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It will add capabilities to the company's existing Autopilot driver-assist technology, including lane keeping and collision avoidance.
... that can easily be exchanged or replaced between robots. H-ROS is about supporting a common environment of robot hardware components, where manufacturers comply with standard interfaces built upon the popular Robot operating system (ROS). h-ros1 ...

A robot being developed by Blue Ocean Robotics uses ultraviolet light to disinfect rooms. The Danish company is targeting the product first at hospitals, where there's a high danger of patients contracting infections.
Aurora CEO & Chairman John Langford believes robots will change the nature of the pilot's job, but not replace it entirely.
Jim Orr's family-owned, Zelienople company has made a small contribution to some big engineering feats: the launch pad for the Space Shuttle; the retractable field at the home of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, and the huge video screen where the Dallas ...
Uber is one of the world's largest ride-hailing services but the company's future holds more, said company CEO Travis Kalanick on Wednesday.

"As the market leader of the cobot industry, automation and robot company Universal robots welcomes the report, which confirms the validity of its mission: lowering barriers and enabling automation in areas previously considered too complex or costly ...
The company says Pepper offers countless benefits for retailers: an empathetic robot to engage with customers, a consumer behavior tracker with a friendly and interactive form, and even a new-age advertising platform.
"The proposed DMV rules would let robot cars without a driver on our roads if the manufacturer simply answers Yes, No or Maybe to each point on NHTSA's 15-point safety checklist," said Carmen Balber, executive director of consumer Watchdog.
John Greenough, senior research analyst for BI intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on enterprise robotics that examines the rising use of robots across many industries. It examines top use cases ...
A Japanese company has unveiled a new version of a table tennis robot at a tech show in Tokyo. The robot that is called 'Forpheus', was first created in 2013 and has now been updated in order to return balls with greater accuracy using artificial ...
Rethink Robotics, a Boston-based company that's made a name for itself by building 'collaborative robots' which can adapt to almost any manufacturing environment and task, is back with a new offering.
"Customers are increasingly turning to automation and there's a lot more to that than simply knowing who to call to put a robot in front of your machine," Ward said. "Just putting a robot in front of your machine does not necessarily fix the problem ...
Recruit Holdings Co., one of the world's largest staffing firms, invested in San Jose, Calif.-based Savioke, Inc., a company that provides autonomous delivery service robots. The amount invested was not announced. Savioke's autonomous delivery robot ...
iRobot Corp develops robotics and artificial intelligence technologies and applies those technologies in producing and marketing robots. The Company's segments include Home Robots and Defense and Security Robots. iRobot corporation is based out of ...
Kirobo was a small robot brought up to the ISS to address what the auto company Toyota sees as a growing problem in Japan: lonely seniors.
Indeed, German company Moley robotics created a robot chef that can create a meal from scratch by mimicking the movements of a human chef.

A startup called Wonder Workshop has partnered with Apple to teach kids how to code using Swift. Founded in 2012, Wonder Workshop makes toy robots, called Dash and Dot, that kids can control with programs they create using Wonder Workshop apps.
A Bridgeport company unveiled the world's first unmanned security guard robot Monday.
The new pizza joint isn't like the others - instead of using the same supposedly tried-and-true business models created by the likes of Domino's and Pizza Hut, Zume gives robots the responsibility of a lot of the pizza making. The advantage? Pizza is ...
Harter is the VP of information systems at Horizon Discovery, a biotech company based in the English city of Cambridge, which also has sites in the US and in the Austrian capital of Vienna.
iRobot corporation is engaged in designing and building robots. The Company's portfolio of solutions focus on technologies for the connected home and concepts in navigation, mobility, mapping and artificial intelligence.
Northrop Grumman's Remotec, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory spin-off company that makes hazardous-duty robots, built the robot that took out the sniper who shot and killed police officers in Dallas recently. Remotec USA has 100 employees.
... for Islamic Development on Robie Street say they're sick and tired of beer bottles, cigarette butts, marijuana smells, loitering, vandalism, vomiting, urination and loud noise they say is coming from the next door business, Good robot Brewing Company.
Welcome to California Inc., the weekly newsletter of the L.A. Times Business Section. I'm Business columnist David Lazarus, and here's a rundown of upcoming ...
The company's co-founders, Andrew Ewen and Steven Waelbers, said they met each other while working at a financial institution at Belgium.
In 2011, China's Foxconn, the company that builds Apple's iPhone and iPad hardware and many of the android smartphones, had announced a plan to replace 500,000 mainland Chinese workers with 1 million robots over the next 3-5 years. The company ...
Fanuc, maker of the industrial robots used to assemble Apple's iPhone and cars for Volkswagen and Tesla, is now partnering with Nvidia to add the company's graphics processing units to its massive machines. Fanuc launched an initiative to bring ...
Human beings have an uneasy relationship with robots. We're fascinated ... The palm-sized robot, from San Francisco-based company Anki, is both a harmless toy and a bold refutation of that uneasy relationship so loved by film and television. The $180 ...
A New York startup unveiled Kobi on Thursday, a robot it says can autonomously shovel snow, collect leaves and cut grass. "We're on a mission to help people not spend time on yard work," said Steven Waelbers, cofounder of The Kobi Company. "We want ...
You have to define its physical boundaries through its app and where to dump the leaves and snow, but after that, the company says Kobi apparently can figure out its way and remember the route it needs to take. It's equipped with a GPS and sensors to ...
Apple wants to recycle your old iPhone so badly that it built a robot to do the job. The company introduced Liam to the world earlier this year in a slick promotional video.
The toy company Hasbro has a new golden retriever robot designed to provide companionship to elderly adults. It's the second companion robot pet from the company, following a robo-kitten last year. Hasbro's mechanical pup looks real from a distance ...
Texas State Technical College in Waco's welding technology program recently received a Kuka welding robot valued at $150,000 from ARC Specialties in the Spring Branch area of northwest Houston. is an advanced financial information center and next-generation communication platform that connects self-directed investors with startup and ...
Workforce experts expect surge of job openings in coming years.
robots are taking over factories, and now even the people who write the software on which these automated workers rely have to worry about being replaced: If ...
Ashutosh Saxena, the founder of a company called Brain of Things and an expert on robot learning, says making it possible for industrial robots to share data is an important idea. "Earlier such robots were not designed with data sharing in mind," he says.
Disney's research lab publishes a lot of fascinating work, but it's not always obvious what their end-goal is. In this case, though, we can safely say: Disney is building a Tigger.
Omron's table tennis robot is getting smarter. At this week's Ceatec electronics show in Japan, the company has unveiled a new version that uses machine learning to assess the strength of an opponent and ramp up its game accordingly.
Security robot company Knightscope has two different guard bots, both of which look like Daleks designed by Tim Cook-era Apple.
A car company as a maker of robots? I suppose it makes sense, given the electronics now being stuffed into autos enroute to a driverless future.
Clearpath should be successful, as its robots can help make factory operations more efficient, which, in turn, lowers manufacturers' bottom lines. The company is following the business model of Kiva Systems, the enterprise robotics manufacturer that ...
Humans and robots work together, rather than try to replace each other. zume pizza robot This is where the pizza-making magic happens.
That's not to say that projects like the robotic arm are a waste -- Google's clearly been using them to learn more about how robots can collectively learn based on the behaviors of other robots, something that fits right in with the company's focus on ...
TORONTO, Oct 5 (Reuters) - Canada's Clearpath robotics has raised $30 million from backers including the venture arms of Caterpillar and its customer General Electric Co to expand its industrial robot business, the company said on Wednesday.
Sydney based real estate business JLL Australia has ditched real staff and gone for a more mechanical alternative, employing a robot as a receptionist in one of its offices. The 57cm tall robot, named JiLL, sits in the foyer of level three at one of ...
Yet the fascination with humanlike AI is as strong as ever in popular consciousness, manifest in the disembodied voice of Samantha in the movie Her, the partial humanoid Eva in Ex Machina, and the whole town full of robot people in HBO's new reboot of ...
Toyota Kirobo robot In this Sept. 27, 2016 photo, Toyota Motor Corp. SMO Moritaka Yoshida, right, and Fuminori Kataoka, project general manager from Toyota Motor Corp.
... as well as journeys you've taken together. The robot can be linked up to cars and gadgets in the home, and it's small enough to fit in your cup holder.







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