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Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical substance used in large industries and schools. It's an antiseptic associated with many health benefits and generally used by man to prevent some woes in the body like it cures minor incisions on the skin. Here are unexpected uses of Hydrogen peroxide to man as highlighted on popsugar.
As they raised the pressure, the gases formed hydrogen peroxide, but only when the H2-to-O2 ratio was between 0.5 and 2.0. X-ray analysis showed that at those ratios, hydrogen converted metallic palladium to α-palladium hydride, a catalytically active form in which hydrogen burrows into the palladium ...
And now comes Toyota, who announced a Megawatt-scale hydrogen station. In the case of the Japanese manufacturer, the Tri-Gen station at the Port of Long Beach is to be the founding element for the Project Portal Heavy-Duty Truck Concept. The Tri-Gen will generate approximately 2.35 megawatts of ...
It is now developing the world's first hydrogen-powered double decker for London, and has already put into service a fleet of eight hydrogen single-deck buses in the British capital. The move comes amid a pledge by London mayor Sadiq Khan to stop buying pure diesel double deckers from this year, ...
This phenomenon can then be exploited to boost the efficiency of the production of hydrogen from solar energy. Given that the efficiency of these metal-free catalysts is relatively low, the catalytic efficiency of these polymeric carbon nitrides can be increased by up to a factor 11 through re-configuring the ...

The plant will produce the hydrogen from renewable electricity from wind farms and solar cells. The hydrogen will then be injected into the city's gas distribution network. The addition of hydrogen is claimed to reduce carbon emissions from the gas when used in residences and commercial applications.
The HyDeploy project, which is being run by gas distribution company Cadent and officially launched last night at a Parliamentary reception, will see hydrogen gas pumped into Keele University's private gas network. Up to a share of 20 per cent hydrogen will be blended into supplies to test how much can ...
Hydrogen production by splitting water with the help of sunlight could offer a solution. Hydrogen is a good energy storage medium and can be used in many ways. However, water does not simply split by itself. Catalysts are needed, for instance Platinum, which is rare and expensive. Research teams the ...
A potentially huge breakthrough in the study of dark matter has come from an unlikely source: radio emissions detected from hydrogen gas that existed just 180 million years after the Big Bang. Dark matter makes up 26.8% of the total mass and energy in the universe, yet it continues to remain elusive.
A consortium led by gas networks aims to work out whether using more hydrogen within existing infrastructure could cut UK carbon emissions. Cadent and Northern Gas Networks believe it could also lay the ground for renewed efforts to crack carbon capture and storage. The HyDeploy project, funded by ...
Hydrogen - whose atomic number is 1 - is the simplest element, the lightest element and the most abundant element in the universe. Shortly after the Big Bang, our universe is thought to have been made of mostly Hydrogen, with a little helium and not much else. Not surprisingly, most stars are made mostly ...
That means new developments and announcements from alternative sources of power, especially hydrogen fuel cells, are especially critical. The main benefit of these fuel cells is better defined as the ratio of the energy stored in the solution per unit of weight (Wh/kg). Compared to the commonly-used ...
But Northern Gas Networks (NGN), a company based in the UK, believes it has a way to survive, without contributing to the destruction climate change is likely to cause. NGN wants to shift its customers from natural gas to hydrogen, which burns to produce water but no carbon dioxide. The problem is that NGN will need to ...
Both systems were set up to support all DoD hydrogen vehicle testing, to include both hydrogen internal combustion and fuel cell vehicles. Some of the hydrogen vehicles currently supported by this station include a 25 passenger crew bus, a MJ-1E fighter weapons loader and a U-30 heavy aircraft tug.
A first-of-its-kind energy trial launched in the UK yesterday will explore the potential for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by as much as 6m tonnes a year by using more hydrogen to heat homes. The HyDeploy project, which aims to blend up to 20 per cent hydrogen into the normal gas supply, ...
The California Energy Commission (CEC) has funded the continued operation and maintenance of 16 hydrogen refueling stations located strategically throughout California. At a recent business meeting, the CEC approved more than $2 million for operating and maintaining 16 publicly accessible, existing ...

Canada: It be would technically and economically feasible to operate the Toronto area's future Regional Express Rail passenger services using hydrogen fuel cells instead of conventional overhead electrification, a study has concluded. The lifetime costs would be similar, but the use of hydrogen would be ...
The Nexo is a standout performer thanks to a range of firsts, from the 60 per cent efficiency of the fuel cell stack (a typical combustion engine is about half as efficient) to the use of three hydrogen tanks to ensure the Santa Fe-sized SUV has a Santa Fe-sized cargo area. The real appeal for potential buyers is ...
The backers of an ambitious green energy scheme say that ferries powered by hydrogen could be serving the Outer Hebrides within five years. hydrogen technology, produced by a community wind farm on the Isle of Lewis, is seen as a necessary replacement for the oil-powered ferry fleet. The Point and ...
According to DR News, the northern region of Denmark has ordered 3 hydrogen fuel cell powered buses, at an expected price tag of almost $1 million each. In itself that is a very high cost compared to a standard Chinese BYD K9 electric bus at about $500,000, but what strikes me more is the chosen ...
An $11 million hydrogen production plant using renewable energy will be built in Adelaide. Australian Gas Infrastructure Group will build the demonstration plant at the Tonsley Innovation District following a $4.9 million grant from the state government through its $150 million Renewable technology Fund.
A news story on Germany doubling its number of hydrogen stations led us to do some math to look at which areas lead in hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Last year, the Renault Zoe electric car got a much bigger battery. This year, it gets a more powerful electric motor to go with it (plus a snazzy new paint ...
As of today, there are 39 hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S., all but four of them in the State of California. They serve roughly 39 million Californians, whereas 284 million Americans outside the state have no access to hydrogen fuel-cell cars nor stations at which to refill them. Germany, on the other hand, ...
HES Energy Systems, the leading Fuel Cell Systems developer from Singapore has formed an Alliance with three French Clean Energy and Aerospace Tech companies. Named FLY-HY, the group's mission is to begin addressing the global market as a unified value chain, ranging from hydrogen refuelling ...
The U.S. Air Force has performed a demonstration on hydrogen's use as an alternative fuel for the service branch's vehicles in Joint Base Pearl harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. The demonstration was conducted as part of a partnership between the AF Research Lab and the Hawaii Center for Advanced ...
RTS Africa's Hy-Optima's 2700 hydrogen (H2) analyser with solid-state, non-consumable sensor provides real-time continuous H2 concentration data so that process engineers know the exact percentages of H2 throughout the refining procedure. With real-time H2 monitoring, process engineers have an ...
It is an odd twist of chemistry that there is fuel embedded in the most common substance on earth: water. hydrogen -- the H of H2O fame -- turns out to be something of an all-purpose element, a Swiss army knife for energy. It can be produced without greenhouse gases. It is highly flammable, so it can be ...
The expansion of the nationwide H2 network is progressing well. Overall, the joint venture H2 Mobility intends to build up to 400 filling stations in Germany. The basis for the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany has been laid by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) demonstration project, ...
Both systems were set up to support all DoD hydrogen vehicle testing, to include both hydrogen internal combustion and fuel cell vehicles. Some of the hydrogen vehicles currently supported by this station include a 25 passenger crew bus, a MJ-1E fighter weapons loader and a U-30 heavy aircraft tug.
TEST DRIVE: Ross Kassebaum, Steve Sawyer, Jack Ritchie, Mario Filipovic (Toyota), Scott Nargar (Hyundai), Andrea Broadfoot and Graham Davies (Resonant Solutions) with the hydrogen cars the group saw in Adelaide last year. A $117-million hydrogen plant to be built near Port Lincoln will open the ...
The hydrogen will be generated using seawater and solar panels, and if successful, similar plants could be installed in offshore and isolated ... hydrogen is used to power vehicles in parts of the US, Japan and Germany, and a number of manufacturers have commercially-available cars including Toyota, ...
Today, there are roughly 750,000 plug-in electric vehicles on U.S. roads and about 3,800 powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Proponents of each type of vehicle argue strenuously that their powertrain is a better way to produce vehicles with zero emissions from the tailpipe. Electric cars can be charged at ...
The Zero Emissions Cargo Transport, a Kenworth T680 day cab equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, at Kenworth's Feb. ... Kenworth Truck Co. is wrapping up tests on a zero-emissions hydrogen-electric Class 8 truck that will be operating in drayage applications in Southern California by the end of March, ...
Reuters: Norwegian police have launched an investigation into a hydrogen gas leak at Statoil's Mongstad refinery in October 2016, the company said on Friday. Statoil temporarily shut and evacuated its main refinery on Norway's west coast when a rusted pipe socket ruptured. The firm's own ...
By 2021, at least 11 automakers will have rolled out hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Other entrants in this space include Tata Motors, Pininfarina S.p.A. (owned by Mahindra & Mahindra) Riversimple and the RONN Motor Group.
hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) says it will be the voice of the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia and have a membership made up of automakers, energy companies and infrastructure providers. HMA grew out of a Toyota-backed industry initiative which identified the need for cooperation within ...
So, hypothetically speaking, if you could somehow gather up all of the state's dairy farm waste and convert it into gas for cars (this is compressed hydrogen gas we're talking about, not gasoline--more on that later), you'd solve half the problem. And because the cars in question run on hydrogen, they emit ...
Kenworth Truck Co. is wrapping up tests on a zero-emissions hydrogen-electric Class 8 truck that will be operating in drayage applications in Southern California by the end of March, company executives said. California has set a goal of having 100,000 zero-emissions freight vehicles in operation by 2035, ...
Kenworth's hydrogen fuel cell Zero Emissions Cargo Transit (ZECT) T680 tractor, the fruit of a $7 million project between the Kirkland, Wash., truck-maker, the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and Southern California's South Coast Air Quality Management ...
The United Kingdom is moving forward with a novel plan to lower carbon emissions in home heating by injecting low carbon hydrogen into the country's natural gas grid. National Grid's Cadent Gas and Northern Gas Networks, together with Keele University, have been studying how to safely add hydrogen ...
Alternative-fuel trucking got a boost with Nikola Motor Company's plans for a 500-acre manufacturing headquarters facility in Arizona. The company says the new $1 billion facility, located in Buckeye to the west of Phoenix, will help bring its hydrogen-electric semi-trucks to market. Currently based in Salt ...
As it does in every other aspect of the auto industry, Korean carmaker Hyundai-Kia has set itself an aggressive goal and a fast pace for rollout of self-driving vehicles. The Korean carmaker has said it would offer a vehicle capable of Level 4 autonomy--meaning a car that can operate without human input, ...
Strong and lasting hydrogen bonds could be the reason an opened bottle of soda water - known as club soda in the US - stays fizzy for longer than a bottle of cola or champagne, a team of researchers has found. The size and stability of bubbles in fizzy drinks influences their taste, which is why many ...
Extra electricity from renewable energy could be used to split water to obtain hydrogen - but methods to accomplish this are usually prohibitively expensive, need too much power, or draw on catalyst materials that too rapidly break down. A research team led by Washington State University (WSU) came up ...
5 February 2018 - Hyundai Motor Company Australia has become a founding member of new automotive industry body hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA), established to advise governments and industry on hydrogen technology and renewable energy. HMA was established by the automotive and energy ...
hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on Earth and an exceptionally clean fuel source. While it is making its way into the fuel cells of electric cars, busses and heavy equipment, its widespread use is hampered by the expensive gas-separation process required to produce pure hydrogen. But that ...
At the forefront of these alternatives, two particular methods have emerged as leading possibilities - hybrid electric drivetrains and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Some may argue that ultimately the battle lies between electric mobility and hydrogen fuel cell technology, but as electric mobility isn't yet fully ...
The advantages of hydrogen fuel-cell technology are many: Fuel-cell electric vehicles have a driving range of more than 480 kilometres on a single tank of hydrogen fuel; refuelling takes only a few minutes, similar to gas-powered engines; water is the only emission; and fuel cells have no moving parts, ...
There is a small but vibrant cottage industry amongst the UK's political commentariat dedicated to documenting and explaining the on-going mystery that is Chris Grayling's ministerial career. It may not be quite as perplexing as the assumption in some quarters that Dan Hanaan is a political philosopher ...


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