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The uranium - radium - vanadium Ore Products Europe Report gives market Consumption / Products / Services for 44 countries by 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes by 3 Time series: From 1997- 2016 and Forecasts 2017- 2024 & 2024-2028. Countries covered include: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, ...
Researchers working near the middle of the Arctic Ocean have found that levels of radium-228 have shot up rapidly over the last decade, as vanishing ice leads to more sediment getting swept up into the water. Not only does it show how far-reaching and complicated the effects of global warming can be, ...

This is a Spenserian stanza, inspired by recent research which has found that the levels of radium-228 have almost doubled in a region of the Arctic Ocean over the last decade, evidence for rapid climate change in this region. radium-228 is a naturally occurring isotope that can be used as a tracer to track ...
Kipp led efforts to measure radium at 69 locations from the western edge of the Arctic Ocean to the Pole on a two-month voyage aboard the icebreaker Healy in the summer of 2015. The cruise was part of the international GEOTRACES program, which aims to measure chemical tracers in the world's ocean ...
The researchers--scientists from Woods Hole, the University of South Carolina and the University of Washington--came to their conclusions by measuring radium isotopes in the Arctic waters. radium is a chemical element found in soils and sediments, including in permafrost, in riverbeds and on the ...
Concentrations of radioactive radium-228 in the Arctic Ocean increased between 2007 and 2015. The radiation involved is far too low to be threatening in itself, but could act as a marker of deeply worrying trends. The good news is future measurements of radium could help quantify some of the most ...

Beneath the murky green waters on the north end of Lake Powell, entombed within the tons of silt that have been carried down the Colorado River over the years, lies a 26,000-ton pile of unremediated uranium-mill tailings. It's just one radium-tainted reminder of the way the uranium industry, enabled by the ...
It was a well-paid, glamorous job. For the delicate task of applying the paint to the tiny dials, the women were instructed to point the brushes with their lips. But the paint made the watches glow because it contained radium, a radioactive element discovered less than 20 years earlier, its properties not yet fully ...
Supporters of a recreational trail in Albany are looking at a possible $200,000 grant to continue the project. Dougherty County planners are applying for a Department of natural resources grant, due January 2. The money, if awarded, will be used to pay for developing the trailhead at radium Springs.
A few months after that, the county started brainstorming ways to honor them, and on Monday, commissioners saw the plans for a proposed memorial in the radium Springs gardens. "When we go to radium Springs, the memorial becomes part of the visitor experience, and that's just more than a date and names. It's a story ...
It's just one polonium-, bismuth-, thorium-, and radium-tainted reminder of the way the uranium industry, enabled by the federal government, ravaged the West and its people for decades. In 1949, the vanadium corporation of America built a small mill at the confluence of White Canyon and the Colorado ...
Some people called them "Ghost Girls." They made more money than other workers in the United States radium Corp. factory because of the precision it took to paint glowing numbers on watch dials. When they walked home, they glowed because they spent all day covered in the radium dust. The new ...
The study was designed to assess the safety of re-treatment with up to 6 radium-223 injections, administered at 4-week intervals, to mCRPC patients who previously received a full course of radium-223. Additional efficacy objectives included radiographic disease progression, total alkaline phosphatase, ...
The well was known to Sioux Falls to be contaminated with radium, something Brandon City Administrator Bryan Read told KSFY News ...
radium in the village's well reached 4.8 picocuries per liter when sampled on March 22. The PSC considered the sample to be "very close" to ...
A provision of the nation's next military spending bill orders the Defense Secretary for the first time to report back to Congress on any radium or ...

New tree gaurds to be established as part of beautification project in radium ... November 8th Village of radium Hot Springs council meeting.
On this day in 1935, three-fourths of the University of Virginia hospital's supply of radium, a highly radio-active compound, which had gone ...
Specifically, the federal Safe Drinking Water Act sets the maximum allowable combined radium contaminate level at 5 picocuries per liter of ...
BELLEVUE (AP) -- An Eastern Iowa City is planning a $1.7 million treatment plant to remove the unsafe levels of radium from the city water ...
Joe O'Sullivan, MD, FRCPI, FFRRCSI, FRCR: What about--you did allude to it briefly--combining radium-223 with abiraterone, enzalutamide, ...
Volunteers spent time Saturday planting around $20,000 dollars worth of trees in the radium Springs area. This is the first community-wide ...
"radium Girls" by D.W. Gregory is a drama with powerful dialogue and a sparse set. The plot focuses on women who work in a watch factory and grow ill from using radium-based paint. "It's historically pretty accurate," Director Kristiann Josephs said. "Anytime I choose something like this, people always ...
radium, a naturally occurring radioactive element, is monitored to meet federal and state safety requirements. The maximum contaminant level, ...
Discovered in 1898, radium's spectacular luminescence made it a popular craze. It could, said its promoters, not only make you glow in the dark ...
(She actually discovered the radioisotopes radium and polonium.) Some might also know that she was the first woman to win a Nobel prize.
radium_Girls-Arthur watching.jpg The Department of Theatre and Dance's production of "radium Girls" opens this weekend at UAA.
(She actually discovered the radioisotopes radium and polonium.) Some might also know that she was the first woman to win a Nobel prize.
There's plenty to look at in the heart of the B.C.'s Kootney region, but a family driving near radium Hot Springs got an up close look at some ...
Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Director Judy Bowles offers her annual report on the agency's efforts at a recent Dougherty County ...
BETHPAGE, NY - Elevated levels of radium have recently been found at Central Boulevard Elementary school, district officials announced ...
BETHPAGE, NY - Elevated levels of radium have recently been found at Central Boulevard Elementary school school officials announced ...
The state Department of Environmental conservation says elevated levels of radium were detected at three separate sites in the ground ...
Central Boulevard Elementary school in Bethpage where elevated levels of radium were detected in groundwater test wells, Friday, Sept.
During the 1920's, some Connecticut women took jobs painting watch dials with radium-laced paint. At the time, they didn't know it was toxic.
Central Boulevard Elementary school in Bethpage where elevated levels of radium were detected in groundwater test wells, Friday, Sept.
New from radium - the Fuel Surge Tank for Fuelab Brushless Fuel Pumps. These tanks are easy to install and offer added protection from fuel ...
Gateway Motel is proposing to offer a horse driven sleigh and wagon ride through the Village of radium Hot Springs on Christmas Eve, in what ...
Bylaw officer Gary Burford was on hand at the Wednesday, October 25th Village of radium Hot Springs council meeting to present a protective ...
The Village of radium Hot Springs received the RCMP report for the second quarter of 2017/2018 at the Wednesday, October 25th council ...
Joe O'Sullivan, MD, FRCPI, FFRRCSI, FRCR: Do you think there's a benefit with radium-223? Potentially, there's a cohort of patients who would ...
On a chilly Tuesday night, the band members filed into Owasso Stadium for another performance of radium, even as cold winds drove the ...
New from radium engineering - the bolt-in fuel surge tank installation kit for the Porsche 996. This kit helps avoid fuel starvation caused by ...
They'll be gathering at the radium Springs Overlook at 2501 radium Springs Road and working in the radium Springs area that day.
The navy has completed the final round of inspections and cleanup of the last traces of the radioactive metal called radium-226 in Building 5 ...
The "radium Girls" were a group of young women who, nearly a century ago, unknowingly put their lives at risk working in factories where they ...
Catherine Donohue begins her new job at radium Dial, painting watches with radium dust, and soon meets Pearl, Francis and Charlotte.
Illinois Valley Community College instructor and history author Heinz Suppan will teach a one-night class, "radium Girls of Ottawa," for IVCC's ...
Nearly a century ago, the American public was fascinated by radium. Touted as a groundbreaking medical remedy, the radioactive element ...


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