efforts to end what he calls corporate welfare. "Know this, that we will stand up and we will fight for the taxpayers" said Corcoran. Corcoran also made ...
It seeks to provide some state oversight and prevent BP dollars from being used for economic incentives, which House Speaker Richard Corcoran calls "corporate welfare." Northwest Florida's House members were all selected to represent the region of the ...
They appear to have very little sense as to how businesses operate or the factors driving economic development. They operate in an alternative universe where all tax credits are "corporate welfare" or "government handouts." I've seen these groups in ...
These small- and medium-sized suppliers are willfully overlooked by EXIM Bank critics who throw around terms like "corporate welfare" and "crony capitalism" as if large companies make every part of an aircraft all by themselves and reap all the ...
House Speaker Richard Corcoran drew a line in the sand, saying the House would not back down on its efforts to end what he calls "corporate welfare". "Know this, we will stand up and we will fight for the taxpayers." Corcoran also made it clear that ...
Bernier spoke briefly to a group of 30 to 40 supporters before taking questions on a wide variety of issues ranging from healthcare, freedom of speech and national security to corporate welfare, supply management and equalization payments. "In Quebec ...
Both items are part of House Speaker Richard Corcoran's "corporate welfare" crackdown. Committee members voted 15-3 to eliminate Enterprise Florida, and 15-2 to reduce Visit Florida's fiscal 2018 funding from $76 million to $25 million.
In his annual State of the State speech, Scott cited his rags-to-riches life as proof of his expertise on the value of job incentives while defending Enterprise Florida, its survival threatened by Corcoran's attack against "corporate welfare." "You don ...
Scott's sought-after tax incentives as "corporate welfare" undeserving of money from working-class Floridians. "What we're saying, from a House standpoint is these are our principles.
Only hedge fund managers are cashing in on the Nikkei's gain and complacent executives are getting corporate welfare thanks to a weaker yen.
Whether it's calling for an end to "corporate welfare" for the Detroit Three auto companies, pledging to end price supports for Canadian dairy farmers or putting the abortion debate back on Parliament's agenda, federal Tory leadership candidate Maxime ...
Florida is in the midst of one of the most heated legislative battles in recent memory. At the center of the controversy is House Bill 7005 that would eliminate wasteful corporate welfare programs like Enterprise Florida. The bill, sponsored by Rep ...
Spending scandals have recently rocked both agencies. Scott, who sees the agencies' work going hand-in-hand with his jobs initiative, defends Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida; Corcoran is ruthless in his criticism of both as examples of "corporate ...
Florida is in the midst of one of the most heated legislative battles in recent memory. At the center of the controversy is a bill (HB 7005) that would eliminate wasteful corporate welfare programs like Enterprise Florida. The principled lawmakers ...
Now, I loathe the idea of corporate welfare for professional franchises. I applauded Collier County, Fla., when in December it rejected the notion of building the Braves a new complex in which they could sun themselves for a few weeks, and thought that ...
They also want to extend and extend the millionaires' tax by closing the Wall Street hedge fund carried interest loophole and eliminate corporate welfare and ensure that schools, college and universities remain sanctuary schools and not assist federal ...
But critics call the tax breaks "corporate welfare" and say the state's sluggish economy is proof they don't work.