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updated Fri. January 26, 2024

Israeli military regulations prohibit the carrying of any national emblems, including flags, and consider all Palestinian political parties as prohibited organizations. Participation in demonstrations or civic activities, such as student unions, is also forbidden under the regulations. Furthermore, this system ...
Currently, Russia seems focused on achieving an intra-Palestinian reconciliation between rivals Hamas and Fatah. Conflict between the two main Palestinian political parties split the PA in 2007. Abbas, who leads Fatah, visited Russia in February to brief Putin about developments in the Palestinian cause, ...

The attackers are said to be "highly active" hackers, thought to be linked to Hamas, given that previous targets have included rival Palestinian political party Fatah. In both cases, the actors behind the malicious apps used phishing schemes to trick targets into downloading the apps. But what makes the apps ...
Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan have been vying for the leadership position in Fatah, the Palestinian political party founded by Yasser Arafat, for quite some time. They have shared a strong animus against the other over the past decade, reportedly spurred by reports in 2010 that Dahlan was ...
Reports in Israeli media, however refer to a 20-person organizing effort as comprising "the full range of Palestinian political parties and movements," as opposed to a Hamas operation. "If there was no Hamas, there would still be a march," Peled said. Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East director at Human ...
Mark Regev: 'Hostile infiltration of the border was their goal'. Krishnan Guru-Murthy Presenter. Krishnan Guru-Murthy speaks to the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev and by Dr Abdullah Abdullah, a senior official in the Palestinian political party Fatah. About Channel 4 News · FAQs · Contact us.

The protest is supported by several Palestinian political parties, including Hamas, organisers said. It is expected that thousands in the besieged Gaza will gather in tent cities in five locations on the Palestinian side of the border, away from the “no go” zone. The Israeli military enforces a “no go” zone for ...
However, with a stalled peace process, Palestinian Authority intransigence and rising frustration with Palestinian political parties in Jerusalem, experts for the first time are seeing a shift in Palestinian participation in Jerusalem. Professor Dan Miodownik, director of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's ...
“They (United States) wants to remove blame from Israel regarding the deteriorating conditions Gaza,” Akeelh added. Hamas and Fatah, the two main Palestinian political parties signed a reconciliation agreement in October 2017, ending a decade of division that may be endangered by Tuesday's ...
Hamas and Fatah, the two main Palestinian political parties, signed a reconciliation agreement in October 2017, ending a decade of division that saw two parallel governments operating in Gaza and the West Bank, respectively. The agreement to form a unity government was signed in the Egyptian capital ...

... next month, as most Palestinian political parties are dwindling in representation because many of their members are old, sick or have passed away. When asked about the participation of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Aloul suggested that both are “supposed to participate” as they are represented in the PLO.
Organizers said the protest is supported by several Palestinian political parties. The parties, the organizers added, would have no formal presence at the venue, where portable toilets and food would be supplied. In the town of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, a Palestinian journalist got a jump-start ...
Fatah, the main Palestinian political party and which is headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, condemned Israel for the killing of Ahmad Jarrar in a firefight, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday. Jarrar, who Hamas described as a commander, was the leader of the terrorist cell ...
Days after President Donald Trump's highly controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the official twitter account of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party compared the U.S. president to Adolf Hitler, the former German chancellor and architect of the ...
Fatah, the main Palestinian political party, which is headed by Abbas, praised Force's killer as “heroic” on its official Facebook page. The killer, Bashar Masalha, was also referred to as a “martyr” on official PA television, qualifying his family to receive benefits from the PA. The Taylor Force Act would end ...
George Habash was Israel's absolute enemy for decades, the embodiment of evil, the devil incarnate. Even the title “Dr.” before his name — he was a pediatrician — was considered blasphemous. Habash was plane hijackings, Habash was terror and terror alone. In a country that doesn't recognize the ...


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