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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

Wan made the statement at an international seminar on hydrogen fuel cells and intelligent vehicle technologies in Changchun, NE China's Jilin Province, saying that fuel cells that use hydrogen can lead to long-lasting, reliable, high performing new ...
Physiological delivery of hydrogen in earlier research has been via inhalation or ingestion of hydrogen water. The former requires specialist apparatus, while the latter results in a 30-minute residence time within the body, limiting its beneficial ...
hydrogen is used today in many industrial sectors, especially in the oil refining process to produce sulphur-free fuels. This project will considerably improve refining infrastructure in Nigeria and consequently enable the country to manufacture ...
Hallelujah! At last, someone is talking about hydrogen-powered cars ("Britain's clean fuel shame", May 28). It's obvious this method of fuelling vehicles must be the future.
A community power project in Fife could be the "turning point" that proves the case for hydrogen as a clean energy solution.
This announcement represents another step forward in California's efforts to reach 100 retail hydrogen stations statewide, supporting the rollout of fuel cell electric passenger vehicles.
Trucking start-up Nikola Motor Co. is tweaking the design and functionality of its hydrogen fuel cell-powered semi, making the innovative vehicle more autonomous, lightweight and accessible.
Nikola Motor Co. says its hydrogen and battery powered Class 8 semi-truck is being improved as it hires with more employees to bring it to production.
"A simple chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen generates energy, which can be used to power a car, producing only water, not exhaust fumes.
The long-winded, dreamy, ambient album is a beaten-to-death idea, yet listeners are endlessly drawn to this concept. Whether it be a side effect of drugs or ...
#hydrogen water is just that, water with increased amounts of hydrogen. The addition of protons and electrons create an excess of hydrogen gas. People are fearful of aging and naturally desire to live as long as they can with the highest quality ...
Multiple agencies responded Saturday morning to an accidental chemical release in Dunn that prompted evacuations and shut down a nearby road.
A possible sustainable fuel source is represented by hydrogen when it is developed from water and burned with oxygen since only water is released as a by-product.
The South Australian government announced on Thursday that it will grant $8.2 million over four years for a hydrogen production and distribution site for fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles including at least six buses.
Probably/Possibly? is an immersive, visual, aural, interactive composition/installation that tracks the probability currents and gradients of a hydrogen-like atom's electron while in superposition, combining two to three different probability wave ...
Early work, in 1939, was when Hans Gaffron at the University of Chicago first saw green algae create hydrogen; however, later Researchers have tried to set up the conditions to ensure its continuation.
hydrogen will be a great fuel for cars, and even more so for long-haul transport trucks (tractor-trailer rigs). The real reason that hydrogen (H2) is not much considered for engines has to do with the thermodynamic efficiency of engines vs. fuel cells ...
The South Australian government is continuing to support the transition to a low- carbon economy through a $9 million commitment centered on implementing the first stage of the State government's hydrogen Roadmap. The initiative provides $8.2 million ...
The chemical's deadliness is summed up by the fact that a number of leading Nazis used potassium cyanide suicide pills to kill themselves towards the end of the Second World War.
"We found that the catalyst reacted with hydrogen to form a hydride complex under acidic conditions," says first author Professor Seiji Ogo, Faculty of engineering/ International Institute for carbon-Neutral Energy Research (WPI-I2CNER), Kyushu University.
scientists have developed a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas while simultaneously using up carbon monoxide (CO).
scientists have developed a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas while simultaneously using up carbon monoxide (CO).
The paint could use hydrogen captured from the air to power fuel cells.
Insulation boards fitted to the outside of Grenfell Tower gave off highly toxic hydrogen cyanide gas which may have contributed to the deaths of some of the 79 confirmed victims.
Heavy-duty trucks will soon be driving around in Trondheim, Norway, fueled by hydrogen created with solar power, and emitting only pure water vapor as ...
Researchers at the RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia) have developed a paint which is able to absorb water vapor in the atmosphere and split it to form hydrogen. The hydrogen is generated directly from solar energy, which is not only a clean ...
Two fleet conferences in May pointed to the fact that electric vehicles (EV) and alternative fuels such as hydrogen are the next big thing for vehicle transport in Australia.
Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen fuel doesn't affect the atmosphere. It's actually the cleanest energy source of all, at least until nuclear fusion is possible.
hydrogen can be used to power cars that don't emit harmful pollutants like their traditional internal combustion counterparts.
"We found that mixing the compound with titanium oxide particles leads to a sunlight-absorbing paint that produces hydrogen fuel from solar energy and moist air," RMIT lead researcher Dr Torben Daeneke told RMIT news. "Our new development has a big ...
Up until recently, we've all been led to believe that hydrogen to is a good source of renewable energy, but that's not the case.
Friday, June 16, 2017, 3:26 PM - The Ontario government has announced that it is studying the feasibility of using hydrogen fuel electricity to power GO Transit rail and Union Express (UP) trains that are to be converted from using diesel fuel ...
FirstElement Fuel Inc. will develop eight hydrogen refueling stations. Five of those will be located in Southern California in Huntington Beach, Irvine, San Diego, Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks.
Here is something pretty basic for you: Water is hydrogen - which, by the way, is the lightest element on the periodic table, a flammable gas and 75 percent of the entire universe - mixed with oxygen.
Ministry of Transportation to conduct feasibility study of hydrogen trains, which are silent and emit only steam and water, as part of GO electrification assessment.
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Finding practical hydrogen storage technologies for vehicles powered by fuel cells is the focus of a $682,000 grant from the U.S.
"hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels, since it turns into water when burned," Daeneke told ResearchGate. "hydrogen can be used either in fuel cells or directly in combustion engines. The first hydrogen fueled cars and busses can already be found in ...
Among the cleanest low-carbon fuels is hydrogen, which can react with oxygen to release energy, emitting nothing more harmful than water (H2O) as the product.
If you want to set up your own hydrogen refueling station, just talk to IVYS. The Massachusetts-based company is promoting its Simple Fuel station as an easy, relatively affordable (if you're a fleet operator, any way) box that can pump compressed ...
Since children can generate hydrogen for science fairs using nine-volt batteries, it should be easy for adults to generate it to fill their fuel cell cars at home, right?
It might be thought that as the hype of the last decade has declined, the idea of a hydrogen economy is once again on technology's back-burner.
Three-way review: CAR magazine UK tests the Honda Clarity BEV electric car, the Hybrid and the Fuel Cell.
When it comes to having a high-pressure job, diamond anvil cells (DACs) take the cake. By using these niche instruments, researchers can subject solids, liquids, and gases to pressures up to millions of times as high as atmospheric pressure and thereby ...
The quest for cleaner sources of energy has often turned towards efforts to harness the potential of hydrogen, one of the most abundant elements.
The idea of a hydrogen-powered car sounds romantic to anyone who dreams of a green future; such a car would burn hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, and produce water exhaust rather than carbon dioxide. Indeed, it's enticing to use the ...
The photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell currently has an active area of only about 1 square centimeter. Sammy Verbruggen and his colleagues are working on ...
The Trump administration has taken several initiatives to advance the U.S. Energy Department's goals of enabling economic and efficient transportation via fuel cell electric vehicles that use hydrogen fuel produced from diverse domestic resources. Just ...
The Energy Department will allocate approximately $15.8 million in funds to support 30 materials research projects that seek to facilitate the development of fuel cell and hydrogen storage technology platforms designed for use in transportation. DOE ...
It's been a long road for Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle research and development, and a long road is predicted ahead, but this week it did receive the praise of a global luminary.





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