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updated Sun. March 26, 2017

A little more than a decade ago, Mississippi had never produced a commercial vehicle. Today, about 4 million vehicles assembled in the state are on the road ...
A little more than a decade ago, Mississippi had never produced a commercial vehicle. Today, about 4 million vehicles assembled in the state are on the road around the world, and production is showing no signs of slowing down.
"Ontario's automotive industry is a vital economic engine and a global leader in manufacturing and innovation. Today, Minister Brad Duguid and I met with key auto industry leaders to discuss how we can continue to support growth in a changing global ...
mechanics and manufacturing employees are tasked with some of the most daunting repairs that stretch them to not only their limits mentally, but physically as well.
TORONTO - You might not know it, but chances are there is some sort of BlackBerry software in your vehicle. Beard, who held executive positions at Oracle.
MotorK, an Italian company that offers a number of digital products to the automative industry, has raised $10 million in Series A funding.
The Global LiDAR market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 15.0% over the next decade to reach approximately $4.90 billion by 2025.
An ongoing imbalance in trade and tariffs within Chinese and American auto sales and manufacturing will likely be addressed by the Trump administration during an April meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump, Axios reported last ...
Workforce Supply and Demand in the automotive industry. The automotive industry today is all about technology. Think the gadgets you find inside your car, the apps you use to find a last-minute ride, and the production lines that churn out automobiles.
Established over 50 years ago, Thailand's automotive sector has developed into the biggest automotive hub in Southeast Asia and one of the largest in the world.
In the automotive industry, the cognition is growing that semiconductors are gaining a strategic significance for their own business.
These factors drive the automotive industry on a quest for innovative materials and material systems that help make vehicles lighter.
Cars and other vehicles have been around since decades. Although the automotive technology evolved a lot over the years, the materials used in manufacturing of vehicles hardly underwent any transformation.
The light industry companies and the manufacturers of automotive components are the main demand driver for industrial space in Bulgaria, shows the latest market overview of Colliers International.
Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) made a huge strategic move into IoT by agreeing to buy Israeli driverless technology firm Mobileye (nyse:MBLY) for $15.3 billion.
A glance into a vehicle's interior is enough to see that detailed structures convey the feeling of exclusivity. For a long time, leather was the dominant look.
President Donald Trump met with leaders of the automotive industry prior to speaking Wednesday at the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti, Mich.
A renaissance of epic proportion is quietly underway in the United States, where 4,000-pound objects will soon be motoring alongside us on freeways, through intersections, crosswalks, and school zones without a driver.
There is a tendency for Egyptian authorities to postpone the issuance of the automotive industry strategy and discuss it again in light of the European Union (EU) car manufacturers' observations.
The automotive industry is constantly developing, with new trends that shape it entirely. At the moment innovative technology, new lightweight materials and alternative fuels are shifting the manufacturing process as well as the cars on the market ...
Over the coming decade 2017-2027 the driver of demand for critical materials is most likely to be China's industrial policy, known as China Manufacturing 2025.
"In my opinion, it is not that difficult for a woman to work with the automotive industry at any position. If you look around in the current scenario, women are present in every profession one can mention, from women who work at construction sites to ...
Video: Unite's Len McCuskey - government have to protect automotive industry. March 6 2017. 0 Comments. email. Unite General Secretary Len McCuskey says the government must protect the automotive industry if it is 'serious' about its industrial strategy.
Changing consumer demands, rapidly changing technology and growth of online players are shaping the automotive industry in India.
Within the adhesives in the Indian automotive industry, the polyurethane adhesives segment is expected to remain as the largest market.
We all remember our first car and the excitement and sense of freedom that came with it, even if it wasn't the smartest or newest model on the road.
Electric - and possibly driverless - cars are about to change the automotive industry forever, with potential consequences for high-end upholstery.
The U.S. automotive industry has long been a barometer parallel to the country's overall economic performance. Following successful job growth over the last few years, it's no surprise that the automotive industry has done quite well in the past year ...
The leader of Canada's auto workers' union said that Canada is about to build its industry again and therefore shouldn't worry about US president Donald Trump's protectionist policies.
Our client is an international company with offices in the UK, Portugal, and UAE. They work with organisations to create digital and technology platforms to drive transformation, develop capabilities and deliver digital and transactional experiences ...
Most sales projections coming out of last month's North American International Auto Show indicate a slow, gradual, but extended decline following a banner year in 2016.
"The new focus on the automotive industry is necessary. The automotive industry has been and will remain the driving force behind cost reductions and new technologies for lithium-ion cells," says ees conference co-chairman Prof.
Adhesives in the Indian automotive industry are expected to reach an estimated $384.0 million by 2021 and forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% by value from 2016 to 2021.
Today, the U.S. House Energy and commerce Committee is hearing from several leaders of major automotive manufacturers to discuss the state of autonomous driving (AD), and some are requesting that the federal government intervene and stop states from ...
The Internet of Things will usher in new opportunities for the automotive industry, but according to one industry executive, the manufacturers have to rethink their revenue and business models to stay competitive, and look beyond simply connected services.
VICTORIAN manufacturers have been handed millions of dollars to help find automotive workers new jobs after the closure of Ford and Toyota's plants.
Raafat Masrouga, the honorary chairperson of the Automotive marketing Information Council (AMIC), said that the increase of local components in the automotive industry requires more in-depth studies. He added that the strategy should take into account ...
London (ICIS)--INEOS is to push ahead with the building of a brand new 4x4 off-roader vehicle having completed a six-month feasibility study, the Swiss-domiciled chemicals major announced on Monday.
Automotive production in Western Europe will be less than 5 percent by 2030, according to KPMG's 'Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017' - its annual state ...
News. 6:57. automotive industry In Need Of New technicians. CBS-Pittsburgh. 11:46. Protesters Urge "Just One More" No Vote on Betsy DeVos.
The automotive industry is set for major disruption in 2017. Alternative fuels, new lightweight materials and innovative technology are transforming the manufacturing process as well as the cars we drive.
The Australian government has committed to a number of measures to support the automotive industry through its transition. The government has invested A$101 million into the $155 million Growth Fund for retraining of workers.
A new report by Venture Beat points to the increasing use of biometric technologies in connected cars to increase security through driver identification and authentication, as well as provide a more convenient experience.
The rapid pace of technological change in the automotive industry of late has pressed Japanese automakers to take strides in several capital-intensive directions in order to meet demands, ranging from automated driving features to electric engines that ...
automotive industry depends significantly on the steel forged metal components. Forged steel is utilized for demanding applications, such as crankshafts, transmission gears, and bearings.
It's interesting to see that the amount of companies using data is increasing. It's also pretty cool to see some of the new innovative ways that companies are doing so, especially with data analytics playing a big role in achieving new levels of success.
IoT's role in transforming automotive industry. Globally, companies are pouring money into the Internet of Things, and one area of particular interest to investors is "IoT Connected cars".
After publishing the first installment of the multi-part series of 'My Personal History: Carlos Ghosn', which talked about his early life and education career, today we present to you the second part of the series.
GKN Powder metallurgy comprises GKN Sinter Metals, one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision automotive components.





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