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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Voting Machines are used maybe five times a year? For a limited number of hours each election day. The machines are 12 years old.
The Hidalgo County elections Department is officially taking new Voting Machines out into the community to prepare voters for November elections.
MASON, Mich (WLNS) - In Ingham County you'll find that things will look a little different the next time you head to the voting booth.
XENIA - Greene County voters may be casting their ballots on new Voting Machines in the next presidential election. The current machines, which have been in use since November 2006, are starting to have issues but are still in good shape, according to ...
Carroll County's Voting Machines underwent routine preventative maintenance that is planned every five years to make sure they operate properly.
People in Kansas City have a chance to vote on, or at least weigh in on, how they'll vote. The city plans to dump its old Voting Machines for state-of-the-art gear by next spring's election. Voters, election workers and employees of the Kansas City ...
A computer science professor told the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday that Voting Machines that create an electronic record of the voters' decisions ...
While Voting Machines are generally not connected to the Internet, they often use memory cards that have been programmed by a computer that might have been connected to the Internet, or to another computer that was at some point connected to the ...
The polls are closing in Georgia following the most expensive congressional election in American history. As results are announced, there's significant ...
Miller County, Arkansas will soon be receiving all new voting gear.
The Madison County Quorum Court, at its monthly meeting Monday night, discussed alternative ways to fund new Voting Machines in the future other than the 50 ...
On Monday evening, the Saline County Quorum Court approved on first reading the appropriation of $500,000 toward a new stock of Voting Machines. Those funds, along with a dollar-for-dollar matching grant through the secretary of state's office, will ...
Handel was so busy fearmongering about voter fraud that she ignored a far more serious problem: the security of Georgia's electronic Voting Machines, which to this day have no verifiable paper trail. As Politico reported, she was warned as secretary of ...
DAVENPORT, Fla. (AP) - The chief operating officer of a Florida-based elections-software company says its computer systems were never hacked despite phishing attempts.
Election and computer security experts agree that the best way to secure elections is to make sure that Voting Machines have paper records to back up the electronic results.
Unlike dozens of other states, Georgia officials maintain that Russian hackers did not compromise the state's election infrastructure in any way during the 2016 presidential election.
The news of attempts by Russian hackers to compromise US voting systems will forever throw into question the results of close US elections -- but that's not just because Voting Machines are security tire-fires, it's because they're security tire-fires ...
The news of attempts by Russian hackers to compromise US voting systems will forever throw into question the results of close US elections -- but that's not just because Voting Machines are security tire-fires, it's because they're security tire-fires ...
Officials in Georgia are strangely apathetic about addressing key vulnerabilities in the state's voting system ahead of the special election Jun. 20 between ...
The Augusta County Electoral Board recently got brand new Voting Machines this past spring, thanks to a decision by the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.
Voters were assured repeatedly last year that foreign hackers couldn't manipulate votes because, with few exceptions, Voting Machines are not connected to the Internet. "So how do you hack something in cyberspace, when it's not in cyberspace ...
Marilyn Marks, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Foundation, which sued the state last month to prevent it from using the Voting Machines in the upcoming runoff, says Americans have reason to be concerned about the integrity of Georgia's ...
Dickinson to get new Voting Machines. Local News. Jun 13, 2017. Jim Anderson. News Editor. janderson@ironmountaindailynews.
When the issue of acquiring new Voting Machines became the topic of county officials' discussion last week, Director of elections Sarah Seymour listed possibilities for when a new voting system might be put in operation as November 2018 or May 2019.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime deal that would give Polk County the chance to get some slightly-used Voting Machines for much less than the cost of new machines in a proposal put forth by the elections department for spending during the latest County ...
In a 4-1 vote, Saline County Commissioners approved the purchase of both new Voting Machines and electronic poll pads. Earlier, Saline County Clerk Jamie Allen said she hoped to be able to put the new equipment to use in the November election.
The Hidalgo County elections Department will soon begin conducting a community outreach program to introduce county voters to new electronic voting ...
Our Voting Machines are not connected to the internet. We have bipartisan boards of elections that review and certify the results.
Even if most Voting Machines aren't connected to the Internet, "they are connected to something that's connected to something that's connected to the Internet," ...
election systems across 39 different states showed traces of attacks by Russian hackers after an examination during last year's election, according to a new report from Bloomberg.
Russia's US election meddling was much more widespread than the public has been told, according to a report from Bloomberg. hackers attacked voting ...
Georgia last overhauled its system in 2002, at a cost of at least $54 million, when it committed to the electronic Voting Machines that voters use today. They were state-of-the-art then, a nod to the booming use of technology. Still, a number of ...
Counties across Ohio are in the process of replacing Voting Machines. The County Commissioners Association of Ohio is working with the Ohio Association of election Officials and the Ohio Secretary of State's Office to come up with a cost to replace ...
Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams' ruling late Friday night came after an eight-hour hearing earlier this week over the suit's insistence that Georgia's reliance on Voting Machines was endangering the vote. The machines, it said, are too old, ...
The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors has approved nearly $54,000 for the purchase of eight new Voting Machines - one for each Rappahannock County precinct, one spare, and one for the central absentee precinct.
We have been warned so many times of the lacking security of electronic Voting Machines in use in India, the Netherlands, the United States.
A coalition is suing Georgia's SEC. of State's office claiming Georgia's Voting Machines are unsafe;; 22:30: Dr.
intelligence officials have been reporting there is no evidence that Voting Machines were hacked, but Mebane noted they hadn't examined them.
MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) Marquette County is getting new Voting Machines in time for the August 8th special election.
US Complains About Hacking but Does Nothing to Secure Voting Machines. By Any Means Necessary. 12:30 08.06.2017 (updated 12:48 08.06.2017) Get short URL.
intelligence officials have been reporting there is no evidence that Voting Machines were hacked, but Mebane noted they hadn't examined them.
MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP - New equipment to tabulate the results will be used when voters in Marquette County head to the polls to vote in the special election.
Clare County clerk Lori Martin continues to keep her eye on new Voting Machines for the county. "We'll have our new voting equipment in place for the November election of this year," she said.
Kelley also needs to replace antiquated Voting Machines and said new equipment for the vote-center approach would be at least $10 million cheaper than for the current precinct-poll system.
The report raised concerns about software vendors and Voting Machines that are not connected to the Internet and are, therefore, less vulnerable to hacks.
Chris Christie, voted for herself in the GOP primary and insisted that because New Jersey's Voting Machines are deliberately standalone and not internet enabled, "the only way you could hack the actual vote in New Jersey is if you went to all 11,000 ...
HOLLIDAYSBURG - Blair County leaders are starting to think about purchasing new Voting Machines, something they say will have to be confronted because the current system provides no paper trail and the current machines, first used in 2006, are ...
The attacks focused on voter registration systems rather than Voting Machines themselves, so there's no evidence that the Russian government directly changed anyone's vote.
The Board of elections, after a discussion with county commissioners, voted to inform the Ohio Secretary of State's office that it prefers the more expensive touchscreen electronic Voting Machines (estimated at $7.6 million) within the next two years ...
The Brennan Center report estimated 43 states will use Voting Machines in 2016 that are more than 10 years old. Many of these devices contain outdated software - think Microsoft windows xp or older - without security updates.




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