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The Daimler Motor Company was a British motor vehicle manufacturing company, founded in 1896, and based in Coventry. The company became a subsidiary of BSA in 1910, and was acquired by Jaguar Cars in 1960.

The Daimler brand stayed with Jaguar Cars through its mergers into British Motor Holdings and British Leyland, and also when Jaguar regained its independence in 1984. In 1989 the Daimler marque transferred to the ownership of the Ford Motor Company when Jaguar Cars became a subsidiary of the American giant. It was subsequently incorporated into Ford's Premier Automotive Group. In March 2008 the Daimler brand was included in Ford's sale of Jaguar Land Rover to Tata Motors of India.

As of 2006, the use of the Daimler brand was limited to one model, the Daimler Super Eight.

For the two direct descendants of Daimler's original company, see Daimler-Benz and its successor Daimler AG. logo
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... which faces ongoing investigations by US and German authorities into excess diesel emissions, has said investigations could lead to significant penalties and recalls. FILE: A Mercedes logo is seen on a wheel of an AMG. Picture: Mercedes · Diesel emissions · Daimler Motor Company.
The London to Brighton Run is the world's oldest motorsport event. These days, it's called the Veteran Car Run, and first ran in 1896 to mark the Red Flag Act: the need to have a person walking in front of every car on the road with a red flag or lantern was no more. Campaigners had called for the repeal for ...

... several German carmakers on suspicion they had conspired to fix prices in diesel. A street sign can be seen in front of the illuminated logo of German car maker Volkswagen (VW) on 10 December 2015 in Hanover, central Germany. Picture: AFP. European Union · Volkswagen · Daimler Motor Company.
The prospect of imminent annihilation is a great motivator and the correlation between warfare and technological advance is well known and documented. The development of armour is no different in this respect and The Engineer has taken a keen interest in the materials and processes used to afford ...
Britain's Daimler Motor Company dates back to 1896, acquiring rights to the name from what would become Mercedes' parent company. It passed through a string of owners until Jaguar acquired it in 1960, using the name to designate more upscale versions of its own models – not unlike what Mercedes, ...

The City of Stuttgart in Germany is a case study in the clash between the old world & industries that humans have developed over the centuries and the new realities resulting from the very same industries that have elevated humanity: air pollution, hazardous waste, and soot-covered buildings.
Daimler and Uber have announced a partnership that will see the automaker introduce its own self-driving cars for use on Uber's ride sharing service. The team-up is the second alliance Uber has struck with a car maker in pursuit of its goal of delivering self-driving service to users, the first of which was ...

Jaguar will develop the luxury electric sedan with the help of Daimler Motor Company, which the British company bought in 1960. Just like how Maybach is to Mercedes-Benz, Daimlerwill add the luxury quotientto Jaguar's electric sedan. Jaguar's Electric Sedan Might Be XJ Successor. Daimler AG and ...
The electric sedan from Jaguar could be turned into a luxury model with a touch from Daimler Motor Company, a division of Jaguar. Even if the Daimler name is usually associated with the German corporation that owns Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar bought the Daimler Motor Company in 1960. BSA held the ...
A unique car used by wartime hero Winston Churchill for his political duties has emerged for sale for £260,000. Churchill drove the historic Daimler motor while Prime Minister in 1944, the same year he helped mastermind the D-Day landings, and again in 1949 when he was seeking re-election for a ...
In 1997 the Daimler Motor Company – at that time Daimler Chrysler under CEO Jurgen Schrempp – made the decision to relaunch the brand, explains fourth-gen Ulrich “Ulli” Schmid-Maybach. “The first of these new cars shipped in 2002. I functioned as a pastor of sorts representing its heritage. That brand ...
In 1891, Gottlieb Daimler sold fellow engineer and friend Frederick Simms the British rights to his patents, and by 1895, Simms had formed the Daimler Motor Company Limited to build engines and cars, with Gottlieb enlisted as a consulting engineer. Britain's oldest car company soon became known for its ...


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