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updated Wed. February 21, 2018

If you are lucky, you have friends, relatives, even acquaintances who keep things light with their humor. One of mine is the Rev. Mike Kuner, a pastor with the Wakarusa Presbyterian Church. We belong to several organizations together - a book discussion group, Rotary and the Jayhawker Club (so-named ...
Thief uses oxygen tank to blow up ATM, police say. 0. Raisa Habersham, Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 2:47 p.m Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 Nation & World. 0. Nation & World. View CaptionHide Caption. WSB-TV. Cobb County authorities said a thief blew up an ATM and took an unspecified amount of money. COBB COUNTY ...

After being prescribed supplemental oxygen, I was able to go to any theater with my portable oxygen concentrator (POC). Although it makes a little noise, it wasn't a distraction once the movie started. When I worsened and required more oxygen than my POC could provide, I switched to liquid oxygen, ...
New Orleans (CN) - The Sierra Club and local environmental groups claim the Environmental Protection Agency's approval of drastically lower standards for dissolved oxygen in 31 Louisiana rivers will allow for more sewage to be dumped in the water. The gulf Restoration Network, Little Tchefuncte ...
An AMR ambulance that had been idling by the maintenance bay had caught fire late Tuesday morning, and then tanks of compressed oxygen inside the burning ambulance blew up, sending shrapnel hurtling through the air in a 100-foot radius, Buffalo fire officials and AMR representatives said. The force ...
Endress+Hauser have released the Memosens COS81D hygienic optical sensor for measuring dissolved oxygen in fermenters and bioreactors used in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well in drinking water and boiler feedwater applications. It can be used in all measuring points ...

In a special report, we are looking into how doctors at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center are using oxygen to heal the damage done by life-saving radiation and giving patients their lives back. As Tom MacFarland is pushed into a huge hyperbaric chamber, it looks like something out of a science fiction ...
Smoking while using oxygen has been determined to be a factor in the death of a Madison man in a house fire Feb. ... Monday that the investigation into the fire and the death of Patrick O'Brien, 64, is ongoing, but it is believed the use of smoking materials while on portable oxygen was a factor in his death.
"It's because we have this atomic oxygen that traces its origin back to photosynthesis," says Mendillo. "We have atomic oxygen ions, O+, in the ionosphere as a direct consequence of having life on the planet. So why don't we see if we can come up with a criterion where the ionosphere could be a biomarker ...
The navy tapped Rear Adm. Sara Joyner, right, last year to lead a team that would focus on oxygen loss in the cockpits of several kinds of jets. But less than a year later, she is being transferred out, a move lawmaker fear could stymie progress on the physiological episodes issue. (Mass Communication ...
The intense need for in-depth understanding of the "oxygen Therapy Device market -Forecast to 2023? coupled with its high growth potential necessitated the development of this report by Market Research Future. The report specifically focuses on the key industry development trends and forces that ...
In what appears to be attempts to incite racial ire, malicious social media users have invented stories of white movie-goers being assauled at screenings of the film Black Panther. Photos of other assault victims were circulated on twitter, with users saying the attacks occurred during showings of the latest ...
But conditions that clearly favor life here--liquid water, surface oxygen, ozone in the stratosphere, possibly a magnetic field--may not necessarily be prerequisites for its development elsewhere. Conversely, their presence does not guarantee life, either. So what can we look for that's an indication of life?
That is according to Canine Company, an at-home pet care products provider that recently donated pet oxygen mask kits to the Bourne Fire Department. ... The oxygen mask kits make it possible for firefighters to give oxygen to family pets in distress at the scene of house fires and other emergencies, such ...
Find an ionosphere like Earth's, they say, packed with single oxygen ions, and you have found life. Or, at least, life as we know it. Kepler186f, habitable exoplanet The search for extraterrestrial life has focused mostly on exoplanets like Kepler-186f, shown here, which circle M-class stars in a "habitable ...
A new ad for Nike VaporMax Air sneakers features a mix of pro and amateur sports enthusiasts gasping for oxygen as they exert themselves. The :60 starts out slow, as each person gears up for the task at hand--a sprint, a swim, a dead-lift, a penalty kick, a free throw and so forth. Before long, they are ...
Using supplemental oxygen is a mixed bag. It is wonderful because it gives us the oxygen we need to keep our body healthy and to stay alive. It is hard due to many reasons I shared in a previous column, including dealing with the tubing. I've discovered a few tricks over the last 3½ years of using ...

The Allahabad High Court has rejected the bail plea of the proprietor of a firm, which supplied oxygen to the government-run Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur where dozens of children died last year. More than 60 children, mostly infants, had died at the hospital within a week in August, ...
Holloway's ex-wife Beth Holloway has filed a $35 million federal lawsuit against oxygen Media and Brian Graden Media calling the show a fake documentary. She says the show wrongly raised her hopes about finding out what happened during Natalee's ill-fated senior trip to the island. oxygen Media, an ...
A man died after he accidentally started a fire when smoking while on oxygen at his north Wichita apartment, fire investigators said. Charles E. Wilson, 72, was found near the front door to his apartment after a fire started in his recliner, Lt. Jose Ocadiz said. The fire was reported at 6:15 p.m. Friday in the ...
Low levels of oxygen in the blood of people with idiopathic or heritable pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH or HPAH) are associated with secondary diseases and a poor patient outlook, a study shows. IPAH and HPAH patients can have hypoxemia, or low levels of oxygen in the blood, either at rest or ...
Elon Musk's vision of establishing a human settlement on Mars just became a lot more feasible, after a study conducted by a team of Portuguese-French scientists concluded that plasma technology could help foster the production of oxygen on the Red Planet's atmosphere. The recent study, published in ...
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) - The adoptive mother of an Austintown murder victim told a judge that she wanted her daughter's killer to die in prison. She may have gotten her wish. A judge sentenced 22-year-old Ricki Williams to 62 years to life in prison on Thursday. Williams pleaded guilty to ...
NEW YORK, NY - February 7, 2018 - oxygen Media, the new destination for high-quality crime programming, premieres the new original docu-series "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered" with a two-night special event on Saturday, March 17 at 7PM ET/PT and Sunday, March 18 at 7PM ET/PT. Aaron Hernandez ...
The mother of Natalee Holloway is suing oxygen Media, claiming its 2017 television series about her daughter's disappearance in Aruba was a fictional ... Private investigator T.J. Ward, left, and Dave Holloway, the father of Natalee, appeared on an oxygen program about her disappearance in 2005 while ...
A lawsuit filed by the mother of Natalee Hollow portrays an "inaccurate depiction" of how the series was produced, according to the national television network named in the suit. Beth Holloway filed the scathing lawsuit in Birmingham against oxygen Media, claiming they duped her into providing her DNA ...
In this June 8, 2010, file photo, Beth Holloway, mother of Natalee Holloway, speaks during the opening of the Natalee Holloway Resource Center (NHRC) at the National Museum of crime & Punishment in Washington. Beth Holloway claims in the federal lawsuit filed Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, that the deception ...
A friend who owned a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber contacted Johnstone in the throes of her illness, inviting the Hardwick resident to give the treatment a try. Enthralled by the results, Johnstone took out a bank loan and purchased a chamber of her own. Johnstone, a chiropractor by trade, opened a ...
WYOMISSING, Pa. - One person was taken to the hospital after a house fire in Berks County. firefighters were dispatched around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday to the 400 block of Oley Street in Wyomissing. The first firefighters on the scene found flames coming from the back of the home and heavy smoke in the front.
Fans of American crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace have dived headfirst into the tragedy of the famed fashion designer's murder at the hands of Andrew Cunanan, and now they have an opportunity to look at the case through a new and different lens. On Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. ET, oxygen will ...
In 1917, two German Inventors first used pressurized pure oxygen to treat decompression sickness, which occurs when undersea divers return to the surface too quickly. For the past 50 years, hyperbaric therapy has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for non-healing ...
A woman smoking while using oxygen was severely injured Wednesday when fire erupted around her and spread through six residences of her Hurst apartment building, fire officials say. The fire was reported at about 1:50 p.m. at the Hidden Oaks Apartments on the 100 block of Harmon, near Harmon and ...
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - A lawsuit seeking $35 million over an oxygen Media television series about the disappearance of an Alabama teenager in Aruba presents an "inaccurate depiction" of the show, the company said in response to the complaint. A statement released late Tuesday by oxygen, which ...
Beth Holloway, the mother of the 18-year-old who disappeared during a 2005 class trip to Aruba, has filed a $35 million lawsuit against production companies oxygen Media and Brian Graden Media. According to The Wrap, the elder Holloway alleges that the oxygen miniseries The Disappearance of ...
Cardiac arrest can be caused by severe oxygen deficiency. It is important that the blood's oxygen content is re-established quickly, otherwise the patient may die within a matter of minutes. Therefore, in order to increase the survival rate of such patients, American scientists have developed unique air-filled ...
MTV and Amazon are among the toughest TV networks for producers to work with while oxygen ranks as the most improved since last year, according to a survey of unscripted tv producers released Wednesday by the NPACT trade organization. The survey encompasses rankings of 46 outlets in eleven ...
Future telescopes such as NASA's James Webb Space telescope (right) will observe atmospheres of exoplanets for signs of life. oxygen/ozone reveal life on the modern Earth (top left). For the early Earth (bottom left), the combination of methane and carbon dioxide would provide an alternative ...
Sam credits oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber. Rene Krebs of Mechanicsburg also has Lyme and is currently trying oxygen therapy in the hyperbaric chamber. She feels it was her last resort. She has been sick for five years. "My goal is to get my life back," Krebs said, "I feel like I've been robbed of my ...
The Air Force has set up a general officer-led team to investigate the rising incidence of in-flight oxygen deprivation and other conditions that forced the grounding of several jets last year. The team will look at so-called unexplained physiologic events that pilots experience, including oxygen deprivation, ...
Human-driven climate warming is causing the ocean to lose oxygen on a global scale. This is an underappreciated consequence of climate change, but it is a deeply troubling one. The history of life on Earth is punctuated by five major extinction events. In some of these, warming-driven ocean ...
Severe oxygen deficiency eventually leads to cardiac arrest. If the blood's oxygen content cannot be rapidly re-established, the patient may die within minutes. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, American scientists have introduced air-filled microbubbles that could be used as an intravenous oxygen carrier ...
The Air Force has tapped a one-star general to lead a team looking into incidents of oxygen depravation and other physiological issues that have been distressing pilots, the service announced Monday. Brig. Gen. Bobbi Jo Doorenbos will lead the newly formed Unexplained Physiologic Events (UPE) ...
Jan. 18 (UPI) -- Researchers have discovered the oldest evidence of a dramatic uptick in oxygen on early Earth -- the oldest oxygen oasis yet unearthed. The new research, published this week in the journal Nature Communications, suggests photosynthesizing bacteria began churning out significant ...
In the Earth's early history, several billion years ago, only traces of oxygen existed in the atmosphere and the oceans. Today's air-breathing organisms could not have existed under those conditions. The change was caused by photosynthesizing bacteria, which created oxygen as a by-product - in vast ...
Exploration of the relationship between oxygen, stem cells and cancer might just challenge the story of how life as we know it came to be, according to new research published in Nature ecology & evolution. About 543 million years ago, the most spectacular evolutionary event in the Earth's history began: ...
That comment planted the seed that eventually led to Seydel's creation of The oxygen Project. The organization's aim is to shed light on oxygen and microscopic phytoplankton that sustain human life in a way that helps consumers understand how they can protect this life-sustaining resource while ...
"One (process) that's occurring in the Gulf of Mexico is predominantly a coastal issue that's caused by nutrient runoff, which causes phytoplankton blooms, that, when those phytoplankton die and sink, they're consumed by microbes, and the process of consumption is aerobic, and so it consumes oxygen as ...
Algae is the single most important source of oxygen on the planet and is the basis for the marine food chain. The Aztecs collected it as a food and a blood purifier, the Irish harvested it at low tide in the Atlantic, and it has featured as an important medicinal treatment in Chinese pharmacology. Algae is farmed ...
For those of you using supplemental oxygen, you know it is a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because without it we would die, but a curse because it is so difficult to access, use, and live with daily. Check out my previous column about my frustrations using supplemental oxygen. I'm forever tripping on ...
oxygen levels drop significantly. A paper published in science magazine explains the problem in coastal zones is worsened by the nutrient load flowing from farmlands' fertilizer runoff along with treated sewage, which speeds deoxygenation. In open global oceans, most of the oxygen loss is tied to ...


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