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updated Thu. May 9, 2024

OTE is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company that designs and develops deep-water hydrothermal clean-energy systems which produce fossil-fuel free electricity through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), and environmentally friendly cooling through Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) ...
The study shows that approximately 75% people throughout the country now live in places where electrical power is being produced by clean energy systems or through the use of natural gas. While electric vehicles are inherently cleaner than their gas-powered counterparts, they have still been linked to ...

Our communities deserve smaller-scale, resilient, clean energy systems. Installing Solar Emergency Microgrids at our hospitals, emergency response centers, and emergency shelters to run critical loads is the place to start. PAEC is a groundbreaking initiative to streamline policies and showcase projects ...
Part of the nation's big push to quickly build out clean-energy systems, they will be built in the North Sea by 2022. The news: Climate Action reports that the Dutch government awarded contracts to Swedish energy firm Vattenfall to build two wind farms in the North Sea. The power they create will be sold on ...
New Columbia Solar's clean energy systems are being built and operated on buildings all across the city, enabling District residents to power their lives entirely through locally based solar energy. This combined with Arcadia Power's billing platform, makes signing-up for locally based solar power easier ...

It is a welcome sight to see all the forms of renewable energy that are being discovered and implemented in the world as a way to combat the pollution caused by using non-renewable energy for such a long time. However, this process is very drawn out and it looks like it is going to take humanity almost ...
He stressed on the need for technology transfer and finance for developing countries to adopt clean energy systems. Echoing similar views Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid said his country is one of the worst sufferer of cyclones and draughts and strongly believes that development of renewables is ...

As part of Earth's natural water cycle, moisture returns to clouds via evaporation from oceans and lakes. Columbia University researcher Ozgur Sahin and his colleagues saw the potential for a new kind of hydropower in that steady upward flow. A power plant based on evaporation that occurs throughout ...
The meeco Group had been awarded the project within the framework of a public tender process by the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) to execute this renewable energy project and has managed to implement the customised clean energy systems. “We are very grateful for the cooperation with GEA and ...
He said,” I am sure all these intense scientific efforts and collective endeavors would enable us to realize the vision of affordable, efficient, compact and reliable clean energy systems which will be robust and suitable in diverse geographic conditions. We will be facilitating all such efforts and complementing ...
By using Powerwall batteries in residential homes, these residents are able to utilize clean energy even if the wind turbines aren't currently generating the power they need. Home-based batteries also help take demand off the grid system at times when demand may be higher than the clean energy systems ...
For example, drones, robots, and clean energy systems are all tools that future farmers will need to continue to develop to ensure a sustainable food system for generation to come. I believe that exposing young people to agriculture, business, and marketing in a well-rounded, interdisciplinary manner will ...
The emergence of wide bandgap semiconductors for power conversion is an important turning point for AC/DC and DC/DC applications in consumer, enterprise, automotive, and clean energy systems. Gallium Nitride (GaN) in particular, enables the world's fastest power switches, making it make possible ...


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