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updated Thu. April 19, 2018

Don't miss the 3rd annual Carbon Forward conference and training day. Spend two days with top experts, players, and decision-makers from the global carbon markets as they address today's most attractive opportunities and pressing challenges. And join us for the EU ETS pre-conference training day ...
The U.K.'s ELG Carbon Fibre, a supplier of recycled carbon fiber materials, has plans to increase the capacity of its facility to meet increasing demand for large-volume, commercial applications that require product supply on a significant scale. This growth has been driven predominately by development ...

(Photo by Brandt Meixell, USGS). Reduced fossil fuel burning can limit the thaw of permafrost, and the release of large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. That's the take away from a modeling project led by U.S. Geological Survey and University of Alaska Fairbanks senior scientist Dave McGuire.
China met its 2020 carbon intensity target — the amount of carbon dioxide it produces per unit of economic growth — three years ahead of schedule, according to the country's top climate official, Xie Zhenhua. In 2017, China cut its carbon intensity by 46 percent from 2005 levels, a drop of 5.1 percent from ...
All of these production boats use carbon fiber and resin infusion. The Scout and Hinckley models also use epoxy resin. Carbon fiber has made its way into production boats in the past, for example in Baja's 30-ft Outlaw. But then the recession hit, and the marine market dropped by 80%. As the marine ...
Hazardous materials crews found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Koreatown building. (Los Angeles Times). One person was found dead and three others fell ill at a Koreatown apartment complex Thursday evening in what authorities believe to be a case of carbon monoxide poisoning, officials ...

A new study published recently in Nature Communications finds rubber profitability far exceeds carbon credit prices designed to discourage deforestation, and urges credit price hikes are needed to protect forests from industry expansion. When it comes to forest conversion for commodity crops in Southeast ...
Ever tried to lose weight? Old habits of behavior are hard to break, even when doing so is in our best interest. We need a powerful motivation to move us toward even a positive goal. This is the idea behind “Carbon Fee and Dividend.” We all know we need to transition away from our high-carbon lifestyle for ...
Rather than focusing on other metals like magnesium, a team of scientists from RMIT University in Melbourne have figured it out to build rechargeable "proton" batteries from abundant carbon and water. If commercialized, the technology could allow for cheaper Powerwall-type home or grid storage to back ...
JIM THORPE — Carbon County commissioners ratified two disaster emergency declarations allowing for money to flow to the area — if state and federal funding is made available. The declarations for the snowstorm with high winds on March 2 and Wednesday's storm that clipped the area also allow for the ...
Cities may have been overlooking the true extend of urban pollution, according to a new research paper that shows metro areas are responsible for 60 percent more carbon emissions than previously expected. But while that's not great news for those working to limit the impact of climate change, the new ...
This year, China may unveil its own emissions trading system, which could be the largest carbon pricing initiative in the world. But how it may develop and how it might be verified remain to be seen. Under California's carbon system, a company is assigned a “cap” or a limit to its greenhouse gas emissions.
"If there's a small change in soil carbon, it can affect the carbon in the atmosphere dramatically," Mishra said. "We tried to find lands that are undergoing reforestation in the United States to determine at what rate they're sequestering carbon. Using our analyses, we found there's about a half million square ...
OLYMPIA — Labor, environmental and social justice groups are picking up the campaign to tax carbon emissions in Washington. The coalition, operating under the banner Clean Air Clean Energy Washington, filed an initiative March 2, the same day the Senate formally shelved a carbon tax bill.
According to a new study, permafrost in the coldest northern Arctic – formerly thought to be at least temporarily shielded from global warming by its extreme environment – will thaw enough to become a permanent source of carbon to the atmosphere in this century, with the peak transition occurring in 40 to ...
As the Republican Party struggles to find its footing with the next generation of voters, several conservative college groups have banded together to champion something anathema to the party: a carbon tax. The group is led by the Yale College Republicans, the main campus student organization for young ...
Police stands outside the Mayflower Hotel in Kensington, London, Britain, 06 March 2018. A Spanish national has died from carbon monoxide poisoning while another is in critical condition after staying at Mayflower hotel in Kensington. ANDY RAIN/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock. A tourist has died while ...

Based on soil temperatures in Alaska and Serbia, researchers developed a numerical model and determined the extent to which carbon will release in response to climate change. To better understand the process, researchers divided the Arctic into two regions of equal size, a colder northern region, and a ...
It includes a carbon fee and dividend that will help significantly reduce carbon emissions. The fee charged when carbon enters the production cycle is then returned to each household to offset increased prices. Low energy users should benefit to the plus; high energy users will be encouraged to use less.
If you've heard of CCS before, you've probably heard that it's expensive, risky, and unnecessary in light of the recent progress of wind and solar energy. Compared with renewable energy, CCS—a technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel sources and injects them deep into the ...
Each sample was then analyzed for three ecosystem services: carbon storage, water quality regulation and flood mitigation. The results indicate that urban green spaces play a significant role in providing some ecosystem services. For example, Ziter found that more developed areas like public parks and ...
While Y Combinator has funded startups that generate clean energy and build electric vehicles, the Valley group has recently expressed interest in founders that want to create devices and business models around intentionally removing, recycling and sequestering carbon. Such startups could remove ...
In 2015, John Deere first outfitted its sprayers with carbon fiber booms via a partnership with King Agro, a carbon fiber material manufacturer. On March 2, 2018 Deere announced it will acquire King Agro, a family-owned company with 180 employees and production facility in Argentina and headquarters in ...
The program requires polluters to obtain permits for each ton of carbon they release. Permits sold for $14.61 for current emission and $14.53 for the future. Sixty percent of the revenue is earmarked for specific projects including a high-speed train between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The remaining 40 ...
Two years after unveiling the Fiat 124 Spider-based Abarth 124 Rally at the 2016 Geneva auto show, the Italian brand is pulling the wraps off of the Rally-inspired Abarth 124 GT at this year's event. And like the race car that preceded it, the 124 GT adopts an available removable hardtop that promises to ...
A new study estimates the total amount of carbon currently accumulating in the topsoil of US forests undergoing two types of reforestation: actively replanting trees after distances like wildfires, or allowing forests to retake marginal croplands. Forests across the United States—and especially forest ...
The Carbon Theme, which debuts next week in Geneva, doesn't exactly turn the Senna into a conventionally attractive supercar, but this version is definitely better looking. With its carbon-fiber bodywork completely exposed, the Senna looks too exotic to be a regular car. And while yellow and green paint ...
What makes the FW-EVX particularly interesting is that it's extremely lightweight, thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber, not just structurally but also in the suspension. "An electric vehicle constructed on the FW-EVX platform can be lighter, safer, greener and much more cost-effective... than a design ...
McLaren Strips Down Their Senna Supercar With a $414,000 Carbon-Fiber Option ... Today's choice is whether to request McLaren Special Operations to outfit the new Senna in carbon fiber trim. ... That compares to 300 hours of labor to build the car and it explains the carbon option's $414,000 price tag.
Jay Inslee is battling to bring a vote on a historic climate change policy that he has pursued for years: instituting the nation's first tax on planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution. It's a tough sell, even in his traditionally Democratic, West Coast state. But the State Senate vote, expected in the next few days, ...
The researchers have shown they can greatly strengthen permeable pavements by adding waste carbon fiber composite material. Their recycling method, described in the March issue of the Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, doesn't require using much energy or chemicals -- a critical factor for ...
Removing carbon dioxide that is already in the air is seen as a potential way to combat global warming. There are various approaches, lumped together as “negative emissions technologies” to distinguish them from technologies that reduce or eliminate emissions from power plants and other sources.
A view of Pulau Bukom, where Shell has a manufacturing facility. Between 30 and 40 companies that are together responsible for 80 per cent of Singapore's greenhouse gas emissions will have to pay carbon tax. They are mainly petroleum refining, chemical and semiconductor companies.ST FILE PHOTO.
SALEM — Bills impacting hemp, wolves and carbon have won approval from a key Oregon legislative committee but may get a tougher reception from lawmakers who control spending. The House Agriculture Committee voted in favor of three bills on Feb. 15: • House Bill 4089, which fixes language in ...
The seafloor is absorbing carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas most associated with climate change, according to researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia. But while the ocean bottom might someday help reverse global warming, the process would take millions of years. The authors of the study ...
Sporting-goods maker Adidas says it has trimmed its own greenhouse gases by 21 percent in the last five years alone, and is working with suppliers to cut emissions throughout its supply chain. Detergent and glue maker Henkel aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 75 percent by 2030. Software giant SAP ...
Because Pluto was born in the icy Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune's orbit, it could contain organic material, particularly carbon, similar to that found in comets. If such a layer exists beneath the surface, heat and pressure could cook it into a thick, gooey material, said Bill McKinnon, a planetary scientist at ...
At the center of the site stands a gas-sensing tower that sniffs out the carbon dioxide drifting through the air from as far away as a quarter of a mile. At ground level, polycarbonate chambers placed atop the tundra whoosh as their tops periodically shut, then open, then shut again. Their job, I learn, is to trap ...
Scientists believe carbon dioxide from industry and land run off could cause irreparable damage to marine ecosystems. Their warning came after tests found acute levels of the gas cause starfish to dissolve. A team of marine scientists made the discovery during a four-day experiment at Loch Sween on ...
In addition to Schuylkill County, these counties are under quarantine: Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton and Philadelphia. The quarantine prohibits movement of any living life stage of the insect to areas outside of the quarantine area ...
Air Products is acquiring the largest independent carbon dioxide business in Continental Europe, the Trexlertown-based industrial gas company announced Thursday. By acquiring ACP Europe SA, Air Products will expand its liquid carbon dioxide supply position within and beyond the 13 European ...
Many North American companies are not fully disclosing their carbon emissions — especially from their supply chain and use of products. For many sectors, this is where most risks lie. Nevertheless, there are encouraging signs that companies are investigating these blind spots and taking action to prepare ...
The bills would cap carbon dioxide emissions statewide and require approximately 100 large polluters – those emitting more than 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually -- to buy allowances in an annual auction to cover their output each year. The proceeds from those allowances would be recycled into ...
To limit warming, humanity also needs negative emissions technologies that, by the end of the century, would remove more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere than humans emit. The technologies would buy time for society to rein in carbon emissions, but they also give policymakers an excuse to ...
Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) data for the last 420 million years (My) show long-term fluctuations related to supercontinent cycles as well as shorter cycles at 26 to 32 My whose origin is unknown. Periodicities of 26 to 30 My occur in diverse geological phenomena including mass extinctions, flood ...
There is a strong case to conserve the finite carbon gifts we depend on. Soil carbon, the largest terrestrial sink of carbon, took thousands of years to accumulate and is critical to support our forests, our agriculture, economy, and future food supply. Finite fossil fuel resources took millions of years to ...
A carbon pollution tax in Washington state could pose challenges for the Colstrip Power Plant in Montana. Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee are advancing a $10-a-ton tax on carbon dioxide from various sources including power plants fired by natural gas and coal. Washington is one of several ...
Forgeline has expanded its Carbon+Forged wheel line to include the new CF203, CF204 and CF205 wheels. The carbon fiber and forged aluminum ultra-high performance wheels join the original two designs, CF201 and CF202. The CF203 and CF204 debuted in November. Forgeline unveiled the CF205 ...
'Altered Carbon': How Joel Kinnaman's Exit Could Impact Season 2 ... [This story contains spoilers from season one of Netflix's Altered Carbon.] ... Kinnaman headlined the first season of Altered Carbon as Takeshi Kovacs, a time and body-displaced soldier-turned-reluctant detective who lives in a future ...
Lenovo has announced a recall for some of its 5th-generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptops. If you own a ThinkPad X1 Carbon that was manufactured between December 2016 and October 2017, there's a chance it's included in the recall, which was issued over potential overheating and fire concerns.


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