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Clayton Valley lithium explorer Spearmint Resources (TSXV: SRJ) expects to raise about C$1 million to kickstart new work at its 800-acre landholding in the Nevada district via a private placement at 6.5c a unit - around current trading levels.
Long-term assessment of mood or quality of life would be nice, as attempted in a similar Cochrane review of lithium for unipolar depression by Andrea Cipriani and colleagues.3 But such detailed follow-up is difficult, compared to population-based measures like rehospitalization; data quality was insufficient ...

If you plan on buying a smart suitcase as a holiday gift this year, make sure it has a removable battery. American Airlines, Delta, and Alaska airlines have all announced that as of Jan. 15, anyone checking a smart suitcase must remove the lithium-ion battery before it will be allowed into the cargo hold.
The problem is, the lithium-ion batteries that power our stuff don't have the capacity to get much better. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with Kristin Persson, a professor of materials and engineering at University of California, Berkeley, who works on battery tech in a lab funded by the Department ...
lithium plating, the depositing of metallic lithium at the anodes of lithium-ion batteries, is one of the primary factors that limits charging current. The performance of batteries suffers significantly from these metallic deposits. In extreme cases this can result in short circuits and even batteries going up in flames.
The company has taken over a containerized lithium-ion storage product developed by parent company Flex, a major manufacturing firm active around the world. The NX Drive comes in conventional 20- and 40-foot container sizes, but it's a "highly engineered structure" that standardizes the system's ...

Blan said lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries should never be thrown in with your curbside recyclables, but rather disposed of at properly. Blan said you can also dispose of your lithium batteries at other businesses that sell them, such as Batteries Plus. Blan said when disposing of batteries, they ...
Although Tesla recently completed the world's largest lithium ion battery in South Australia, a spinoff of South Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industries is hoping to surpass this designation by building its own battery storage system that is 50 percent larger. Hyundai Electric and Energy Systems is on track ...
A newly improved sorbent could offer an environmentally friendly way to get lithium from a relatively untapped resource in the U.S.: the brine produced by geothermal power plants (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b03464). These plants pump hot water from deep geothermal deposits and ...
Trace elements of lithium in drinking water may slow death rates from Alzheimer's disease, new research suggests. Rates of diabetes and obesity, which are important risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, also decrease if there is a particular amount of lithium in the water, says the study, published recently in ...
Their research is focusing on magnesium-based batteries rather than traditional lithium-ion technologies. Preliminary findings show that these new "Magnesium Intercalation System" batteries are safer and have a higher energy density than lithium. The Berkeley Lab scientists who are doing the research ...
The world's largest lithium ion battery has begun providing electricity into the power grid in South Australia. The project is a collaboration between the state government, American firm Tesla, and Neoen, a French energy company. Tesla boss Elon Musk, who was not in attendance at the switch-on, had ...
Blan said lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries should never be thrown in with your curbside recyclables, but rather disposed of at Brown County's Resources Recovery Facility. Through December, it will cost you $0.25/lb to dispose of a lithium battery. Next year the price increases to $0.30/lb. Blan said ...
In what's trending today, Howard tells us about the world's biggest lithium ion battery. It is up and running in the Australian Outback. Elon Musk promised to build the 100-megawatt battery in 100 days or hand it over for free. He did it in 60 days. It began sending power to the grid Thursday. If you know your ...
The team was working on a magnesium battery, which can hold more charge than lithium-ion batteries, but they weren't able to find a workable liquid electrolyte. "Magnesium is such a new technology, it doesn't have any good liquid electrolytes," said the lab's senior scientist Gerbrand Ceder. "We thought ...
The stock got another boost in September when news came out that China had started exploring a ban on the production of cars fueled by petroleum. Such a ban would be a boon to electric vehicles (EVs), along with producers of lithium, which is needed to produce the lithium-ion batteries that power EVs.
lithium battery devices, including laptops and hoverboards, have created headaches for airlines because larger batteries and multiple batteries stored together can pose a risk of fire, which could be catastrophic in a plane's cargo hold. As a result, airlines have developed lists of specific devices and battery ...

HORNSDALE, Australia, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Tesla Inc switched on the world's biggest lithium ion battery on Friday in time to feed Australia's shaky power grid for the first day of summer, meeting a promise by Elon Musk to build it in 100 days or give it free. "South Australia is now leading the world in ...
(the "Optionor") whereby it may earn an 80% interest in the Dumont and Spodumene Lake lithium Projects (the "Whabouchi Project") located in close proximity to Nemaska lithium Inc. "The Spodumene Lake and Dumont lithium projects stand to position Cameo Resources as a large and leading player in ...
Five-thousand-eight-hundred tonnes of lithium and 22,500 tonnes of cobalt from recycled batteries will reach global markets in 2025, a new report by Creation Inn states. According to the recently-launched strategy consultancy firm, China will lead the recycling activities for both metals. In detail, more than ...
A team of researchers from the Department of Energy have discovered the fastest, they say, magnesium-ion solid-state conductor - a discovery that could potentially upend the battery market in the future and also one that is highlighting the intensifying rush to search for alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.
Welcome to the November 2017 edition of the "junior" lithium miner news, being the first time I have made a separate article each month focusing on the juniors. For now I am endeavoring to categorize those lithium miners that won't likely be in production much before 2020 as the juniors, rather than market ...
Hickson claims Salinas Grandes - a salt flat in Argentina where Dajin holds 25 mineral concessions - has the potential to be "one of the best lithium resources" ...
With European demand for lithium set to lift stratospherically courtesy of a string of planned European lithium battery factories, it is a little ...
2017 Argentina lithium Tour -.Part of a short series of documents covering the journey high into the Andean mountains. Advantage lithium is ...
GUANGZHOU/Sao Paulo -- China's aggressive promotion of electric vehicles has kicked off a global hunt for lithium, spurring record prices ...
Per Reuters, Tesla Inc.TSLA has completed installing the world's largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia. The construction was completed ...
lithium spot and contract price news: Spot prices were little changed over the month. SQM reports contract prices "surpassing US$13,000/ton.".
By 2030, Tianqi lithium, SQM, Albemarle, and FMC will have to supply enough lithium to feed the equivalent of 35 plants the size of the Tesla ...
Iron-air batteries promise a considerably higher energy density than present-day lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, their main constituent - iron ...
The extraordinary interest in lithium-related stocks keeps going: Last week the stock in Mineral Resources spiked (another) 13 per cent after the ...
This short note is aimed at wrapping-up and elaborating on three of my tweets published under the #lithium hashtag that got more than 6,500 ...
Thanks to Elon Musk, Australia is now home to the world's largest lithium-ion battery. The 129-megawatt-hour battery has yet to be turned on, ...
lithium stocks are firing on all cylinders, thanks to rising demand for lithium-ion batteries that are used to power electric cars.
Recent infilling drilling undertaken by European Metals Holdings Limited (LON:EMH) on the Cinovec lithium deposit in the Czech Republic has ...
TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2017 /CNW/ - LSC lithium corporation ("LSC" or together with its Subsidiaries, the "Company") (TSXV:LSC) is pleased to ...
Portofino Executes Binding Agreement Pursuant to the Rio Grande Sur lithium Brine Project in Catamarca, Argentina ...
Remarkable growth in the lithium-Ion battery market will see the sector surpass $53 billion by 2024, according to new research. The 2017 ...
One of the world's most acquisitive lithium majors says many of its takeover targets - including those in Australia - are overstating the size of ...
As demand for the vehicles surges, Chinese companies have been doing deals around the world to secure supplies of lithium, a silvery-white ...
NEW YORK, The United States - Allied market Research reported the Global lithium-ion Battery Market size to peak $46.21 billion by 2022, ...
Thom Calandra of the Calandra Report shares some of the lithium, graphite and uranium companies he's interested in right now.
But forward-thinking companies are already making plans to capitalize on the coming shortfall of lithium, cobalt and natural or synthetic ...
Promotional start-up junior lithium exploration companies flock to Argentina; investors arebecoming increasingly wary about which companies ...
A new bendable lithium-ion battery prototype continues delivering electricity even when cut into pieces, submerged in water, or struck with force ...
Lowry shares his views on lithium supply and demand, as well as his thoughts on the lithium sector as a whole. His views on the main issues in ...
A significant ramp-up in global battery and electric vehicle manufacturing capacity is well underway. Global lithium output is not increasing in ...
Albemarle corporation (ALB) is currently the number one lithium producer in the world; it has operations pretty much everywhere you can find ...
The battery giant plans to raise the money by the end of June next year, and will use the funds to build two new lithium-ion battery plants.
On the supply side, there is little room for such industrial demand as the supply deficit, particularly in the lithium space, continues to grow.


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