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The port authorities of Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Le Havre and Bremen/Bremerhaven strongly support the submissions of the North Sea and the Baltic ...
A 320-foot-tall structure that shoots flames into the air has been put into service at an Iowa nitrogen fertilizer complex.

I took a walk by Tisbury Great Pond at the end of Quansoo Road today. The water and shoreline are choked with green slime. Piles of dead shellfish have been washed up by the waves.
For nitrogen, non-leguminous plants - such as lawn and turf grasses, corn and most fruit and vegetable crops - must rely on either bacteria that live in the soil to "fix" the nitrogen into a usable form, or nitrogen from decomposing organic matter or ...
Wheat does not require large amounts of nitrogen (N) until stem elongation/jointing (Feekes Growth Stage (GS) 6), which is typically at the middle or the end of April depending on location and spring temperatures.

Who would have thought - gorse as a useful nitrogen fixer for farming.
Crop Diagnostic school organizers seeded plots to demonstrate the impact of different treatment on plant growth. Plots were planted with or without inoculant, with or without nitrogen, and one plot had inoculant, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This photo of ...
Some readers who are up on the bigger projects in the wild world of custom ROMs may be familiar with nitrogen OS. After blessing the Nexus 5, and even bringing Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) to the ancient but well-loved LG Optimus G, the ROM's newest ...
Natural gas is the key raw material for gas-based nitrogen producers like CF Industries (CF), Terra nitrogen (TNH), PotashCorp (POT), and Agrium (AGU).
Chemosynthetic symbionts are bacteria living inside or on the surface of animals, supplying their host with food that would otherwise be unavailable.
For the week ending October 21, the overall movement in urea prices was positive. nitrogen investors want to see more positive movement.
To protect the sensitive waters of the Neuse River Basin, the state of North Carolina formally adopted a nutrient management strategy in 1997 which established Total Maximum Daily Loads for all point source contributors of Total nitrogen (TN) to the ...
Year to date, Terra nitrogen Company, L.P. (nyse:TNH) stock has yielded positive results for investors. So far this year the stock has jumped 12.77% as investors are hopeful that the trend can continue into Q3 of 2016.
The port(authorities) of Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Le Havre and Bremen/Bremerhaven strongly support the submissions of the North Sea and the Baltic countries to designate the North sea and the Baltic Sea as nitrogen Emission Control Areas (NECA) ...
Yara International shares soared nearly 7%, despite the nitrogen group warning of a long-term industry "oversupply", as it revealed that weak fertilizer prices had hit its profits by less than investors had expected.

students will drop pumpkins frozen in liquid nitrogen from 60 feet up, causing them to shatter upon impact. The event will begin at 4 p.m.
Philadelphia (AP) - Philadelphia hazardous materials crews were called when nitrogen was found leaking from a tank in Temple University's engineering building.
The Tisbury board of health said that nitrogen in the Lagoon Pond and Lake Tashmoo watersheds is a public health threat and plan to impose nitrogen regulations that come with a hefty tax to property owners. Lake Tashmoo, shown here. - Nelson Sigelman.
Are you an ecologically sensitive gardener? Would growing things that give back to the environment make your heart skip a beat? If the answers are yes, then get ready to fall in love with the nitrogen-fixing plants of the legume family. Legumes ...
nitrogen is a major part of the air we regularly breathe. But when divers breathe from their air supply underwater, it is much more dense, increasing the quantity of nitrogen in the body. This has an outsized effect on the nervous system, so divers ...
Traditional plants rely on usable nitrogen already in the soil, or imparted by artificial fertilizers. Legumes, like the soybean, have a natural way of furthering nitrogen flow: they contain nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteroids in their root nodules ...
Last week, Moody's downgraded CF Industries' (CF) credit rating to Baa3 from Baa2. It cited that "Moody's expects CF's credit metrics to weaken as a result of lower prices and increasing market volatility as new nitrogen capacity is starting up in ...
The fact that two distinct and very distantly related organisms -- a plant and a bacterium -- can partner to perform the feat of drawing life-sustaining nitrogen from the atmosphere is just one of the challenges plant engineers face as they seek to ...
nitrogen is a key nutrient for plants, but while most source theirs from the soil through their roots, legumes have a unique ability to "fix" or convert it from the atmosphere.
Habitats that are dominated by legume trees tend to exhibit greater soil nitrogen than habitats that do not contain legume trees.
BOZEMAN - A Montana State University soil fertility specialist with MSU Extension is sharing information on selecting nitrogen fertilizer rates. Selecting fertilizer rates for yield and quality will depend in part on this past summer's rains and the ...
A new booklet published by University of Illinois Extension describes 10 nitrogen loss-reduction strategies, according to University of Illinois assistant professor of water quality Laura Christianson.
A "breakthrough" discovery that increases how much nitrogen soybeans can pull from the atmosphere and how efficiently they use it could help feed the world's rapidly growing population by significantly boosting the quality and quantity of the crop ...
But making Terra nitrogen Co LP an even more interesting and timely stock to look at, is the fact that in trading on Tuesday, shares of TNH entered into oversold territory, changing hands as low as $105.10 per share.
One of the hallmarks of the 2016 growing season for many areas will likely be the higher levels of mineralization of nitrogen from organic matter, which stemmed from the warm temperatures, reasonably uniform rainfall and good oxygen levels ...
The Tisbury board of health has approved ambitious new regulations aimed at curbing the amount of nitrogen entering the Lagoon and Tashmoo watersheds.
LAKE CRYSTAL - Even before it became apparent that conservation practices bring not just environmental but economic benefits for farmers, Jim Krahling and ...
"However, we found that manipulation of nitrogen supply had no influence on the effect of Cassytha on either the introduced weed or native legume plant host.
"Let's say we completely eliminated nitrogen from storm water, which is not going to happen for a long time, because there's a lot of outflow pipes all along our coastline that need to be dealt with," Colby said.
According to the coalition, about 70 percent of the Bay's nitrogen pollution comes from traditional septic systems, known as Title 5 systems, since they are not designed to remove nitrogen. A system first tested in Florida, which removed 85 percent of ...
The amount of nitrogen fertilizer in cow manure is typically down around two percent or less. That means a farmer needing 160 pounds of nitrogen per acre on a corn crop would have to put out four tons of manure per acre to equal five hundred pounds, i ...
This report focuses on the nitrogen Generation Sales in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle and Africa.
PotashCorp-Geismar, a subsidiary PCS nitrogen Fertilizer, recently donated $50,000 to the Ascension Fund for the establishment of the PotashCorp Geismar Endowment Fund.
Humans have more than doubled the amount of reactive nitrogen in the environment since the Industrial Revolution, with adverse consequences that include air and water pollution, biodiversity loss, ozone depletion, water acidification and climate change.
All products made from fish and other marine animals must have at least 9 grammes of nitrogen per litre and a ratio of glutamic acid to nitrogen of 0.4-0.6%. Mixed fish sauce must have at least 4 grammes of nitrogen per litre and the ratio of glutamic ...
A better understanding of how bacteria fix nitrogen gas into nitrogen-carrying ammonia could lead to energy savings in industrial processes.
A primary goal in pastures is to maintain a consistent plant growth pattern throughout the growing season. Unlike hay production where we add nitrogen at green-up for high hay yields, Mother Nature usually provides enough spring growth of pastures ...
Despite growing recognition of the negative externalities associated with reactive nitrogen (N), the damage costs of N to air, water, and climate remain largely unquantified.
This is a technical analysis stock rating for Terra nitrogen Company, L.P. (nyse:TNH) . The company has a two bull technical rating which indicates some weakness.
Producers in China primarily use coal as an input material to produce nitrogen, especially urea-based fertilizers, in contrast to natural-gas-based fertilizer producers in North America (MOO), which have benefited from low-cost natural gas.
Many growers will take time this fall to apply nitrogen via anhydrous ammonia. But the question is, do you really know where your anhydrous is when you apply, and is it being distributed evenly across every knife?
A scientist was found dead the morning after he had stayed late in a laboratory working with freezing liquid nitrogen, an inquest heard.
The lack of capital for the building of the North Plains nitrogen plant points to a major problem in North Dakota: the access to capital.






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