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updated Wed. August 16, 2017

The U.S. Army is testing a hydrogen-powered pickup truck from General Motors (GM), and the stealthy Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 could soon ...
Cadent has outlined proposals to create a "hydrogen cluster" in Manchester and Liverpool to test the use of the gas to decarbonise heat.
A catalyst developed by Rice University and the University of Houston splits water into hydrogen and oxygen without the need for expensive ...
We're living with a hydrogen fuel cell car to find out how practical the tech of the future is today. Our bright white Hyundai ix35 FCV is duly ...
Despite having been around for some time now, hydrogen is still relatively unknown by many as a fuel choice in the UK. owever, sales of new ...
The Norwegian company on Tuesday announced it has received a contract worth more than $10 million to produce compressed hydrogen ...
The research will also lead to a more refined and environmentally softer method of producing hydrogen for energy storage and fuel and ...
RTS Africa engineering has invented a highly versatile hand-held detection device to serve as a valuable safety aid in hydrogen (H2) gas ...
Part of the solution might involve hydrogen. And note the 'might' here: the technology and the economics are at a relatively early stage. But the ...
But water is the only emission from a process of electrolysis undertaken in hydrogen cars, an emerging technology which could fuel as many as ...
Burbank, CA (Aug. 7, 2017) - Haskel, a leader in high-pressure equipment manufacturing, will exhibit their expertise in hydrogen solutions at ...
The arrival of the first electric hydrogen-powered bus may turn Costa Rica into the Latin American hub of technological development.
Today's baby step from Nikola Motors is a Tweet showing off a couple of new renderings of the Nikola One, the company's hydrogen-powered ...
The Forze VII hydrogen (H2) fuel cell racing car, developed by students of Delft University of technology in the Netherlands, competed against ...
Hawaii broke ground last week on its first public hydrogen refilling station. Located at Servco Pacific's corporate offices in Mapunapuna, Oahu, ...
"Producing hydrogen from water using renewable energy and electrolysis technology has enormous potential in the global energy market," ...
As in other countries, many people in the UK heat their homes with natural gas, which burns cleaner than oil or coal and thus has been the ...
Cadent, which runs the connections to half of the UK homes on gas, hopes to undertake a pioneering trial in the 2020s using hydrogen as a ...
If you have seen or read The Martian, you may recall the stranded astronaut converting a hydrogen-based fuel into water. Well, we may have ...
hydrogen power seemed all the rage for awhile, until we had to face the practical considerations of using it. Yes, it's clean and abundant, but it's ...
Thank you for the article (July 31) on "global-warming-fighting" heavy-duty truck technologies, and finally giving equal time to hydrogen fuel cell ...
Air Liquide has received conditional approval from the FDNY to move forward on plans to build two hydrogen stations in New York City for ...
No, the hydrogen will be a big, chunky mother when it's actually doing its digital cinema stuff. I'm surprised they put a 1/8″ headphone jack ...
Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo, has confirmed that the Swedish automaker isn't interested in hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.
Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq:PLUG) appears to be on another hot streak this week, as investors hope that brighter days are just around the corner for the hydrogen-fuel company. Management recently gave a bullish outlook on the company's future, and shares ...
Driving a car fueled by hydrogen is futuristic yet reassuringly familiar. It makes you feel as if you're part of the leading-edge, yet one who's carefully weighed the ...
KOZHIKODE: hydrogen has long been part of people's fascination with the balloon world, but the gas brings with it an equal or greater amount of danger.
Under the California framework agreement, the Norway-based business will supply, construct and maintain multiple H2Station hydrogen (H2) refuelling stations throughout the US state for Royal Dutch Shell Plc (Shell) in a partnership with Toyota Motor Corp.
The Global hydrogen peroxide market 2017 Research report provides a professional study on the current state of global hydrogen Peroxide market report 2017. The Study of hydrogen Peroxide report also provides the highlights on hydrogen Peroxide ...
A team of scientists at the University of Cambridge has developed a new technology for producing hydrogen from unprocessed biomass.
The device called Synlight, which they believe could pave the way toward creating hydrogen to use as a green fuel, is being developed at the German Aerospace Center in Juelich near Cologne, Germany.
platinum is currently the most efficient catalytic electrode material for generating hydrogen in this way, but the precious metal is both scarce and expensive.
hydrogen is both the simplest and the most-abundant element in the universe, so studying it can teach scientists about the essence of matter.
As demand shifts from oil towards lower-carbon transport, Royal Dutch Shell and Toyota look towards zero emission hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles.
The first step is a slick and luxurious car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell: The Accord-sized Clarity sedan. Two other versions of the Clarity will debut at the New York auto show in mid-April: an electric car that goes 80 miles on a charge and a plug ...
Royal Dutch Shell sees that facing a lower-carbon transport future will need a "mosaic of fuels and engines," but the energy conglomerate is leaning toward hydrogen as the alternative fuel of choice. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are classified globally ...
BELCAMP, Md. (WBFF) - Four people were taken for medical treatment, and at least 10 total reported eye irritation and respiratory symptoms, after a hydrogen ...
The report, Global hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle market 2017-2021, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
A unique alternative-fueled passenger bus made its debut on campus and a face familiar at OSU was first onboard.
Studying hydrogen can teach scientists about the fundamental nature of matter as hydrogen is both the most-abundant and the simplest element in the universe.
The world's first hydrogen-powered train recently took its maiden voyage, reaching 50 miles per hour in a passenger-free trial run on a test track in Salzgitter, Germany.
GENEVA - hydrogen power for automobiles has a big advantage over battery power, and it's not just the easier access and higher range a tank of the gas can provide, a Honda researcher says.
scientists have long been puzzled why it is easier to produce hydrogen from water in an acidic environment than in an alkaline environment.
hydrogen is both the simplest and the most-abundant element in the universe, so studying it can teach scientists about the essence of matter.
Creating such furnace-like conditions - with temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Celsius (5,432 Fahrenheit) - is key to testing novel ways of making hydrogen, according to Bernhard Hoffschmidt, the director of DLR's Institute for solar Research.
COLUMBUS, Ind. - Nikola Motor Co. is in discussion with the largest truck stops and, separately, seven states as it prepares to launch in mid-2020 its zero emissions, hydrogen-electric Nikola One Class 8 truck, a company executive said. Also, Salt ...
SAN RAMON - A hydrogen-cell fueling station that would cater to a new generation of automobiles and buses is set to open as soon as next month, almost a year after it was originally evisioned to become available as the first such station in the ...
hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are still on the fringes of the green car movement, but we've tested two hydrogen vehicles in the past year: the Toyota Mirai and the updated Honda Clarity.
The Coradia iLint, which is silent and can reach speeds of up to 140 km/h, is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical power for the traction.
One of the most pressing issues in the fight against climate change is finding ways to produce clean, affordable, energy. Researchers have found a way to convert biomass - like leaves and wood - into usable hydrogen by exposing it to sunlight.





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